10 Funny Bathroom Signs: Word Art That Is Cute In the Bathroom. Allegedly.

I don’t know why I’m writing this, to be honest. Well, I do know why. I have two bathrooms in my house and they are both a little light on bathroom decor.

One has some inspirational word art and a picture of Portugal. The other has nothing. Literally no decor in the other bathroom. Unless you count the toothbrush holder my husband bought that looks like a rock.

Seriously. It just looks like a rock. And he thinks it’s great.

So, that’s why I’m writing this. I need some inspiration for some decor for my own bathrooms, but what I’ve found is really just juvenile. It seems that there is a definite following for slightly naughty word art in the bathroom.

So, that’s what we’re looking at today, ok? Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Oh and I have to tell you, in case you decide to buy any of these, there are affiliate links in here so if you click one and make a purchase, I may receive a commission at no additional cost to you.

Bathroom Decor If You Have The Sense of Humor of a 13 Year Old Boy

I mean some of these are funny. Some of them made me laugh out loud. But some of them are just potty jokes and I don’t like those ones. Most of them.

Most of these, if my mother came over to the house I would probably put them away. Not because they are embarrassing but because she already thinks it’s “weird” that I have a giant cow hanging in my living room and she just has to tell me every time she sees it how “weird” it is.

So, I don’t need anymore of that in my life, right? Anyway. Here they are. Think hard about whether you would hang these in your bathroom.

Get Naked Bathroom Sign

Get Naked Funny Bathroom sign

Ok, this is one that definitely made me laugh. I’ve seen the Get Naked signs for bathrooms and those are cute. It’s funny.

But this one is more my sense of humor. The half bath. No one needs to actually get naked in a half bath.

Cause there’s no shower. Get it?

Farmhouse Style Funny Bathroom Signs

OH My God Beck Bathroom art

Ok, here are my thoughts on these naughty bathroom signs. If you don’t get the Oh My God Becky reference, we can’t be friends because you must be like 5 years old. And also, don’t you dare buy that because I’m buying it right now.

The rest of these are cute except the one that says poop.

That’s just gross and accusatory. If I walked into your bathroom and you had that sign in your bathroom I would immediately leave because I would be horrified to think you would think that I would even THINK about pooping in your home NEVER MIND think about giving it a rating on Yelp.

I mean, really.

Search a Word

Bathroom wall decor - word search

This is possibly the greatest Christmas/Housewarming gift ever to be gifted.

Seriously. I could buy so many of these for the people that you don’t know exactly what to get them, but they have a great sense of humor.

If I buy this for you, it means that I think you’re funny and I know that you will see that this sign is a joy and a wonder. And that people will talk about it forever. And that you have the best bathroom decor on the planet.

Be The Change

Funny Bathroom Word Art

Oh, how clever. It looks like it’s an inspirational sign about doing good in the world. But it’s really just about changing the toilet paper roll.

Raise your hand if you think this will actually help anyone besides you put in the effort to change the roll of toilet paper.

Yeah, I didn’t think so either.

Remain Seated

This is a definite, definite, definite no for me. Hard no. Would not buy, ever.

There’s just too much left to my imagination with this sign.

Why would anyone consider standing if they are sitting? Why are we referring to this as a performance?

I, no. I don’t want to talk about it anymore. Moving on.

Short Bats

If you come to my house and you’re insulted by this sign, that’s not my fault.

I just want to keep my bathroom clean.

That’s all I have to say about that.

Finish the Job

Uh. Truer words never spoken, I guess?

This isn’t the best of the bunch, but it’s got it’s own thing going on. This funny bathroom sign is definitely for someone specific.

It’s like for an accountants house, or something. You know?

Booty Call

It’s remarkable how much things change in the 10 or so years between college and having a 3 year old.

This is cute. And it’s blue which is my favorite color.

Shake It

I wasn’t going to include this. You might not believe it, but I have left off a bunch of what I determined to be too gross to include funny bathroom signs.

But this one is funny to me because you know it is one of those things that a mom said to her little boy at some point out of annoyance at how long he was taking in the bathroom.

And then later laughed and laughed about it and then even later was like, “I need to write that on a sign and sell it on Etsy”. And now she’s a millionaire.

What Do You Think?

Do you love these funny bathroom signs? Would you hang one in your bathroom? I would. I think the bathroom is the perfect place to have a sense of humor in your decor, right?

And, seriously, there were quite a few signs that I didn’t include because I though they were a little over the top. Like this one:

Farmhouse Bathroom Sign If You Pee on the Seat I Will Use image 0

That’s just wrong and no mom has every said that. Maybe a particularly nasty college roommate, but no mom ever.

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