10 Ikea Desk Hacks To Spruce Up Your Home Office Area

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I love the idea of doing some type of an Ikea hack to get sort of a built in or at least slightly more custom feel to my office desk. But, before I take the plunge, I need to know some things. Is it difficult to do an Ikea desk hack? What exactly do I need for an Ikea desk hack? Am I going to have to use a drill? Where do I even begin? Let’s take a look through some of my favorite Ikea desk hacks for the vast internet and see how much effort this will actually take, ok?

Can You Customize IKEA Desks?

Yes, it is possible to customize IKEA desks. IKEA offers a range of components and accessories that can be used to create custom solutions for workspace needs. Depending on the type of desk you are looking for, there are various options available from simple add-ons such as drawers and shelves to more complex configurations like combination desks, built-in storage, and more. With the right accessories, you can create a unique desk that is tailored to fit your individual style and needs. By taking advantage of these customization options, you can be sure to get exactly what you want out of your IKEA desk.

Can You DIY Customize Ikea Desks?

Yes, you can definitely DIY customize an IKEA desk. With a few tools and supplies, you can easily create something that is completely unique to your style and needs. If you’re comfortable with basic woodworking skills, you’ll be able to customize an IKEA desk in no time. You could add shelves for additional storage, paint it a new color, or even add legs to change the height. With a little creativity and some handy work, you can easily create something special with an IKEA desk. With a few simple steps, you can give your IKEA desk a complete makeover and show off your style.

10 Ikea Desk Hacks

Glam Malm Desk

This is a great looking desk from Ikea Hackers. Definitely glam. I love how deep the surface is. There’s plenty of space on that thing.

But what’s it made of?

  • Surface: A large wood door (not from Ikea)
  • Base: 1 Malm Three drawer dresser and 1 4 cube Kallax and 1 adjustable leg

What’s great about this desk hack is that it offers some closed storage on one side with the Malm drawers and then some open storage on the other with the Kallax cube.

A Desk from A Crib

Say what?? A desk from a crib. Who THINKS of these things? Seriously.

Here’s what I love about this. When you’re kids are done with their crib, what do you do with it? Save it til you have grandkids? That’s depressing.

Now you can turn it into a desk. You can even reuse the mattress as a cozy foot rest, although, I can totally see my cat making that his own bed.

  • Surface: Linmon Tabletop
  • Base: Crib 🙂

“Chopping Desk”

This is another super unique Ikea Desk hack. You know I love cutting boards from Ikea as wall decor, but I would never have thought of turning them into a desk.

The variations in the wood of the cutting are really beautiful and I love them paired with this hairpin legs.

  • Surface: Skogsta Cutting Boards
  • Base: Hair Pin Leg

“Monster” Desk

This is like an office on a wall. The desk is massive and it’s attached a ton of storage.

Storage is extremely important in my office. I know because at the moment, I don’t have any and therefore my office is a dump.

I love the dark wood of this desk paired with the white storage. This looks like a relaxing place to work.

  • Surface: Barkaboda worktop
  • Base: Metod base cabinet

Computer Hutch Bookshelf

If you don’t have a whole office, but you want to be able to tuck everything away behind closed doors, then this computer hutch inside a bookshelf with doors might be perfect for you.

It allows you to have dedicated, properly set up desk space without taking a whole room of your house. And when work time is over, you can shut the doors and shut off your work brain.

  • Surface: Plywood
  • Base: Billy Bookcase

Corner Desk

It’s nice to have two separate work spaces depending on the type of work you do.

I write. A lot. But I also craft, so a corner desk would work well for me because I could have a designated spot for my computer and another for my crafting.

Instead I have a small laptop desk and I craft all over the house. It’s not good for keeping a tidy home. This corner desk would probably work well for me.

  • Surface: Gerton Tabletop
  • Base: Adjustable legs

Live Edge Desk

Everyone loves a live edge, I think, right? My mom probably doesn’t, actually. But mostly everyone likes a live edge.

This pretty live edge desk is a completely different look than what you imagine from Ikea. That’s probably because the live edge wood doesn’t come from Ikea.

But the legs are in fact from Ikea, making this a brilliant Ikea Desk Hack.

  • Surface: Live Edge Wood
  • Lerberg Trestle Legs

White and Gold Desk

Sometimes all you need for a good hack is a little spray paint. This pretty white and gold desk is the perfect example of that.

The legs are just spruced up a bit with some gold spray paint and it transforms the desk from minimal Ikea to girly Glam.

  • Surface: Alex Desk
  • Base: Also Alex Desk

Double Desk

This double desk is perfect if you need a homework spot for your two kids. Or it would also be perfect for me who really needs a “writing spot” and a “crafting spot”.

But that’s not what I love about this Ikea Desk hack.

I really just love the way this looks. It’s so clean and minimal and it’s completely the opposite of what my desk looks like right now. Which is a hot mess.

  • Surface: Karlby countertop
  • Base: Alex Drawer Unit and Hilver legs

Triple Desk

Maybe you have three kids who need to do homework? Then you need this triple desk!

I love the classic black and white look. This makes me feel very studious and I think it will make your kids even smarter.

Ok, maybe not, but maybe it will make them want to do their homework.

  • Surface: Wood planks
  • Base: Rast Dressers

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