9 Great DIY Makeup Organization Ideas You Can Do Today

I love makeup but I hate how disorganized all of my awesome makeup tools can get.

I knew I simply had to find some ways to organize things before I drove myself crazy so I went hunting and I found some awesome ideas for organizing my makeup.

Here are 9 of some of the best DIY makeup organizations ideas that I have come across.

9 Awesome DIY Makeup Organization Ideas You Can Do Today

1. Painted Mason Jar Containers

It’s no secret that I love Mason Jars and I really love when people get creative with them like these painted Mason Jars.

If your going to use tools to make yourself look good (you look wonderful already), then you might as well put those tools in beautiful looking containers.

It makes sense, right?

2. Candle Jar Storage

Organization all comes down to storage and candle jars can be awesome storage bins for your supplies.

Ann Le has found an awesome way to turn a boring candle jar into a beautiful container.

3. Magnet Board Makeup Organizer

Sometimes I forget how awesome magnets are and then I come across something like this and I’m quickly reminded of their awesomeness.

4. Aluminum Vase Utensil Holders

I love basic colors and minimalism. If you can give me something in black then I am happy but I can easily settle for silver as well and that’s what drew me to these aluminum vase holders.

Look how simplistically beautiful they are!

5. Hanging Jar Storage

hanging jar storage

I wish I was a creative person. I know that sounds silly when I write about DIY crafts and stuff but when I see solutions like this it makes me feel like I’m not creative at all.

Thankfully wonderful people around the web continue to share their wonderful creations so non-creative people like me stand a small chance of doing awesome things.

6. The Swanky Two-Tier Organizer

Picklee knows what she is doing. She can turn a tin can into titanium and make it look like a crown.

I’ve created my own version of the swanky two-tier organizer and I love it.

7. Sushi Mat Roll-Up

sushi mat makeup organizer

I didn’t even know things like this existed. It’s great to see how someone can take an item for the kitchen and then turn it into something magnificent.

8. Copper Tube Makeup Holder

lipstick makeup holder

Looking for a great way to store your lipstick? This DIY Copper Tube Makeup holder is a great place to look.

9. Plastic Drawers

plastic drawer makeup holder

I’m not lying to you when I say I probably have 20 of these in varying sizes around my house.

They are just so useful and utterly amazing. For example, this awesome mini-clear version is great for organizing your makeup.

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