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Having a Bullet Journal has really been one of the best things for me but I’m always on the look out for beautiful bullet journal spreads. I realized a long time ago that I just can’t keep everything in my head and I needed to actually see it mapped out. That’s what a bullet journal helps me accomplish. What I really love about bullet journals though is that you can really run wild with your creativity.

While I am not that the most artistic or creative person on the block, that doesn’t mean I don’t like to have fun with things. And wow, does the Bujo (that’s what Bullet Journal peeps call it for short) community really go bonkers with their creativity. It’s very easy to go on Instagram and get lost in a bullet journal search. It can also be pretty intimidating because it makes you think that you need to be Picasso to own a bullet journal and that isn’t the case at all.

You just need a journal and a pen. If you can take it beyond that if you want to but you definitely don’t need to. To give you an idea of the awesome things that people do with bullet journals I’ve compiled a list of 21 beautiful bullet journal spreads that I thought you could use for inspiration.

21 Beautiful Bullet Journal Spreads

21 Beautiful Bullet Journal Spreads

Keep in mind that all of these spreads offer something unique and if you aren’t used to bullet journaling or don’t know what it is, you might be confused as to why each page has different information. If you’re new to bullet journaling why not check out our detailed beginner’s guide (or if you’re short on time, the quick-start guide).

The beauty of bullet journaling is its flexibility. There are basic things that you need to do but beyond that, you are free to do whatever you want and these spreads reflect that freedom.

1. Simple, Modern by @focusign

2. Big Is Bold by @breeeberry


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3. Bullet Journal Pride by @pridebulletjournal


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4. Like a Comic Book by @planninglikeapro

5. That Fat Writing by @the1337beauty

6. Icon City by @heidixbujo


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7. Beautiful Mess by @annajanises


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8. Watercolors by @readysetgaijin


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9. Black & White by @dr.rozl


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10. Flower Power by @sunflowersdaisies


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11. Relax by @josie.co


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12. Weather Station by @shonniegrl

13. Bunnies by @bujo.maria


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14. Spartan by @daytobujo


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15. Elegance by @katastrophic_notes


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16. Autumn by @dreimoeven


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17. Watercolors by @thetrexgarden


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Bullet Journals Are Awesome

Bullet Journals really are something that I recommend everyone at least look into, especially if you like to have things organized or are trying to get things organized.

In all honesty, the hardest part for me with bullet journaling is making sure I’m consistently in it daily. I can sometimes get caught up in other things which makes me forget so I’ll have days where I am catching up with journaling and that’s okay.

Each month I get a little bit better and I love to see progress.

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