16 Funny Kitchen Signs & Decor Ideas: Laughter Served Daily

Ready to transform your culinary space with a hefty dash of humor? Brace yourselves because we are about to embark on a joy-filled journey through the world of funny kitchen signs! Yes, you heard it right. We’re putting the ‘ha-ha’ in your ‘haute cuisine’ with a cornucopia of hilarious, quirky, and downright side-splitting signs that can be the perfect addition to your kitchen decor.

Whether you’re a cooking novice who burns water or a seasoned chef who can whip up a soufflé with your eyes closed, these laugh-out-loud signs are just the right spice to add a dash of fun to your kitchen ambiance. So, join us as we explore, chuckle, and shop for the best funny kitchen signs out there. Let’s stir the pot with laughter!

Funny Kitchen Word Art

kitchen sign lettuce turnip the beet

Food humor is good for the kitchen, obviously. But there are a variety of jokes in these cute little rustic signs.

F-word humor might not work in every home, but Lettuce Turnip the Beet? That’s fun for the whole family. Even Nana.

You can find these cute kitchen signs on Etsy.

Graphic Funny Kitchen Wall Decor

colorful funny kitchen signs

I love the colors on all of these graphic kitchen signs and of course, I love the fun song lyrics.

These would be best in a grouping, I think. Just one is like, Is that supposed to be funny?  But three of them are like, HAHA I get it. Ya know?

You can find these graphic prints on Etsy.

Taco Kitchen Wall Art

funny dining room sign says "we serve tacos"

I like the feigned solemnity that is in this funny Taco sign. I mean is it feigned, though?

I do take Tacos pretty seriously, too. And margaritas. I do appreciate the stance. WE ARE SERVING TACOS and we’re writing it down in the Book of Margaritas.

You can get the funny Taco sign on Etsy.

Hilarious Vinyl Wall Decals For The Kitchen

Are you in need of a good laugh while handling your culinary endeavors? Well, a quick and easy way to bring a dash of humor into your kitchen is by using hilarious vinyl wall decals. These adhesive gems serve not only as an attractive décor but also infuse your space with personality and wit.

Stir It Funny Kitchenette Sign

"if i have to stir it, it's homemade" funny kitchen decor

I didn’t know that this was really up for debate. I feel like if it was opened inside of your home, it’s homemade. If I take the pumpkin pie out of the bakery container and put it on a nice pie plate, it’s homemade.  

I know, not really. But it makes “I stirred it” a lot more plausible for homemade, doesn’t it?

You can find this Stir It sign on Etsy.

Modern & Funny Kitchen Wall Art

minimalist funny kitchen sign

This great juxtaposition. Its serious font and white backgrounds are set up to look like a definition from the dictionary.

But then the definitions are funny. See how they did that? It will pull in your visitors for a closer look and they are imagining they’re going to see something philosophical.

And that makes the punch line even funnier.

You can find these handsome signs on Etsy.

Smoke Alarm Funny Kitchen Picture

smoke alarm funny kitchen picture

I don’t have this sign in my kitchen.

But I should. Just ask my guests from Mother’s Day 2017.

You can find this funny kitchen sign on Etsy.

Alcohol Makes Everything Funnier

alcohol reference, funny kitchen wall art

No one will care what your food tasted like if you have good vodka.

And this easy hanging sign.

This is perfect with all of your other Lemon decor. It would also make the perfect gift (especially if you add in the lemons and vodka!).

Sarcastic Funny Kitchen Sign

"sarcasm served daily" funny wall art for kitchen

Sarcasm. Hot and fresh from the oven. My family has perfected the art of artisan sarcasm.

And we all have thick skin, so we can handle it. If you have guests coming for dinner, then this sign is fair warning.

Sarcasm is being served.

You can find this sarcasm sign on Etsy.

Alexa! Do The Dishes!

"alexa, do the dishes" funny kitchen wall art

Someday this won’t be just a funny kitchen saying that you hang in your kitchen.

Someday Alexa or Siri or Google or some other robot hardware will do the dishes.

Of course, there is already the dishwasher. So maybe that day is kind of already here.

You can find the dishwasher sign on Amazon.

I Like Puns On Funny Kitchen Plaques

rap reference funny kitchen art

The witty play on words is funny but also true.

You can find these rap reference signs on Etsy.

Funny Definitions Wall Art For Kitchens

I definitely get hangry and I “accidentally” snack all the time. So…these hit close to home.

You can find this definition joke signs on Amazon.

Lick The Bowl Framed Sign For Kitchen

I can’t advocate for licking the bowl because of salmonella. But this wood sign is funny.

But, I can advocate for this quote to be used in your home decor! And, no need to buy frames.

You can find this funny kitchen sign on Amazon.

Funny Farmhouse Kitchen Sign

farm fresh butt nuggets funny kitchen sign

Butt Nuggets? Blech.

But your sense of humor and farmhouse kitchen decor? Perfect.

You can find the Butt Nugget sign on Etsy along with tons of other new products.

We Dance Funny Kitchen Plaque

I love this wood framed kitchen wall art. It’s not hilarious, but it will make you and everyone smile. And dance.

That’s So Cheesy Kitchen Wall Art

cheesy funny wall art

This was a last minute add on. It’s awesome! I think it would make a great gift actually! You can find this weird cheese sign on Society 6.

Humorous, occasionally cheeky, kitchen wall art might not suit all tastes, but since you’ve read this far, it’s likely right up your alley. You desire the kind of décor that makes your guests exclaim, “Betsy sure has a unique sense of humor”. Perhaps you’re looking for that little spark of joy when you enter a kitchen brimming with dishes from the past three days. Whatever the case, your kitchen now has that vibrant touch, and you can turn your creative attention to sprucing up the dining room! This blog post was all about injecting fun and laughter into your kitchen with the help of quirky signs.

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