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So I like a little night light (or a whole string of lights). I’m not talking the little princess nightlight that I had when I was 8 (and 18). Now I use dainty Fairy Lights in the bedroom to give just a soft glow so that I don’t have to imagine what’s hiding in the far corner. Here are some of the best bedroom fairy light ideas out there!

What Are Fairy Lights and Am I Too Old for Them?

Fairy lights to me are two things. They are the pretty little, teensy tiny battery operated lights that just give a beautiful little twinkle.

Or, they are basically some fashion of your old school string of Christmas lights. They might have the traditional Christmas tree style of bulb or they can be globe lights.

You’ll see a few different variations and different sizes through this post.

And no you’re not too old for them and it doesn’t matter what the time of the year is. Pretty is always a great idea. Pretty will always be the latest trend.

8 Magical Bedroom Fairy Light Ideas

Mason Jar Vase

rustic wall sconces with white flowers and fairy lights inside mason jars- just one bedroom fairy light idea

The old fairy light in the mason jar trick has been going back centuries.

Ok, that’s not true. Unless you just count this current century and the previous one, then, there was probably some trailblazer who put some fairy lights in a glass jar back in 1999.

This is a perfect choice for your Farmhouse Bedroom (so you don’t have to use real fire flies). The barnwood, warm lights, plus the pretty white hydrangeas are perfection.

Fairy Lit Canopy

curtain fairy lights around bed, magical atmosphere, bedroom fairy light ideas

If you’re into that Boho Bedroom look, then you are pretty much required to have some fairy twinkle lights in your bedroom.

Curtain lights + Canopy=Boho Masterpiece.

It’s magical to sleep under curtain string lights whether you’re an afraid-of-the-dark adult or a perfectly-secure-in-the-dark adult.

Picture Wall

This picture wall might look like it belongs in college dorm rooms to you and I understand that (hey Urban Outfitters!).

But what I suggest for this idea is that you hang these in your closet. INSIDE your closet because first it’s a great way to get a little bit of light and second of all, who doesn’t want to see some awesome happy memories when they are looking at their clothes? All it takes is a little battery pack!

It’s the perfect spot for the random pictures you have been meaning to print off your phone. Buy this and you might actually DO THAT.

Vines & Plants

boho bright bedroom, with vines around the room

If you’re into plants in the bedroom, then you would love vines with fairy lights. Vines around beds are all the rage right now! So, boho! Or, I’ve even wrapped twinkly lights around my palm trees when we brought them inside for the winter.

Lacy Fairy Lights

rose colored lace string light balls

Here’s an example of the non-traditional type of string lights, that I still call fairy lights anyway.

These insanely gorgeous warm white lights are covered in lace, making for a perfect edition to your shabby chic bedroom.

I would love to see these hung over a mirror, or they would also be great over the window frame sort of peeking in and out of the curtains. I want to see these as a main focal point in your Primary room.

Sheet Music Rosette Fairy Lights

roses made out of sheet music, stranded on string of lights

These dainty little rose shaped fairy lights are great in either a shabby chic bedroom or even a glam bedroom.

I love the use of fairy lights along with the graphic black and white color and nature-inspired rose shape. It’s a great combination.

If you do a chandelier over the bed, these would be pretty wrapped through the arms of the chandelier.

Or, if you’re not into sheet music in your decor, you can buy these plain white roses on Amazon.

Rustic Lanterns

Rustic bedrooms are always popular. And, fairy light bulbs are the best way to soften that particular bedroom decor up a little.

It’s a very cozy and natural look that anyone would be comfortable living in. These rustic indoor use lanterns would fit perfectly in a rustic room or could even be used in your living room.

Feathers & Fairy Lights

Here’s a totally different take on the fairy light thing and I completely love it. This is my #1 of the list. One of the best fairy light ideas!

This little “lamp” is the perfect night light. It looks completely sophisticated and yet it’s so simple. The best thing about this lamp is the feathers. Sooooo soft and gorge!

I wouldn’t mind having one of these in every room of the house for a little bit of light when I need it. It’s an easy way to incorporate fairy lights if you don’t want to have bedroom string lights.

There are other options besides the table lamp. For some luxe elegance, you could do the floor lamp version!

White Fairy Lights in Your Bedroom is A Good Idea

Have I convinced you yet that the warm glow of little lights in your bedroom is an excellent idea? Do you see how they don’t have to be just for an eight year old’s bedroom, a special occasion or a college dorm room (Btw, they are GREAT in any of those scenarios, too, obvies).

I hope that I have.

I really think you should try at least one of these ideas, especially if you’re afraid of the dark, but not ONLY because you’re afraid of the dark because these are all super cute, too.

I really, really think you should go for one of those feather lamps. If you needed to know again that those are my favorites. They are. Most even come with a remote control (another good reason)! What other creative ways have you used them?

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