Funny Kitchen Signs to Take the Attention Off Your Cooking


Funny bathroom signs has been such a great hit, I figured you’d like some funny kitchen signs, too.

You might need some kind of distraction in the kitchen. While you are deftly removing dinner from the take out containers and slopping it into pans so everyone thinks you are a hard working, fabulous cook.

Oh you don’t do that? Neither do I.

13 Funny Kitchen Signs That Might Make You Spit Your Coffee Across the Table

Funny signs aren’t for everyone, but you’re here so I think they are probably for you. You want a little humor in every day. You want your visitors to go, “That Betsy is a character”.

Maybe. Maybe you just need a little smile when you walk into the kitchen and there’s 3 days of dishes to be done.

Veggie Funny Kitchen

Food humor is good for the kitchen, obviously. But there are a variety of jokes in these cute little rustic signs.

F word humor might not work in every home, but Lettuce Turnip the Beet? That’s fun for the whole family. Even Nana.

You can find these cute kitchen signs on Etsy.

Graphic Funny Kitchen Signs

I love the colors on all of these graphic kitchen signs and of course I love the fun song lyrics.

These would be best in a grouping, I think. Just one is like, Is that supposed to be funny? But three of them is like, HAHA I get it.

You know?

You can find these graphic prints on Etsy.

Taco Kitchen Art

I like the feigned solemnity that is in this funny Taco sign. I mean is it feigned, though?

I do take Tacos pretty seriously, too. And margaritas. I do appreciate the stance. WE ARE SERVING TACOS and we’re writing it down in the Book of Margaritas.

You can get the funny Taco sign on Etsy.

Stir It Sign

I didn’t know that this was really up for debate. I feel like if it was opened inside of your home, it’s homemade? If I take the pumpkin pie out of the bakery container and put it on a nice pie plate, it’s home-made.

I know, not really. But it makes “I stirred it” a lot more plausible for homemade, doesn’t it?

You can find this Stir It sign on Etsy.

Modern & Funny

This great juxtaposition. It’s serious font and it’s also set up to look like a definition from the dictionary.

But then the definitions are funny. See how they did that? It will pull in your visitors for a closer look and they are imagining they’re going to see something philosophical.

And that makes the punch line even funnier.

You can find these handsome signs on Etsy.

Go YOU! (Says the Smoke Alarm)

I don’t have this sign in my kitchen.

But I should. Just ask my guests from Mother’s Day 2017.

You can find this funny kitchen sign on Etsy.

Alcohol Makes Everything Funnier

No one will care what your food tasted like if you have good vodka.

And this sign.

This perfect with all of your other Lemon decor.

Sarcasticly Funny

Sarcasm. Hot and fresh from the oven. My family has perfected the art of artisan sarcasm.

And we all have thick skin, so we can handle it. If you have guests coming for dinner, then this sign is fair warning.

Sarcasm is being served.

You can find this sarcasm sign on Etsy.

Alexa! Dishes!

Someday this won’t be just a funny sign that you hang in your kitchen. A lamentful funny sign.

Someday Alexa or Siri or Google or some other robot will do the dishes.

Of course, there is already the dishwasher. So maybe that day is kind of already here.

You can find the dishwasher sign on Etsy.

I Like Puns

I like these cute veggie signs for a couple of reasons. The witty play on words is wonderful.

But the design of these signs is a little elevated as compared to some of the other signs and that takes these to another level, I think.

I’d probably pick these signs for my kitchen.

You can find these Veggie signs on Etsy.

Do Your Eyes Hurt?

This is a dad joke mixed with a coffee joke.

It’s kind of a wild combination, isn’t it? Very unexpected mix of joke genres.

High scores for that.

You can find this dad-coffee joke sign on Wayfair.

Lick The Bowl

I can’t advocate for licking the bowl because of salmonella. But this sign is funny.

And colorful. And the message is a good one even if you can’t take it literally without potentially having several yucky days.

You can find this colorful funny sign on Wayfair.

Eggs. They Mean Eggs

I wasn’t going to include this funny kitchen sign in this list. Because I thought it was a little too gross.

Butt Nuggets? Blech.

But I thought you might like it. So here it is.

You can find the Butt Nugget sign on Wayfair.

That’s So Cheesy

This was a last minute add on. I don’t know if this macaroni and cheese floating woman is actually funny.

It’s cheese and that’s a good thing. But is this funny or just weird?

I know what my mother would say. Weird.

You can find this weird cheese sign on Society 6.

Did You Laugh At The Funny Kitchen Signs?

Yes? Good! Then pick the one you laughed the hardest at and hang it proudly in your kitchen.

Maybe a group of three. Just in case.

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