7 Top Ikea Bedroom Ideas: Sleep In a Sanctuary

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I’m all about dispelling the myth that Ikea style is all contemporary clean lines. You can achieve pretty much any aesthetic on an Ikea budget in any room of the house. The Ikea bedroom ideas I’ve collected for inspiration are great examples.

No matter what style you choose for your bedroom, the important thing is that you have a bedroom that is a sanctuary.

When your day is done, you need a place to lay your weary head and let the day melt away.

When you open your eyes in the morning, you need a place that inspires you to put your feet on the floor and greet the day with a satisfied smile.

Does that sound good?

Yes! I Want A Bedroom Sanctuary

How do you get a bedroom sanctuary? We’re going to take a look at some of the elements that turn four walls, a bed and a dresser into your sanctuary.

The bedrooms we’re going to look have all of the elements you need for a restful place that is also useful when it needs to be.

What do I mean by useful?

I think a great bedroom is kind of like a hotel room. It’s restful, but it also has a place to sit and maybe have a cup of coffee, an unobtrusive desk that you might use as a vanity or a spot to write and it has simple storage so that nothing that might annoy is out in the open. Like all of your clothes piled on top of something.

You might not want to do all or any of those things in the bedroom. You might want it to be strictly sleep and clothing storage. And that sounds delightful.

But if you do want your bedroom to be multifunctional, think about exactly which functions you want it to have and brainstorm how to incorporate them.

Or just check out all of the Ikea bedroom ideas below and see how you can easily make your bedroom a dreamy sanctuary.

Basic Boho

Here’s the basic bedroom sanctuary. A bed, cozy linens and a little storage.

If you are someone who wants a simple room where all of the distractions of life are left at the door, this is the bedroom for you.

Notice the plants in the bedroom. You’ll see this in a lot of the rooms we’re going to look at. I love the idea of plants in the bedroom and even if you don’t get a lot of light in the bedroom, there are plenty of low light plants that will work. Plants bring life and clean air into your space.

This makeover was done on a small budget ($600!) at Ikea. You can see all of the details of the furniture, accessories and budget at A Taste of Koko.

Calm & Natural with Storage

There’s something very calming about the look of natural wood which makes it perfect for the bedroom.

There is plenty of storage in this room, hidden behind those natural cabinets and also just out of frame behind the curtain and also above the headboard at the head of the bed.

The key to keeping this room looking so calm is that the storage is not fighting for attention. There’s no knobs on the natural cabinets.

There’s a soft curtain hiding the “closet” behind the bed and then a little open storage, but just above your eye level.

Another thing to note here are those crisp white linens. When in doubt, go with white for everything on your bed. It’s calm and cozy and easy to bleach when it gets dirty.

It’s not a hard and fast rule as you’ll see in a lot of the rooms to come, but if you can’t find the perfect pattern or color, start with white and add some color with pillows and throw blankets.

Relaxed Hotel at Home

Here’s what I meant when I said a great bedroom is like a hotel room.

Can you imagine that you could spend a whole weekend inside of this room without leaving? I could totally see that and I would find it wildly indulgent.

Not every weekend, but at least one weekend.

The bed (a Brimnes with TONS of storage) is comfy and somehow neat and messy at the same time. There’s storage for books you want to read, water to sip on, snacks on the rolling cart (just like room service!).

There’s even a game of Jenga on that table that fits smoothly over the bed.

Nothing about this room screams IKEA BEDROOM! Does it? It looks very personal and unique. You can find all of the details on this bedroom sanctuary at Ikea.

Moody Cozy

There’s something about dark walls, especially this navy blue that is instantly relaxing. I know because I have three rooms in my house that are navy blue. Including my bedroom.

When I walk into the bedroom, it’s like the walls give me a hug and funnel me toward the bed.

“Kick off the shoes, put the headie down on the pillow”, the navy blue walls whisper to me.

What I like in this room, and I’ve done it in my own room, too, is that the moody walls are set off with the crisp white trim and the blond wood of the vanity you can just see a corner of in the window.

I’ve always felt a vanity in a bedroom is very luxurious and sort of old fashioned in a good way.

I like that it takes a lot of “stuff” out of the bathroom (like ALL of your makeup and face “stuff”). If you get a vanity with decent storage all of that can be tucked away and you can stare at yourself in the mirror as long as you want without anyone asking “Are you done yet?”.

So if you don’t have a bathroom all to yourself, consider a vanity zone in your bedroom sanctuary.

You can find the details on this bedroom at Ikea.

Masculine & Orderly

I’m having the hardest time describing this bedroom but what I really imagine when I see this room is that it is a bedroom that Tim Gunn would sleep in.

It reminds me of his suits. Very prim and proper and sophisticated and any other words that sound like that. I feel like this room would have a pocket watch if it were to become a man.

I think color scheme in a bedroom sanctuary is very important and this one is nearly monochromatic. Except those two gold frames which I feel like I need to steal that little trick.

This room is here on this list because style is important to your bedroom sanctuary. When you wake up in the morning, do you want the first things your eyeballs see to be a room that is quietly stylish like this one? Or whatever kind of stylish that floats your boat?

I think you do. It’s a nice way to start the day.

You can find all of the details of this bedroom on Ikea.

Classic with a Cup of Coffee

Just out of frame in the foreground of this photo, where the ottoman is, is a chair for you to sip your coffee from with your feet up on Sunday morning. I won’t say while you read the paper because no one reads the paper anymore.

What I love about this Ikea bedroom is that it looks old. It looks collected, curated. Not out of the Ikea box.

And that’s something you want to convey in your room, too. You want the room to feel personal, yours. You can get that with Ikea items if you choose them carefully.

Or just basically copy this room. If that works for you.

You can find all of the details of this bedroom on Ikea.

Outdoors In

The sun pouring in the windows of this bedroom and bouncing off the leaves of all of those plants makes me almost want to be an outdoorsy person.

Almost. Not quite, but if you’re an outdoorsy person, this bedroom sanctuary must really speak to you!

What I do really love about this bedroom is that it has the hotel elements, a place to sit, unobtrusive storage, but it’s also HIGHLY personal. This is a very specific person’s room.

Not a room that 365 different people might stay in over the course of a year.

You can find all of the details on this room on Ikea.

Can You Believe These Were All Ikea Bedroom Ideas?

Seriously, scroll back up for a minute and look at how varied and personalized these rooms are. And they are all, at their foundation, Ikea bedrooms.

There isn’t a clean lines contemporary in the bunch, is there?

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