25 Sweet Smelling DIY Bath Bombs for Beautiful Skin

I have to be honest with you. I’m not sure if I love bath bombs because they actually improve my skin or that they do the cool fizzy thing when you drop them in the tub.

It’s probably the cool fizzy thing.

I mean take a look at how cool of this looks:

Who wouldn’t want a weird ball of Epsom Salt fizzing in your bathtub doing supernatural things to your skin?

What Is a Bath Bomb?

To put things simply it’s a ball of ingredients that include salts, colorants, oils and some random surprises depending on the recipes. It’s very similar to dropping an Alka-Seltzer into a glass of water.

As the bath bomb breaks up it begins to release the fragrances and skin-conditioning ingredients.

The bath bomb adds oils to the water which in turn help to condition the skin. Everything else? It’s a fancy show but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t treat yourself to the experience!

25 DIY Bath Bombs

Bath bombs are produced by a company called LUSH but if aren’t in the mood in forking down some hefty bills to get some bath bombs then you can make your own at home!

Yes, that’s right. Skip the beauty shop and head to Target (or wherever), pick up the ingredients and go bath bomb crazy at home.

What we’ve done is put together a list of some of the most fun and wonderful smelling bath bomb recipes that we could find on the web.

1. Citrus Bath Bombs

Citrus bath bombs

This recipe can be found at How Does She.

You can’t start a list of awesome fragrances without include some citrus so we start off with this wildly awesome Citrus Bath Bomb.

In the history of everything nobody has ever said “I don’t like that you smell like oranges.”

It just doesn’t happen and that’s why this Citrus Bath Bomb is going to start off our list.

2. Homemade Cupcake Bath Bombs

Cupcake bath bombs

This recipe can be found at Craftster.

We’ll be the first to admit that this one is pretty crazy. Seriously, it’s just way out there.

This goes to show that some people are on a different planet with their creativity than the rest of us. If you can think of a cupcake bath bomb then you can think of anything.

True story.

3. Homemade Galaxy Bath Bombs

This recipe can be found at YouTube.

So some people like the way bath bombs make your water get all swirly and stuff. You don’t have to make this effect but some people enjoy it.

Maybe baths bring out the kid in us or something but if you want to go out of this world (get it?) then this Galaxy Bath Bomb is something to look into.

4. Lavender Bath Bombs

Lavender bath bombs

This recipe can be found at Happy Mothering.

Not all bath bombs have to be shaped like tennis balls. You can really make them in any shape you want. It’s just dependent on the mold that you use.

As you can see, if you want to make your own bath bombs you can package them up as gifts that people will truly appreciate.


Because everyone appreciates a gift when it comes in a nice bow.

5. Homemade Peppermint Bath Bombs

Peppermint Bath Bombs

This recipe can be found at Ann’s Entitled Life.

These are dangerous because they honestly look good enough to eat.

Please don’t eat any bath bombs. We don’t want to be responsible for your terrible night of stomach aches and pains.

There are plenty of sweets recipes out there on the web. Go bake something before you even think about eating this bath bomb.

6. Gold, Frankincense, and Myrrh Bath Bombs

gold frankincense bath bombs

This recipe can be found at Humblebee & Me.

This bath bomb takes the cake for the weirdest name. Seriously, the only thing that I knew beforehand was gold.

Everything else?

I had no clue which makes me think I need to travel the world to better understand bath bomb ingredients.

7. Golden Fizzy DIY Bath Bombs

Gold bath bombs

This recipe can be found at Soap Queen.

This is wonderful. Who wouldn’t want to take a bath in gold?

The answer is everybody because when gold is liquid it becomes very hot and it would met you.

So, unfortunately (or fortunately?) this is the closest you’re going to get to bathing in gold.

8. DIY Lush Inspired Bath Bombs

Lush Inspired Bath Bombs

This recipe can be found at Everything Etsy.

Lush inspired? Yes, since LUSH is the company behind bath bombs then I guess all of these bath bombs are inspired by them but these might be especially inspired by them.

9. Grapefruit and Ginger Bath Bombs

Grapefruit bath bombs

This recipe can be found at Hallmark Channel.

More citrus. Some ginger.

What a great combination.

10. Green Tea DIY Bath Bombs

Green Tea Bath Bombs

This recipe can be found at The Casual Craftlete.

Sip on some tea while you soak in some tea.

It sounds weird but it works.


11. Bath Bombs for Kids

Hidden train bath bombs

This recipe can be found at Craftulate.

Let’s be honest. All bath bombs are for kids and all bath bombs turn us into kids.

It’s impossible to make bath bombs for adults.

12. Cocoa Butter Bath Bombs

Cocoa Butter bath bombs

You already know that cocoa butter is great for the skin so when you can drown your skin in it then that has to be a good thing, right?

This recipe can be found at CreatorSocial.

13. Homemade Musk Oil Bath Bombs

homemade musk bath bombs

This recipe can be found at A Beautiful Mess.

I’ll be the first to admit that name of this bath bomb isn’t appealing at all but that doesn’t mean it isn’t cool.

Seriously, you need some musk in your life from time to time.

14. DIY Hot Cocoa Bath Bombs

This recipe can be found at Lovely Grens.

Do. Not. Eat. These.

I know they look delicious but don’t lose control and eat a dozen of them.

Instead, soak yourself in the cocoa goodness.

You can pretend you’re a marshmellow.

15. Rose Bath Bombs

This recipe can be found at Ann’s Entitled Life.

If you’re going to talk about a bath then you nee to talk about roses.

But I’m not going to talk about roses here because you already know about roses.

This is one of the more creative bath bombs with regards to how they mix all of the ingredients.

It just seems like these are more sensual than others.

16. DIY Ice Cream Scoop Bath Bombs

ice cream scoop diy bath bombs

This recipe can be found at I Am Not the Babysitter.

You scream, I scream, we all scream for Ice Cream…Bombs?

Of course, these aren’t really made from ice cream, they’re just meant to mimic the look of ice cream.

Please don’t drop ice cream into your tub. Keep it in the container, light some candles, drop some bath bombs, put on the Pink album, and enjoy the ice cream like a normal person.

17. Homemade Kid Calming Bath Bombs

kid-calming bath bombs

This recipe can be found at B-Inspired Mama.

I don’t believe these will calm down any kid but it’s a great name.

18. Lavender Coconut Oil Bath Bombs

Lavender and coconut diy bath bombs

This recipe can be found at Sow & Dipity.

If you stranded me on the beach with one item then I would want that item to be coconut oil.

It’s my everything.

Of course, if I’m on an island hopefully there are already coconuts on it so then I guess I would have to fall back to my robot floor vacuum.

19. Lemon Bath Bombs

diy lemon bath bomb

There are more citrus-inspired bath bombs further down so I won’t wax poetically on these.

This recipe can be found at A Pumpkin & a Princess.

20. Mermaid Shell Bath Bombs

mermaid sea shells

This recipe can be found at Totally the Bomb.

Did you ever wonder why this is called a mermaid shell? I have and I still can’t figure it out.

It’s not like they live in them or keep them as pets.

Sure, some use them as bras but that doesn’t seem like enough reason to claim them as your own.

Oh well.

21. Lush Inspired Lemon Fizzies

diy meyer lemon bath fizzles


You already know that citrus solves all of life’s problems so why not make this bath bomb?

As for lemon, isn’t it weird that it has such a great smell but when you bite into one you make the ugliest face in the world?

This recipe can be found at Dear Crissy.

22. Lavender Oatmeal Bath Bombs

Oatmeal and Lavender bath bombs

This recipe can be found at Six Dollar Family.

Lavender and oatmeal. Can you name me a better duo?

Okay, you probably can but that’s not the point. The point is that you can try this wonderful bath bomb recipe and see what life is really like with some lavender and oatmeal in it.

23. Plain Oatmeal Bath Bombs

homemade oatmeal bath bombs

This recipe can be found at My Frugal Adventures.

I guess this one would work well if you end up rolling around in poison ivy. That’s what you do when you get poison ivy right? Roll around in oatmeal?

Or is it tomato soup?

I get all of these natural home remedies confused. Makes my head hurt.

24. DIY Orange Bath Bombs

I’m going to reiterate this because I really think that it is important.

You can’t have enough citrus in your life.

Citrus is nature’s perfume. It just smells so perfect.

Add more citrus to your life.

This recipe can be found at Beauty Crafter.

25. Pumpkin Spice Macaroon Bath Bombs

Pumpkin spice bath bombs

I know Pumpkin Spice is more of a seasonal thing but what if you could make that season year round?

I don’t think anybody would complain except for the people that complain about having pumpkin spice season in the first place.

Give them some bath bombs so they can chill out.

This recipe can be found at Elle Sees.

Everybody Loves Bath Bombs!

Okay, we’ve no idea if everyone loves bath bombs but we’ve yet to meet a person to tell us they don’t like them so therefore it’s safe to assume that everybody loves bath bombs.

The fun thing about bath bombs is that you can pretty much customize them any way that you want.

If you want some crazy grape and bacon concoction then you can make it happen.

We wouldn’t recommend that you make it happen but if you really wanted to then you could make it happen.

While you’re here you should check out these bathroom organization hacks so your bath bombs aren’t lying all over the place.

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