12 Coffee Themed Kitchen Décor Ideas to Perk Up Your Space

Are you a coffee enthusiast who can’t start your day without a cup of the good stuff? You’re not alone! Many of us have a special bond with our morning brew, and what better way to celebrate this than by infusing our kitchens with charming coffee-themed décor?

There are some really delightful ways to incorporate coffee décor into your kitchen, perfect for all you coffee lovers. Check out these coffee themed kitchens!

1. Cursive Coffee Sign: Label Your Coffee Bar

coffee bar with word wall art above it, coffee themed kitchen decor ideas

Enhance your coffee station with an elegant metal script sign that simply says ‘Coffee.’ This versatile décor piece complements any style, ensuring your guests know exactly where to find their caffeine fix. You can find this Coffee Sign on Etsy.

2. Add Humor with a Funny Coffee Sign

coffee word wall art framed, coffee kitchen decor

For those who enjoy a dash of humor with their morning brew, a farmhouse-style coffee sign can be the perfect addition. Its simple and slightly rustic look fits seamlessly into various décor styles. You can find this Funny Coffee Sign on Etsy.

3. Minimalist Appeal: The Wire Latte

If minimalism is more your style, consider a wire coffee cup for your wall. This understated piece adds a quiet, subtle touch to your coffee and latte corner. You can find this Wire Coffee Cup for your wall on Etsy.

4. Trendy Coffee-Themed Tiered Tray

diy coffee kitchen decor

Tiered trays are all the rage in home décor, and a coffee-themed one is a fantastic way to showcase your love for coffee. Though primarily decorative, these trays can be a cute addition to your kitchen. You can find these tiered tray accessories in a Coffee Theme on Etsy.

5. Modern Cups of Joe Wall Art

coffee wall art framed, coffee decor for kitchen

Celebrate the essential coffee mug with a modern print. Perfect for contemporary homes, this neutral-colored print features a simple grid of coffee cups, offering a serene visual to your space.

You can find this Coffee Cup print on Etsy.

6. Unique Coffee Makers Blueprints for Home Decor

coffee wall art that is black and white and industrial looking

For something a bit more unconventional, consider engineering drawings of coffee patents. These intriguing prints come in various colors, fitting well in an urban loft or industrial vibe.

You can find these Coffee Patent Prints on Etsy.

7. Display Your Love with a Coffee Mug Display

diy wood pallet coffee mug holder

You love your coffee mugs, so why not display them as art and get them out of your cupboards?

This rustic coffee cup display is perfect for a farmhouse kitchen. Shabby chic, too! And you get the benefit of seeing all of your pretty mugs every day.

You can find this Coffee Mug Display on Etsy.

8. Black & White Coffee Sign

coffee sign

Make a bold statement with a black and white coffee sign. This striking piece demands attention and is ideal for spaces that can afford to let it stand out. 

You can find the Black & White Coffee sign on Etsy.

9. Vintage Coffee Shop Print

vintage coffee themed kitchen decorating sign

For a touch of vibrancy, consider a bold, vintage coffee shop sign in sunny yellow. Reflecting the energizing effect of coffee, this print is perfect for adding life to your morning routine.

You can find this Vintage Coffee Shop Print on Etsy.

10. Upgrade Your Collection with Pretty Coffee Mugs

pretty blue and white coffee mugs for kitchen decor, coffee kitchen decor ideas

Your coffee mugs are decor, too. Is it time to add some more decorative flair to your coffee cup collection?

I love these blue and white ceramic mugs. They would be perfect left out on a shelf or hung under the cabinets on hooks.

You can find these pretty mugs on Amazon.

11. Chic and Stylish: Graphic Coffee Print

graphic print coffee kitchen decor

I love the style, I love the colors. This is the one that will come home to me. You can find this Graphic Coffee Print on Etsy.

12. Cool Coffee & Plants Pillow Cover

modern coffee pillow case

Lastly, don’t overlook the comfort of your coffee corner. Add a cool touch with a pillow cover featuring coffee and plants, your two fave things. It’s a small but impactful way to round off your coffee-themed décor.

You can find this Coffee & Plants pillow cover on Amazon.

Conclusion: Creating a Coffee Lover’s Dream Kitchen

Incorporating coffee-themed décor into your kitchen is not just about aesthetics; it’s about celebrating a ritual that brings joy to many of us. There are so many cool ways to showcase your love for coffee in your kitchen.

Each of these ideas can help transform your kitchen into a space that’s perfect for some shots of espresso. Remember, your kitchen is not just a place for cooking; it’s a canvas for your personality and interests.

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