15 Superb DIY Bathroom Organization Hacks You Need

For such a small room it’s kind of crazy how messy a bathroom can get.

I mean, seriously?!

How much stuff is supposed to fit in a bathroom?

I might have more stuff in my bathroom than I do in my garage. It makes no sense.

One day I actually had a mental breakdown in my bathroom due to the status of its appearance.

Who does that?

Who. Breaks. Down. In. The. Bathroom?

Hopefully, it was just me.

Anyways, I knew something had to change so I did what I usually do and went out looking for some awesome hacks and what I found was awesome.

15 Superb Bathroom Organization Hacks

The creativity of people in this world just blows me away. I see simple household objects and someone else sees the perfect way to organize their bathroom.

Maybe one day I’ll get to that level where I can look at a Q-tip and realize it holds all of the power to clean my chimney or something.

1. Using Small Baskets

Who doesn’t love a basket? Baskets are awesome! If I could take a basket everywhere I would. That’s how much I love baskets.

use baskets to organize bathroom

Image courtesy of Pottery Barn.

If you can find some awesome basket then you can hang them up on curtain rods and you have the perfect holders for your 20 sponges, 13 brushes, and 2 mini-towels you stole from that fancy hotel.

2. Safe Place for Electronics

You know what I hate?

I hate having to constantly go under my sink to grab the hair dryer.

It’s stupid and I don’t want to do it anymore.

metal file box bathroom organization

Thankfully with this hack, I no longer have to worry about such things. Dream Greeny DIY has come up with this wonderful hack where you get a simple metal file box and use it to store your electronics.

No longer will I break my back reaching under the sink. No longer will I despise grabbing my hair dryer like I despise rolling up the electric cord to the vacuum.

3. Use the Vertical Toilet Space

There is just so much wasted space above your toilet.

It’s like someone decided that it was illegal to do anything above the toilet.

Forget that! It’s time to use that space like you use every other space in your home.

bamboo tower over toilet

I found this adorable, natural bamboo space saver on Amazon. Makes me feel like I’m one with nature.


Thanks to Idea Hacks for this idea.

4. Expandable Organizers Under Your Sink

This might be the most brilliant hack on this list. I had no idea these things even existed!

expandable under sink organizer

How cool is this thing?

Forget not trying to use the space under your sink where those stupid pipes are. Get one of these expandable under sink shelf organizers and you can make the most of that tiny space.

This was another gem provide by Idea Hacks.

5. Hide Your Toilet Paper

When I was little toilet paper was always out because you never knew when it was going to be gone. You didn’t want to run out of toilet paper and have to get up off the toilet to scoot to the other side of the bathroom to get more.

Trust me.

toilet paper roll holder

With this toilet paper roll holder you can slyly hide your extra toilet paper rolls right next to the toilet so you can stay there for every if you want.

Just make sure you keep tabs on how much is left.

6. Install a Spice Rack to Store Bottles

spice rack for bathroom

The key to bathroom organization is being able to add more space where you don’t think more space can be added.

You can maximize your vanity storage by simply install a spice rack.

If you have a small shelf you can use this expandable bamboo spice rack (I love me some bamboo).

expandable bamboo spice rack

7. More Spice Rack Awesomeness

Not quite done with the spice rack goodness yet.

expand storage spice racks

Spice racks can make for some great shelves as Serena Kelly shows.

8. Make-Up Magnet Board

I love this hack so much I’m included it again. It first appeared in out makeup organization hacks post and now here it is again.

magnet makeup board

Laura has all of the details on how to make this happen. If you don’t want to be as fancy as her then you can easily find a simple magnet board on Amazon.

9. Awesome Toothbrush Holders

Toothbrushes are one of those weird things where you can get a fancy holder but then it starts to stink because of the toothbrush residue drips in it which makes them seem pointless.

However, I came across this awesome tutorial showing you how to make cool toothbrush holders with some bottle caps and velcro.

diy toothbrush holder

9. Wine Rack Towel Holders

While I would rather have wine in my bathroom over towels I don’t want to be classified as the weird lady with wine in her bathroom (don’t look under the sink). So instead I’ve decided I would use this idea of wine racks as towel holders.

wine rack towel holder

I came across this idea on 11 Magnolia Lane.

10. Coat Racks Instead of Towel Rods

Towel rods can take up a ton of space for just one or two towels. If you find that you need to keep more towels readily available then get a coat rack and use that instead.

coat rack towel rack

Thanks to Improvenet for the tip.

11. Magnetic Strip for All the Metal Tools

This one is a bit clunky so I wouldn’t use it but I can definitely see the benefit of it.

magnetic strip for bathroom

All you have to do is grab some magnetic tape and use as much as you want so you never lose your tweezers or nail clippers again. Seriously, you’ll probably want to buy this magnetic tape so you can put it in different places around your house.

Great for never losing your keys again.

12. Use a Duo Shower Rod

I always figured shower rods were meant to just hold shower curtains.

Who knew that you could buy them with two metal bars?!

dual shower rod

This useful shower rod allows you to hang your shower curtain and towel at the same time without them mixing like peas and mashed potatoes.

So handy.

13. Store Cotton in an Elegant Way

cotton elegance

Sometimes you need to keep your cotton balls and q-tips out in the open so if you’re going to do so you might as well do it in style.

Nobody is going to cotton shame you if they see that you store your softies in these containers.

Even better, they are plastic so you don’t have to worry about dropping them, slipping on the wet bathroom floor, falling on the glass, cutting yourself, and using up all of the cotton balls to heal.

Don’t ask.

14. Dollar Store Drawer Organizers

Anytime you can do things on the cheap is a win in my book.

dollar store drawer organizations

Lauren has a brilliant way of using organizers that you can find at the Dollar Store to help you organize your messy drawers.

If you want to get a bit fancier you can check out drawer organizers that I found on Amazon.

drawer organizer

15. Use Floating Shelves

Floating shelves will always be magical to me and I feel like they belong in every room in the house. Maria shows you how to make the most of them in your bathroom organizing expedition.

bathroom floating shelves

Your Bathroom Can Be Pristine

Your bathroom doesn’t have to be messy!

It can be the most organized room in the house if you want it to be. You just need to understand your space and make the most out of it.

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