14 Gorgeous Emerald Green Accent Chairs: Let’s Go Shopping

Explore a world of style and comfort with our handpicked collection of emerald green accent chair ideas. An epitome of elegance and sophistication, these accent chairs offer a unique splash of color, transforming your living space into a vibrant sanctuary. Admire the luxurious blend of practicality and aesthetics these chairs introduce, redefining the essence of modern design. With our assortment of emerald green accent chair concepts, immerse yourself in the tranquil beauty of this rich hue, discovering the perfect piece to reflect your personal taste and elevate your interior décor.

14 Emerald Green Accent Chairs

Square Back Emerald Green Accent Chair

Part of the criteria that I have for picking out chairs for this spot in my home is the scale of the chair. It needs to be somewhat small because the wall they will be in front of is not very wide.

The scale grabbed me when I saw this polyester and wood green chair. That and that tufted back.

Altobrene Chair

altrobrene green chair

Up next is the Altobrene Chair. It’s the right color. That’s precisely the Emerald Green I had in mind.

If you love the eye-catching accent chair you can find it on Amazon.

The Teal Green Chair

green chair teal

Ok, truthfully this chair was never going to make it into my house. Not for the living room, anyway, but I had to include because I think the shape is adorable.

The color is too teal blue for what I want and my husband would definitely not like this chair, but I could totally see this in another room.

I like that this one has wood legs, too. But it is not meant to be. At least not for the living room. If you love this Teal Green Chair you can find it on Amazon.

Upholstered MCM Chair

This tweed green chair looks so prim and proper. Very mid-century modern!

Green Leather Office Chair

This is actually faux leather. But, it still seems to be a fan favorite on Amazon. So, if you’re looking to update your office or den, definitely go for this faux leather green chair (Bonus: it swivels!).

Green Arm Chair

Ok, now we’re talking. I like this chair a lot. It’s a good size. It’s not too big, not too small and the back and seat cushion look comfy for a fireside sit.

I can live with the brass legs on this even though there is no other brass in the room. I could always add an accent or two so the brass legs aren’t lonely.

This is a definite contender. If you love this Green Armchair, too, then you can find it on Amazon.

Green Chair Pair

I like this pair of chairs a lot. More so, I like two-for-the-price-of-one!

Open Arms Green Accent Chair

This one was a little bit different. It has a modern frame. The fabric is a beautiful green and I loved the sculptural arms.

Go for this one if you are looking for a contemporary style.

Green Wingback Chair

This guy is not too different from the one above except he’s a little exceptional with that chiseled back, right?

I liked this green wingback chair because the chair we have now has a high back and so I figured I could swap it out and the husband would never even notice. He could still nap by the fire.

Deep Armchair

This is partly why I want green. The green takes a really traditional silhouette and gives it a little bit of quirkiness.

I’m not a very big fan of super high arms like this, but in the right setting this chair would be perfect.

I feel like because I’m short, I could tuck my whole self into this chair and no one would see me.

Barrel Swivel Chair

I want to constantly tap my feet and swivel or rock back and forth. I can’t sit still.

Having the chairs be swivel chairs would really be ideal.

Dark Emerald Green Accent Chair

This chair is solid wood and great quality. It’s got a very rich dark emerald green color perfect if you have lighter walls or accessories.

Tweed Green Chair Accent

And then I found THE green chair.

It is not at all the chair I expected to fall in love with, but after looking at 800 velvet-y green chairs, this tweed upholstery was like, I’m yours.

It has a very traditional classic style.

Royal Green Dining Chairs

I know you thought I was done when I told you I was in love with the last piece of furniture, but I am not done.

Because I kept looking and found these! The velvet fabric is spectacular and pure luxury. This table with these green dining room chairs look so regal. I am obsessed with this emerald green dining décor.

This kicks it up a notch. Why just have one green accent chair when you can have six!

Do Accent Chairs Have To Be The Same Color?

No, accent chairs do not need to be the same color. Obviously, some people like to make sure every part of their décor matches perfectly. And there is nothing wrong with that. But most interior designers prefer mixing different colors, or in this case, shades of green. They also love mixing different textures. It gives your home an updated look when things aren’t so matchy-matchy.

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