15 Gallery Wall Ideas To Fill the Spots Between Frames

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Gallery walls are great. They become one large statement, but up close, when you look individually, there are lots of different bits of art to explore.

Framed pictures are great for a gallery wall, but filling in empty spots around the frames is where you can really add some extra personality.

You can add a lot interest, dimension and texture with these non-traditional gallery wall ideas.

Framed pictures for your gallery wall are great. You can create an interesting look playing with the layouts.

But when you add in some unexpected items, you can really get a personalized look that is unique to your home.

Wall Mounted Planters

planters for the gallery wall

I love the idea of adding some living stuff to the gallery wall. These cute little geometric planters are perfect.

They are dimensional and the brass brings some shine.

And don’t worry, if you don’t want to worry about taking care of the plants, you can totally buy some faux succulents:

succulents gallery wall

You can find the Wall Planters on Amazon.

Chain Photo Display

Aren’t these chain hung picture frames interesting?

Yes, they are still picture frames, but the chains really create some interest and again we’ve got brass to add some shine.

These would be great in a mid-century modern style home.

You can find the Photo Chain Frames on Amazon.

Unframed Posters

Poster botanicals for the gallery wall

Step outside of the traditional frame with these pretty botanical prints hung as posters.

This style brings lightness to the wall as opposed to all those thick heavy frames.

You can find this set of “unframed” Botanical prints on Amazon.

Small Floating Shelves

Gallery wall idea - floating wood shelves.

Floating shelves are a perfect addition to a gallery wall. This set adds some warmth with those wood tones.

And you get to display some of your favorite things. That brings dimension and personality.

You can find these floating shelves on Amazon.

Word Art

large word wall art saying "let's stay home"

I love the idea of adding some word art to your gallery wall. I love this script in particular. It gives a whimsical feel to the wall.

And I think we can all relate to the sentiment of “Let’s Stay Home”, right? There are other options for phrases available, however.

Macrame Wall Hanging

macrame wall hangings in different colors

For the Boho fans, you can really add some texture and warmth with a simple macrame wall hanging.

I like this set because they bring some color and shape.

Woven Baskets

gallery wall idea using basket plates of all colors and patterns

This is the next thing I’d like to add to my own home. I love the bright colors and textures of these beautiful woven basket plates.

You can find them in all sorts of different color palettes from bright like this one, to neutral straw and black.

Faux Deer Head

a small desk with a little gallery wall above it using framed phots, modern geometric deer head, unique gallery wall ideas

I would not ever put a real deer head (or any real head of anything) on my wall, but I would not be opposed to this fancy faux deer head!

I love how quirky and bold this is. I love the gold/brassiness of it. It’s a great statement

Wall Clock

wall clock

A wall clock is a perfect edition to your Farmhouse gallery wall. A clock could fit on any gallery wall, but I specifically think they are great for Farmhouse style.

Clocks are utilitarian (even if no one really looks at clocks anymore) and that to me is a perfect compliment to a Farmhouse look.

Metal Florals

gold metal ginko flowers

These gingko leaves are speaking to me. “Take me home”, is what they are saying to me.

There’s a thing, I’m sure there’s a name for it that I just don’t know, but there’s a thing that happens when I see something sometimes.

It just feels like “me”. What’s the word for that?

A Mirror

gold eye mirror

How about a quirky mirror in the center of your gallery wall?

It doesn’t have to be the center, but a mirror offers some shine and light and a fun one like this offers a lot of personality!

Candle Sconces

candle scones

If you’re looking for your gallery wall to add some ambience to your room, then these candle wall sconces will do the trick.

I love the cylinder inside of a circle shape of this one.

Butterfly Display

diy butterfly display

I’m cheating a tiny bit with this stunning Butterfly display, but it is non-traditional because of it’s round frame.

And it is a stunner. I love the color and I love the Kaleidoscope effect of the butterflies.

I hate bugs, but I could see this in my home.

A Cute Garland

diy pom pom garland

A cute and colorful garland like this one brings a casual air to the gallery wall. If you’re looking to go a little laid back, something like this is perfect.

There’s color, texture and a lot of playfulness here.

Mini Wreath

extra small stick wreath with baby breath

Who’s into Shabby Chic? This has you written all over it.

This tiny wreath packs a whole lot of style. The colors are lovely, there’s multiple textures happening.

It’s small, but it will be the star of your gallery wall.

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