How To Decorate Towels In A Bathroom: 22 Unique Ways

Transform your bathroom with creative towel decoration techniques. I’ve found the best ideas for enhancing your bathroom’s aesthetic appeal through innovative towel display methods.

Discover how to choose the right colors, master towel folding artistry, and accessorize effectively to elevate your bathroom’s style.

Whether you’re seeking a serene spa-like atmosphere or a vibrant, decorative touch, our expert tips on towel arrangement and décor will inspire your next bathroom makeover.

22 Ways To Decorate Towels in a Bathroom

Towel Hooks

Hang a towels from a towel hook bar. Or, buy unique individual hooks that match your bathroom’s theme and style.


white towels rolled in a basket

Place rolled-up bath towels in a basket or bin near the shower or sink for easy access when needed. Storage baskets with rolled up towels also make it look like a spa. 

Towel Pocket

towel folded to where it makes a pocket, how to decorate towels in a bathroom

Learn how to use a towel to make a pocket.  Then, fold a wash cloth like an accordion and stick it in the pocket so it makes a fan shape.  Your bathroom will look like a fancy hotel!    

Personalized Towels

I love the look of monogrammed and personalized towels.  It looks like something rich people have in their bathrooms!

Mix The Folds

linen closet with towels folded and rolled inside

Store towels in a visually appealing way by mixing the way you fold them.  Fold a towel in thirds, stack two rolled towels on top of it, then use another towel folded in thirds to sandwich those in. 

Tie-dye Towels

My family and I love tie dye!  But, I thought it would be too hard to do to towels.  It’s not though!  You can use tie dye spray kits to do it easily.  All you do is lay the towel out flat, you don’t even have to tie it up in rubber bands.  

In The Shower

towels hanging in shower, ikea showroom

Most people don’t think about adding towel bars inside the shower.  


two towels layered on top of each other on towel bar

Fold a large bathroom towel lengthwise and hang it over a towel rod.  Then, take a smaller hand towel and layer it on top.  You can use ribbon or a towel ring to cinch the hand towel and make it look more decorative. 


white hand towels rolled up and stacked into a pyramid near the sink

Place small rolled hand towels in an attractive tray near the sink for easy use. Stack them into a pyramid shape to keep it tidy.

Origami Towels

YouTube video

This video has so many cute ideas of how to use washcloths to make towel-shaped animals and designs.  They are perfect for a kid’s bathroom! 

Fancy Decorative Towels

fancy decorative towel on flat surface

Sometimes the towel itself is all you need. Just lay it flat next to the sink.


pink towels stacked from light to dark

Buy color coordinated towels and stack them so it looks ombre, going from light to dark.

Guest Bedroom

guest bed with towels folded neatly on the beed

When I have company over, I either set freshly cleaned towels out on the bed or on top of the counter in the guest bathroom.  

Towel Ladder

Hang towels from a ladder towel rack placed against the wall.  This is a perfect idea for farmhouse styled bathrooms.

Open Shelving

modern luxurious bathroom with open shelves under the sink

Store multiple bath towels, neatly folded, in an open linen closet or open shelves

Use Twine and Ribbon

towels with twine tied around them

Create a beautiful and unique towel display with items you probably already have in your home. Using twine, ribbon, and buttons, fashion up something special for displaying your favorite bathroom linens. 

Add Accessories

turquoise towels and sea shells

Give your bathroom a unique personality by adding some of your own personal items to the décor.  Fresh flowers, either purchased or picked from your garden, can make a beautiful statement. If you are looking for something more summery and natural, adding seashells is an excellent idea.

Wine Rack Towel Holder

Wine racks are perfect to hang up in your bathroom.  It can be used as decor but more importantly it provides extra towel storage. 

Contrast and Texture

For a visually interesting effect in your bathroom, consider combining different types of fabrics. Terry cloth provides a soft touch and absorbs well, while linen offers an elegant and sophisticated look. 

Over The Tub

rolled white towels sitting on an over the tub shelf

Roll three small towels and stack them on an over-the-tub shelf.  

White Towels

stack of clean white towels in a marble bathroom

You probably noticed in a lot of these pictures that the towels are white.  That’s because fresh crisp white towels by themselves make the space look more luxe. Just like a hotel or day spa would use! It’s perfect for that minimalist look.

Use Colorful Towels

rolled towels on shelves, Photo by Engin Akyurt on

Or, do the opposite and go the maximalist route with bright vivid colorful towels.

How do you arrange decorative towels in a bathroom?

Arranging decorative bath towels can be a fun and creative way to add some flair to the space. You can group them by color, material, pattern, or style to create a visually appealing display. Once you have your selection of towels, hang them on towel racks or hooks near the sink. To give your towels a more uniformed look, you can use decorative ribbon or string to tie them together. If you don’t want to tie the towels together, you can simply hang them up in a pattern or alternating colors. Try to keep the towels loosely hung, as too many layers can make it difficult for them to dry properly. Remember to change up your display every once in awhile, so you can enjoy a refreshing look with each new season.

How do you roll towels to look good?

Rolling towels is a great way to save space while still making them look presentable. To achieve the best-looking rolled towel, start by folding it in half lengthwise. Then, fold the towel in thirds crosswise, so that the width of each pocket is the same. Next, fold the towel into a cylinder shape and secure it by rolling it tightly. Once you have achieved the desired shape, use ribbon or a rubber band to keep it in place.  I like to at least three when its used as part of your bathroom decor. This simple technique will help you create a neat and tidy display of rolled-up towels.

How do I make my towels look pretty?

One of the easiest and most effective ways to make your towels look more attractive is by folding them neatly.  You want clean lines.  Think Outside The Closet shows us a couple different ways to fold towels properly. You could then try arranging them into a neat stack and then folding the edges of each towel over in an accordion style. This will create a flat, symmetrical look that adds texture and visual interest to your bathroom. You can also hang towels on a towel rack or use decorative hooks, allowing you to add color and texture without taking up too much wall space. Another idea is to hang a laundry line in the bathroom and use decorative clothespins to hang your towels. This is a great way to add some extra character and charm to the space. 

How can I use the bath towels in my bathroom decor?

Bath towels are a great way to add texture and color to your bathroom decor or laundry room. You can hang them from rods or rings, drape them over chairs or benches, or even use them as a wall hanging. Towels with fun patterns and bright colors can bring life to a plain bathroom and add a splash of personality. They can also be used to cover up unsightly fixtures like radiators or pipes, as well as provide extra warmth and absorb moisture. With the right bathroom accessories and creativity, your bathroom can be transformed into a stylish spa. 

How to decorate towels in bathroom?

In conclusion, using towels is an easy and affordable way to update the look of your bathroom without spending too much time or money. First, fresh towels play a critical role in making a bathroom look neat and tidy. 
1. Use eye-catching colors. Choose towels in bright, vibrant colors that will stand out against the other elements in your bathroom.
2. Hang a decorative rod. Installing a lovely, decorative rod from which to hang your towels is an easy way to spruce up the bathroom. Hang them at different heights for added visual interest.
3. Use decorative baskets or bins. If you have multiple towels, try storing them in decorative baskets or bins that can easily be tucked away when not in use. This is a great option if you’re short on space and want to keep your towels organized.
4. Display rolled towels. Display your towels in an upright position by rolling them up and setting them atop a shelf or table. 
5. Add accessories. Choose decorative objects such as vases, candles, or a matching shower curtain to place around your towels. 
With these simple tips, you can easily create a beautiful and personalized display with your bathroom towels.

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