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I don’t do anything until I have had coffee. I’ve often thought that I should put the Keurig in the bedroom so that I don’t have to walk down stairs before I have coffee.

It’s not even that I love “coffee”, it’s the ritual of it. Sometimes I go to bed early because I’m excited to wake up and have a peaceful cup of coffee.

I know lots of people can relate to this so it makes sense that “coffee kitchen decor” is a thing that people are interested in.

And since it’s decor and people are interested in it, I’m here to show you the very best coffee kitchen decor.

13 Ways to Add Coffee Kitchen Decor to Your Coffee Ritual

You might be surprised to find that there are lots of ways to add coffee decor to your home. All of the different styles are covered and in some really unique ways. Let’s have a look. Go ahead, grab your coffee first.

Coffee Script Sign

coffee bar with word wall art above it

Here it is completely straightforward in a pretty metal script.

Coffee. For above your coffee station. It’s pretty and in case you have guests, they know exactly where to find the coffee without bothering you before you’ve had your coffee.

This one is going to fit in with pretty much any decor, so have no fear of whether or not it “goes”.

You can find this Coffee Sign on Etsy.

Funny Coffee Sign

coffee word wall art framed, coffee kitchen decor

Do you like a little slice of humor with your morning coffee? I do.

This cute little farmhouse style sign is full of personality. I love word art that is simple and a little rustic like this. Even though I don’t have “farmhouse” style, this is simple enough that I wouldn’t hesitate to buy it.

You can find this Funny Coffee Sign on Etsy.

Wire Coffee Cup

Here’s my favorite of all of these cute coffee decor ideas. A minimalist wire coffee cup for your wall.

I love that’s it’s just kind of quiet and unassuming. Subtle. You know?

You can find this Wire Coffee Cup for your wall on Etsy.

Coffee Themed Tiered Tray

diy coffee kitchen decor

I have to admit that I really do love the whole tiered tray decorating phenomenon. I’m generally a Form + Function kind of person, and tiered trays are all Form.

But they are really cute though. And so of course a coffee decor themed tiered tray is a great way to express your coffee love as decor.

You can find these tiered tray accessories in a Coffee Theme on Etsy.

Coffee Mug Print

coffee wall art framed, coffee decor for kitchen

The coffee mug is a big part of the coffee ritual. This print celebrates that.

This perfect if your home is more modern or minimal. The colors are pretty neutral and the grid of coffee cups is simple and calm to look at.

You can find this Coffee Cup print on Etsy.

Coffee Blueprints

coffee wall art that is black and white and industrial looking

If you’re looking for something a little outside the box when it comes to your coffee decor, then these engineering drawing of coffee patents might be perfect for you.

They are interesting to look at besides just being pretty. And they come in a variety of colors.

These are perfect for a modern or minimal home.

You can find these Coffee Patent Prints on Etsy.

Coffee Mug Display

diy wood pallet coffee mug holder

Here’s some Form + Function for you. You love your coffee mugs, why not display them as art and get them out of your cupboards?

This rustic coffee cup display is perfect for a farmhouse kitchen. Shabby chic, too. And you get the benefit of seeing all of your pretty mugs every day.

You can find this Coffee Mug Display on Etsy.

Black & White Coffee Sign

coffee sign

What I like about this sign is how it is really just SHOUTING coffee in your face.

As if you need the reminder that you need coffee. Maybe it is meant to remind all of the other people in the house.

This is bold and you want to make sure you have room to let it breathe.

You can find the Black & White Coffee sign on Wayfair.

Sunny Yellow Coffee Print

wall art that is a giant cup of coffee

You didn’t think I could find a bold, modern coffee decor choice, did you?

Well, I did. The yellow in this print is the way coffee makes me feel. Vibrant and alive as the morning starts.

You can find this Modern Coffee Print on Wayfair.

Pretty Coffee Mugs

coffee mugs

Your coffee mugs are decor, too. Is it time to add some more decorative flair to your coffee cup collection?

I love these blue and white ceramic mugs. They would be perfect left out on a shelf or hung under the cabinets.

You can find these pretty mugs at Cost Plus World Market.

Graphic Coffee Print

coffee wall art with teal background and white frame

I already picked a favorite in this list, but I’m putting this graphic coffee print as my second favorite.

I love the style, I love the colors. This is the one that will come home to me.

You can find this Graphic Coffee Print on Society6.

Coffee & Plants Pillow Cover

modern coffee pillow case

Put a pillow on the chair that you drink your coffee in. I don’t care that it’s at the kitchen table, you should have a pillow on that chair.

And that pillow should have a depiction of coffee on it. Add some plants and you have a whole thing happening.

You can find this Coffee & Plants pillow covering on Society6.

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