Top 10 Basement Stair Makeover Ideas: Ascend in Style

Are you tired of looking at your outdated basement staircase? Maybe it’s time to give it a makeover to reflect your home’s aesthetic.

Let’s be honest. The basement staircase is often the part of the house that receives less love, especially if you just got it from its previous owners.

The one we got, for example, was steep, cheaply finished, bleak-looking, and barebones. But we did manage to give it a unique remodeling, which we now enjoy using.

So, in today’s post, we’re sharing ten basement stair makeover ideas. Let’s help you transform and give your stairs personality and style!

Ten Basement Staircase Makeover Ideas

Luxury Staircase Hall painted white, basement stair makeover ideas

Your basement staircase provides a sneak peek at what’s under your home. So, whether you have a living space, guest room, or gaming area in your basement, be sure not to leave the stairs out of your design plan.

But don’t worry. We’re here to give you the best basement stair makeover to fit your design dreams and aesthetic goals.

1. Paint Your Stairs Black

A simple coat of paint gives any flight of stairs a distinct character. And it’s one of the cheapest options when giving stairs a revamp.

Black is an excellent paint color to provide a classy appearance that suits most interior themes. So, if you have any leftover paint from your previous makeover tasks, it’s time you use it.

Here’s a tip: 

Coloring the stair wall white will contrast beautifully with the black stairs. When paired together, these colors can be the most elegant combination.

Of course, you’re not limited to blacks and whites. Bold colors express your artistic side, so don’t be afraid to mix and match to get the most impactful result.

2. Hang Up Vinyl Wallpapers

Vinyl wallpapers will always be in style. And you can use one to add a new, refreshing element to your staircase walls.

What makes vinyl great is it’s durable, scratch-resistant, and tear-resistant. So, regardless of stair traffic, vinyl wallpaper can last years before it needs replacement.

Vinyl is an excellent pick if you want something easy to install and maintain. The material resists grease, water, and tough stains, which can turn regular wallpaper into an ugly mess.

These wallpapers also come in many design options. You’ll never run out of choices to suit your taste, from neutral layouts to intricately fun color variations.

3. Install Stair Rise Decals

Stair riser stickers and decals are the newest trends in staircase makeovers. Unlike wallpapers, you use this decor to change the look of the staircase itself.

You’re sure to love the wide variety of designs available. Diverse sceneries, book covers, nature themes, and floral motifs are all yours for the taking.

You can even have a design customized for your personal space. With this decor, you can transform your dull and lifeless basement staircase into a total head-turner.

And the best part? Installing these stickers takes only a few minutes—the perfect pick for a quick stair upgrade before Thanksgiving dinner.

4. Mats on Wood Stair Treads

Carpet Installation Gray Covering Stairs Floor

The stair tread receives the brunt of use, especially on wooden stairs. As such, after years of abuse, these parts of the steps often look faded and worn out.

Stair mats are a fantastic choice for covering blemishes on your basement’s stair treads. Plus, they can add class and personality with fun and colorful schemes.

But that’s not all. 

Mats protect staircases from daily traffic as well. They minimize scuffs and scratches on the finish, reducing your maintenance costs and prolonging the life span of your staircase.

A quick tip:

Mats with darker color matches stairs with lighter color like oak and pine. This color scheme creates a unique contrast that highlights the natural wooden grain.

5. DIY Stair Runner

Functional stairs with zero aesthetic concerns, such as basement staircases, can benefit most from carpeting. It’s perfect for worn-out steps you can no longer save with a paint job.

A stair runner is a carpet strip spread in the middle of the staircase. Unlike full-stair carpets, runners leave some wood visible for that stylishly natural appearance.

Runners look amazing, especially on stairs connected to hardwood floorings. Still, there are several advantages to this makeover idea aside from its aesthetic appeal.

For one, it’s easier done than refinishing the whole staircase. Additionally, if you have an outdated staircase with creaky steps, runners help blunt or eliminate the sound.

The strip of carpet protects your steps’ finish from the toll of daily use. And it’s exceptionally comfortable to step on, suitable for people with barefoot habits.

6. Set Up Stair Lighting

Man Installing Home Stairs LED Illumination

In some older home designs, basements aren’t meant to be finished areas. As such, their staircases have limited spaces, low ceilings, steep steps, and, to top it off, limited lighting.

If you have this problem, consider setting up lighting ideas like accent lights on the stairs. Not only will they illuminate your steps, but they’ll also add a touch of elegance to the space.

Lights on basement stairs improve safety and usability. It minimizes the chance of accidents like tripping or falling, accidents that happen to millions of people every year.

One smart way to set up lighting is by installing it on the wall, starting from the basement door and going down to the final step of the staircase.

Another fantastic method is to place LED lights under the treads on the upper edge of stair risers. This way, the lights illuminate the precise spots you put your foot onto without glare.

7. Invest in Decorative Railings

Regular railings with an old Newel post can be tiring to look at. So why don’t you invest in decorative balustrades to update your basement steps?

Place glass panels instead of typical wooden rails for a more contemporary approach. It’s a great way to lighten your basement space.

You can also install vertical rail bars if you love industrial motifs. Line the rails from the ceiling down to the side of the staircase following each step level.

Using iron-wrought railings for basements that double as a wine cellar is another excellent idea—like having a timeless detail in a space where time matters most!

8. Mount Some Family Photos

Who says you need to splurge on materials to upgrade your basement’s walk-in space? Sometimes, improvement projects only take a little creativity and tons of inspiration.

Your basement’s staircase is the perfect spot to hang those family photos. Remodeling your basement stairs is the right time to boast fun travel and adventure pictures.

It’s like having your own gallery wall leading to your basement.

We recommend lining the photos diagonally, following the slant of the stairs. You can then stack up the lines as your or your family’s adventures grow.

9. Bring Art in the Picture

Your basement stairs don’t need to look bland and neutral. You can bring in arts, bright colors, and crafts to optimize the wall space and improve its vibes.

Are you fond of painting and drawings? Boast your proudest pieces and hang them up to add a fascinating twist to your staircase.

Love rainbows? Paint each stair a different color!

Are you a fan of vintage aesthetics? Here’s your chance to show off your vintage finds. Use the space to display your favorite pieces of antique frames and mirrors.

Go for an eclectic look and cover every nook and cranny of the wall space. Mount everything that speaks to you, and don’t stop at solely framed prints and photos.

10. Make a Functional Storage

Beauty and practicality is the new goal of modern housing designs. But what can you do to optimize the staircase space more practically?

Make a staircase storage. 

Aside from its aesthetic appeal, under or side-stair storage is a fantastic way to make the most of your basement staircase.

Set up the space for your memorabilia. Organize your old yearbooks, awards, trophies, and souvenirs in one convenient spot.

Gearing for a more decorative route? Use it as your mini-library, and stack up your favorite titles by color to curate a cohesive theme.

Final Thoughts: Basement Stair Makeovers

Basement stair remodels can be challenging if you don’t know where to start. But with these ten innovative makeover ideas, you can easily revamp this often-overlooked part of your home.

There’s no shortage of inspiring options, from sleek black paint to colorful vinyl wallpapers. You can opt for the charm of stair lights or get captivated with vibrant stickers and decals.

Regardless of your pick, you’re surely in for a stylish adventure!

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