Emerald Green Accent Chairs: Let’s Go Shopping


I have a chair in my family room that is very, very old. It was my husband’s great Aunt Pal’s chair.

Now, I don’t mean old as in “vintage” or “antique”. It’s probably from the mid-90’s. 1990’s. It was originally beige with red and blue plaid and then I painted it (yes, I painted an upholstered chair) navy blue, but the plaid kind of shows through, too and it’s actually kind of cute now.


See, not so bad, right? But I need to replace it. I need two chairs in the spot it currently lives in and I want them to be green.

So this chair is probably going to get relegated to the master bedroom where all old furniture goes to die.

11 Emerald Green Accent Chairs Because I Just Really Want Green Chairs

Why am I taking you on this shopping journey? Well, I want to show you how I rule things in and out of my decision making process and I want to show you some of my favorite places to shop.

I also want you to know that even with something as specific as “green accent chairs” there is a RIDICULOUS amount of stuff to look at. Wayfair had 55 pages to go through. Of green accent chairs. It’s crazy.

Don’t worry, as you can see, I’ve paired it down to 11 that I think will work for me. Let’s have a look.

Isobel Chair

diamond tufted green chair

Part of the criteria that I have for picking out chairs for this spot in my home is the scale of the chair. It needs to be somewhat small because the wall they will be in front of is not very wide and there is a PacMan table top video game that needs to sit between the chairs.

I know. Don’t ask. I have to decorate around the PacMan game, ok. We’re going to make it work. As long as I can find chairs that fit.

The scale grabbed me when I saw this green chair. That and that diamond accented back.

Not to be all Goldilocks, but this might a little too small, though. So it’s on the list but with some hesitation.

If you love this green Isobel Chair you can find it at RST Brands.

Altobrene Chair

channel and rouched green chair

Up next is the Altobrene Chair. It’s the right color. That’s precisely the Emerald Green I had in mind when I started this search.

I say “had” because, well, things changed as I continued to look at chairs all afternoon, but we’ll talk more about that in a minute.

I think the scale is right here, but I don’t love the gathered sides, the brass legs or the lower profile back on this one. It’s a great chair, but not for the spot my husband likes to sit in next to the fire and take a nap, you know?

If you love the Altobrene chair you can find it on Amazon.

The Teal Green Chair

Teal green chair

Ok, truthfully this chair was never going to make it into my house. Not for the living room, anyway, but I had to include because I think the shape is adorable.

The color is too teal for what I want and my husband would definitely not like this chair, but I could totally see this in another room.

I like that this one has wood legs, too. But it is not meant to be. At least not for the living room.

If you love this Teal Green Chair you can find it on Amazon.

Green Arm Chair

handsome green chair

Ok, now we’re talking. I like this chair a lot. It’s a good size. It’s not too big, not too small and the back and seat cushion look comfy for a fireside sit.

I can live with the brass legs on this even though there is no other brass in the room. I could always add an accent or two so the brass legs aren’t lonely.

This is a definite contender. If you love this Green Armchair, too, then you can find it on Amazon.

Green Chair Pair

a pair of green chairs with brass legs

Here’s where things started to go just a tiny bit sideways. I liked this pair of chairs a lot. I would totally buy some brass accents to go with those brass legs.

It looks like a really decent pair of chairs, right? But all of a sudden as I was looking at these chairs I thought, does that look like a hotel lobby? Am I going for hotel lobby?

And suddenly, all of the Emerald green chairs were wrong and looked like hotel lobby chairs.

This is a problem when you look at every.single.chair. I could have found these chairs first, bought them and been fine. But I’m over comparing at this point and confusing myself. So I carried on.

If YOU love this pair of green chairs, you can find them on Overstock.

Open Arms Green Chair

green chair with open arms.

Ok, so after skipping past a bunch of green chairs that all reminded me of hotel lobbies, I found this one.

And this one was a little bit different. The fabric is a little more muted, but still a beautiful green and I loved the sculptural arms.

I was back in business. I definitely wanted a pair of Emerald green chairs again. Maybe not this chair exactly, but something like it.

If you love this Open Arm Chair, you can find it on Overstock.

Green Wingback Chair

sculptural green chair

This guy is not too different from the one above except he’s a little exceptional with that chiseled back, right?

I liked this wingback chair because the chair we have now is a wingback and so I figured I could swap it out and the husband would never even notice. He could still nap by the fire.

That works, right?

It is a little “design-y” though. I don’t know if it’s just right for this room

If you love this green wingback chair you can find it on Wayfair.

Deep Armchair

high arm green chair

Here’s a super traditional chair. This is partly why I want green. The green takes a really traditional silhouette and gives it a little bit of quirkiness.

I’m not a very big fan of super high arms like this, but in the right setting this chair would be perfect.

I feel like because I’m short, I could tuck my whole self into this chair and no one would see me.

If you love this traditional green chair, you can find it on Wayfair.

Swivel Chair

swivel green chair with brass

Remember I told you about the PacMan game that needs to fit in between these two chairs? Well, having the chairs be swivel chairs would really be ideal.

Because you could swivel and play the game. And these chairs swivel. They are also probably the fanciest of all the chairs in this list, so I don’t really think I can pull them off in what is essentially a pretty casual room.

You know there’s, PacMan game in here, so it’s not like we’re in a formal living room.

If these swivel chairs are perfect for your room you can find them on Wayfair.

Tweed Green Chair

tweed green chair

And then I found the chair.

It is not at all the chair I expected to fall in love with, but after looking at 8k velvet-y green chairs, this tweed was like, I’m yours.

And I was like, You ARE mine. And we lived happily ever after.

Just kidding. It’s unfortunately also the most expensive chair in the bunch and of course I need TWO of them, so I haven’t actually pulled the trigger yet.

If you love this green tweed chair (I don’t really think anyone but me would love this chair, but that’s ok) you can find it on Wayfair. Just please leave two for me.

One More Swivel Chair

leather green(ish) chair

I know you thought I was done when I told you I was in love with the last chair, but I am not done.

Because I kept looking and found this green(ish) leather(ish) swivel chair that would be a good size for my room, too.

It’s the wrong color. It’s a little too blue, but I couldn’t resist this little chair because I think it is adorable.

If you love this little swivel chair you can find it on Grandin Road.

All The Emerald Green Chairs You Ever Wanted

I hope you learned something from my slightly manic shopping trip for Emerald Green chairs. Namely, I hope you learned that sometimes you don’t know what you want until you see it.

And sometimes you won’t see it until you’ve looked at a LOT of other green chairs. And that’s a life lesson. Not just a decorating lesson.

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