Trendy Ikea Hacks for Teen Girls’ Bedrooms for Space That’s All Hers

I really had a hard time figuring out what to call this post. “Lit Ikea Hacks…” “Cool Ikea Hacks…” I just didn’t want to risk the virtual eye-rolls I might get, so I thought trendy was a safe bet.

Teenage girls want to express their personalities, eye rolls and all, and I’m all for that. Especially if it means some Ikea hacks.

Check out these Ikea Hacks for teen girls’ bedrooms and see if you aren’t inspired to make that space perfectly unique.

11 Teen Girl Bedroom Ikea Hacks

The idea with Ikea Hacks in a list like this, especially Ikea hacks for a teenaged girl, are that you draw inspiration.

Then you make it your own. It’s fun and creative and it’s what makes any room unique.

Washi Tape Clocks

I love this Ikea hack because it involves clocks. I still love clocks as decor even though they aren’t really as necessary as they once were.

These poppy little clocks are adorable. I can see a set displaying times from different time zones.

You can find the tutorial on Tell Love and Party.

Dressed Up Dresser

I love the stencil that is done on this otherwise very basic dresser from Ikea.

And the glass knobs.

This particular stencil is great, but you could definitely come up with your own design.

You can find the full tutorial on Hawthorne & Main.

Classy Cork Board

A corkboard is perfect for keeping notes to yourself.

Or mementos from special days.

This Ikea hack is made from frames and I love the design of it.

You can find the full tutorial on Houzz.

Nightstand Update

Sometimes there are little tiny updates that really make a whole world of difference.

Lots of people have this plain-ish nightstand from Ikea. But a know knob and some contact paper make this one completely unique.

You can find the full tutorial on Made By Monique.

A Very Pretty Desk

A lovely desk with lovely hairpin legs is a great idea for a teenage girls’ bedroom.

This one is small enough to fit in nearly any space, but should still accommodate homework time. Or nail painting time.

You can find the full tutorial on Style Me Pretty.

Kate Spade Inspired Storage Boxes

You really start to elevate the look of a room when you concentrate on upgrading the smaller elements like these storage boxes.

You could keep them plain white, but doing a little DIY here goes a long way.

You can find the full tutorial on First Home Love Life.

Nail Polish Storage

Getting stuff like Nail polish and probably a million other little things like perfume, hair stuff, crafty supplies up and off of the surfaces will make a room much more organized.

And for now, that room is your teens little apartment. She’s cramming her whole young life in there. It’s smart to use that vertical space for storage.

You can find the full tutorial on This Moms Gonna Snap.

A Vanity Table

A vanity table or also this could be an amazing desk. Or both.

Vanity stuff on the left, desk stuff on the right. There’s plenty of room here for both.

A place to sit comfortable and study and put your make up on is going to be a win.

You can find the full tutorial on Lust Living.

Easy Custom Dresser

Decals are probably the winner for the most impact with the least effort.

This plain white dresser is completely transformed to something unique with just the addition of some raindrop shaped decals.

You can’t not do this or let your kid do this if they want to. I mean, they aren’t even permanent!

You can find the full tutorial on Sliik.

A Canopy Day Bed

Day beds are so great for a teenage girls room. This Ikea hack has made this one into a very cool looking couch by day and a bed by night.

A day bed gives a room a Studio Apartment feel and that’s a good thing for a teenager. It really starts to feel like their own space when it doesn’t look like a “bedroom” only.

You can find the full tutorial on My Design Dump.

Beautiful Bookcases

These beautiful bookcases aren’t technically made for a Teen Girls room, but they totally could be.

If bookcases are going into your teens room, consider doing a few upgrades as shown here to make them truly special.

You can see the full tutorial on Centsational Style.

Won’t Your Teen Love These Ikea Hacks?

Sit down with her and take a scroll through this post again.

Even if you don’t make anything, you’ll have sat and chatted with hopefully no eye-rolling :-).