15 Easy to Make DIY Sugar Scrubs You’ll Love

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Embrace the world of natural skincare with our delightful journey into easy-to-make DIY sugar scrubs. This article is your go-to guide to create simple yet indulgent skincare solutions right in the comfort of your own kitchen. Enriched with all-natural ingredients, these homemade sugar scrubs not only promise to exfoliate and nourish your skin, but also add an element of personal touch that no store-bought product can match. From soothing lavender to invigorating coffee, we’ll delve into a variety of recipes that can cater to every mood, preference, and skin type. The journey to glowing, radiant skin doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive. Let’s embark on this DIY adventure together, exploring the wonders of nature’s pantry, and transform ordinary sugar into your very own luxurious spa treatment!

What Is A Sugar Scrub?

To put it simply, it’s a skin exfoliator made from sugar, oil, and whatever essential oils you want to put into it. Its main purpose is to help exfoliate your skin. You need to remove the dead skin cells so the new blood can flourish and shine. It can also be a great way to hydrate your skin because sugar is a natural humectant. What the heck is humectant? That just means it draws moisture from the environment and into the skin which in turn hydrates your skin.

If you want to get real scientific with things (I know you do) then you’ll be happy to know that sugar is a natural source of glycolic acid. Glycolic acid is an alpha hydroxy acid that penetrates the skin and breaks down the bonds that hold skin cells together. This encourages cell turnover and generates younger looking skin.

15 DIY Sugar Scrubs You Can Make Today

1. DIY Blueberry Lemon Body Scrub

diy blueberry sugar scrub

Didn’t I warn you about not eating these sugar scrubs? I know it’s hard, especially with this blueberry and lemon concoction but this is solely meant for your face. Not your mouth! Blueberry and lemon are both filled with powerful antioxidants so not only will you enjoy fresher skin, you will also add some vital reinforcements against the battle of terrible things that lurk on the skin’s surface. Get the instructions at Dear Crissy.

2. DIY Chocolate Mint Sugar Scrub

You might think it is silly to rub chocolate all over your face but it’s really not. At least not when it’s part of a sugar scrub. The funny thing about this scrub is that you can easily mistake it for brown sugar. It’s not brown sugar. It’s sugar that has turned brown because you’ve infused the awesome aroma of chocolate with it. Get the instructions here!

3.Coconut Coffee Scrub

coffee coconut oil sugar scrub

It’s pretty amazing how many awesome things coffee can do. Starbucks was onto something here and I’m surprised they don’t offer beauty products to go along with their sugar-rich drinks. All of the ingredients are there for them! Get the instructions here!

4. Whipped Grapefruit Mint Sugar Scrub

whipped grapefruit mint sugar scrub homemade

I’m going to tell you a secret. If you add citrus to anything I’m down. Literally anything. So when I read “grapefruit” I knew I was all in on this sugar scrub. Seriously, you can’t have too much citrus in your life. I’m not even sure if you can have “just enough”. You need to overload your life with citrus. Embrace the power of citrus! Get the instructions here!

5. Green Tea Sugar Scrub

green tea sugar scrub diy

Similar to coffee, green tea seems to be something that you can add to anything and all of a sudden it becomes healthier. That shot of tequila your crazy friend wants you to take? Pour some green tea into and now you have the world’s healthiest shot! Awwww, the power of green tea. Get the instructions here!

6. Vanilla Brown Sugar Scrub

vanilla brown sugar scrub diy recipe

Vanilla seems to be one of those scents that you need to keep somewhere in your home. Vanilla candles anyone? Get the instructions here!

7. Vanilla Pumpkin Spice Sugar Scrub

vanilla pumpkin spice diy sugar scrub

You know I would be remiss if I didn’t include some type of pumpkin spice recipe on here, right? Although some people believe that pumpkin spice should only be seasonal these people have been shown to not know much at all so why listen to them? Put pumpkin spice in your life year round. Nobody is going to stop you. In fact, with this sugar scrub, you can literally bathe in pumpkin spice if you want! Which reminds me, here is a pumpkin spice bath bomb recipe so when I say you can bathe in pumpkin spice I was being literal. Get the instructions here!

8. Piña Colada Sugar Scrub

pina colada sugar scrub diy recipe

Imagine chilling in your shower, sipping on a piña colada and rubbing piña colada all over your face. It might seem weird but it’s not. In fact, it’s magical. Don’t consume more than one piña colada in the shower, though. Things tend to get really weird around #3. Get the instructions here!

9. Mandarin Scrub

Homemade citrus fruit facial mask (sugar scrub) in the glass jar. Mandarin orange DIY cosmetics and spa recipe.

What did I tell you about citrus? Insert it into your life. Enjoy it in your life. Get the instructions here!

10. Gingerbread Sugar Scrub

Handmade DIY natural sugar and salt body scrub with ginger, rosemary, almond and coconut oil

This gingerbread sugar scrub works great as a DIY holiday gift. Of course, make sure you like whoever you give it to because you’ll be sitting a little closer to them from now on since they smell like gingerbread. Get the instructions here!

11. Cucumber Mint Sugar Scrub

green sugar scrub

While I tend to lean towards cucumber mint in my detox waters I guess it can work as a sugar scrub as well. It won’t have as strong as a scent as the other ones but if all you end up smelling like is a giant peppermint then is there anything wrong with that?

12. Peppermint Sugar Scrub

peppermint sugar scrubs

Get the recipe at The Idea Room.

13. Pink Lemonade Sugar Scrub

Pink lemonade sugar scrub

Pink lemonade might be my favorite drink in the whole world. Scratch that. Pink lemonade with vodka is my most favorite drink in the whole world so any time I can get my hands on pink lemonade whatever, then I’m going to get my hands on it. I really like the idea of placing a lemon slice on top of this sugar scrub if you plan on giving it as a gift. Just make sure the person does it keep it around for very long.

Get the recipe at Suburban Simplicity.

14. Lavender Vanilla Sugar Scrub

lavender sugar scrub

Don’t lavenders just make you feel beautiful? I’m not even sure you need to apply them to anything. You can just look at them and see that they are beautiful. That’s the power of lavender! Combine it with vanilla and who knows what is going to happen.

Get the recipe at Suburban Simplicity.

15. DIY Lemon Sugar Scrub

lemon sugar scrub

You just knew I had to end this awesome list with some citrus, right? Vitamin C. Antioxidants. Our skin loves lemon. Too bad our mouths can’t say the same but who listen to the mouth anyways? Not I.

Get the recipe at To Simply Inspire.

Improve Your Skin

Whenever I see some expensive beauty product I think that it must cost a fortune to make because it costs a fortune and a half to purchase. That isn’t the case though. When you check out these sugar scrub recipes you’ll notice that the use simple ingredients which in the big scheme of things will only cost you pennies depending on how many sugar scrubs you wish to make. When you’re creating your sugar scrub you will want to put them into some type of container. I like to use these hexagon glass jars because they give of a more sophisticated feel than regular round jars.

Sugar scrubs are a great way to get the skin that you truly want. You don’t need to use them every day. In fact, you shouldn’t use them every day but there is nothing wrong with you setting up a weekly ritual where you can just relax and sugar scrub all of the troubles away.

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