How to Clean Clear Heels: A Step-by-Step Guide

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Clear heels are a trendy and versatile footwear option that can elevate any outfit. Whether you prefer perspex, lucite, or vinyl, clear heels can add a touch of glamour and sophistication to your look. However, clear heels also require some extra care and attention to keep them looking shiny and new. Dirt, dust, sweat, and scratches can easily ruin the appeal of clear heels and make them look dull and foggy.

Here, I will show you how to clean clear heels using simple and effective methods that will restore their sparkle and clarity. I will also share some tips on how to prevent damage and extend the life of your clear heels.

What You’ll Need

To clean your clear heels, you will need the following items:

  • A soft cloth or microfiber towel
  • A mild soap or detergent
  • Warm water
  • A spray bottle
  • A toothbrush or a soft-bristled brush
  • A cotton swab or a Q-tip
  • A glass cleaner (optional)
  • A leather conditioner (optional)

How to Clean Clear Heels

Follow these steps to clean your clear heels and make them shine like new:

  1. Wipe off any loose dirt or dust from the surface of your clear heels with a soft cloth or microfiber towel. This will prevent scratching and make the cleaning process easier.
  2. Fill a spray bottle with warm water and add a few drops of mild soap or detergent. Shake well to mix.
  3. Spray the solution onto the clear parts of your heels and let it sit for a few minutes. This will help loosen any stubborn dirt or stains.
  4. Gently scrub the clear parts of your heels with a toothbrush or a soft-bristled brush in circular motions. Pay special attention to the areas around the seams, straps, buckles, and zippers, where dirt can accumulate.
  5. Use a cotton swab or a Q-tip to clean any hard-to-reach areas, such as the inside of the heel or the toe box.
  6. Wipe off the soap residue with a clean cloth or microfiber towel dampened with water. Make sure to remove all traces of soap, as it can leave streaks or spots on your clear heels.
  7. If your clear heels are still cloudy or foggy, you can use a glass cleaner to polish them and restore their transparency. Spray some glass cleaner onto a cloth or microfiber towel and wipe your clear heels gently. Avoid using glass cleaners that contain ammonia or alcohol, as they can damage your clear heels.
  8. If your clear heels have leather parts, such as the sole or the lining, you can use a leather conditioner to moisturize and protect them. Apply a small amount of leather conditioner onto a cloth or microfiber towel and rub it onto the leather parts of your clear heels. Let it dry completely before wearing them.
  9. Let your clear heels air dry completely before storing them away. Do not expose them to direct sunlight or heat sources, as they can warp, discolor, or crack your clear heels.
  10. Store your clear heels in a cool and dry place, away from dust and moisture. You can also use shoe bags or boxes to protect them from scratches and dirt.

Tips on How to Prevent Damage and Extend the Life of Your Clear Heels

Here are some tips on how to prevent damage and extend the life of your clear heels:

  • Avoid wearing your clear heels on rough or dirty surfaces, such as gravel, sand, grass, or mud. These can scratch or stain your clear heels and make them look worn out.
  • Avoid wearing your clear heels in extreme temperatures, such as very hot or very cold weather. These can cause your clear heels to expand or contract and lose their shape.
  • Avoid wearing your clear heels in wet conditions, such as rain, snow, or puddles. These can cause water spots or mold growth on your clear heels.
  • Avoid wearing your clear heels with socks or stockings that have dyes or prints that can transfer onto your clear heels and stain them.
  • Avoid using harsh chemicals or abrasive tools to clean your clear heels, such as bleach, acetone, nail polish remover, steel wool, or scouring pads. These can damage or discolor your clear heels.
  • Clean your clear heels regularly and as soon as possible after wearing them. This will prevent dirt and stains from setting in and becoming harder to remove.

FAQs: Clear Heels Care

How do I remove scratches from my clear heels?

Scratches are inevitable when wearing clear heels, but you can minimize their appearance by using a glass polish or a scratch remover designed for plastic surfaces. Apply some polish or scratch remover onto a cloth or microfiber towel and rub it onto the scratched areas of your clear heels. Follow the instructions on the product label and repeat as needed until the scratches are less visible.

How do I remove yellowing from my clear heels?

Yellowing is a common problem with clear heels, especially if they are exposed to sunlight or heat for a long time. To prevent yellowing, store your clear heels in a cool and dark place, away from direct sunlight or heat sources. To remove yellowing, you can try using a hydrogen peroxide solution or a baking soda paste. Mix some hydrogen peroxide or baking soda with water and apply it onto the yellowed areas of your clear heels. Let it sit for a few hours or overnight and then rinse it off with water. Repeat as needed until the yellowing is gone.

How do I remove glue residue from my clear heels?

Glue residue can sometimes be left behind on your clear heels after manufacturing or repairing them. To remove glue residue, you can use a hairdryer or a heat gun to soften the glue and then peel it off with your fingers or a plastic scraper. Be careful not to overheat or burn your clear heels. You can also use an adhesive remover or a rubbing alcohol to dissolve the glue and then wipe it off with a cloth or microfiber towel.


Clear heels are a stylish and fashionable choice that can enhance any outfit. However, they also require some extra care and maintenance to keep them clean and shiny. By following this guide, you will be able to clean your clear heels easily and effectively and prevent damage and wear and tear. You will also be able to enjoy your clear heels for longer and impress everyone with your flawless style.

I hope you found this blog post helpful and informative. And if you liked this post, please share it with your friends who love wearing clear heels too!

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