11 Keto Alcohol Recipes You Can Party To

Let’s be honest, most of us love to go out and have a good time. This usually means that you like to have a few drinks as well. However, you’re on the ketogenic diet and most of the drinks you enjoy are almost definitely not keto friendly. It’s time to find some keto alcohol drinks that you can enjoy.

Is drinking on the ketogenic diet even allowed? The short answer is yes.

You just need to be aware of what you’re drinking because a lot of alcoholic drinks can easily kick you out of ketosis.

There are a few simple guidelines that you need to follow when it comes to drinking and the ketogenic diet. Most of it comes down to the mixers that you end up using.

Even though you aren’t allowed to have a lot of the drinks you may normally want, there are still quite a few options for you that will help keep you in ketosis.

11 Keto Alcohol Recipes

When you’re drinking on the keto diet, it can be very easy to lose track of what you’re drinking and kick yourself out of ketosis.

Luckily, the drinks below are going to help keep your carb count low and help keep your body in ketosis.

You want to do everything you can to stay in ketosis, but you want to be able to let loose and have some fun as well.

The following drinks are going to allow you to have the fun you want to have without all of the killer carbs you may usually have on a night out.

Low Carb Old Fashioned

Old Fashioned keto alcohol drink

Image credit goes to Low Carb High Party

An old-fashioned is a classic drink that you probably don’t hear too many people ask for at a bar anymore.

If you’re a fan of bourbon then you’re going to enjoy this drink, especially if you’ve never had a traditional old-fashioned before.

A regular old-fashioned is a relatively strong tasting drink. This low-carb version isn’t any different.

For those of you that prefer the stronger tasting drinks, then this is the drink for you. Keto alcohol doesn’t have to be weaksauce!

Net Carbs: 7g

Find the recipe here

Low Carb Moscow Mule

Recipe credit goes to I Breathe I’m Hungry

Have you ever gone to a bar and seen a drink served in a copper type mug. Well, that drink was more than likely a Moscow Mule.

The people I know that love Moscow Mules always tell me that it’s not the same unless you have a copper mug. If it’s not served in a copper mug, send it back and get something else.

Since I don’t consider myself a drink connoisseur, I would personally drink this without the copper mug.

This particular recipe adds a hint of mint that’s going to add a slightly different dynamic to the overall taste of the drink.

Net Carbs:1.5g

Low Carb Cosmo


Image credit goes to Very Well Fit

I’ve personally never had a traditional cosmo, but this recipe is something that I can always get behind.

You have a great blend of fruity flavors on top of vodka. When you shake all the ingredients together, you have a low-carb cosmo that is going to greatly please your taste buds.

Not to mention that this recipe is so low carb that you can probably go a bit crazy with these for the entire night.

Net Carbs: 1g

Find the recipe here

Low Carb Tom Collins

Tom Collins

Image credit goes to Very Well Fit

Something that I love about some of these recipes is that they are so simple to make. The same is true for this recipe.

If you are a skilled mixologist then this drink will literally take you less than 30 seconds to make.

A drink that you can make this quickly while having it be so low-carb just calls for a good night out.

Anybody that loves gin should beware since you’re going to love this drink more than most of the other ones on this list.

Net Carbs: 2g

Find the recipe here

Low Carb Daiquiri

low carb daquiri with a lime next to it, low carb daquiri recipe, keto alcoholic drinks

Recipe credit goes to KetoDiet Blog

A daiquiri is an amazing drink, especially when the weather is starting to get really hot.

I have a special connection with daiquiris since it was the first alcoholic beverage I was allowed to taste, way back before the college years corrupted me.

Daiquiris are meant to be enjoyed in a peaceful and relaxing environment. They may not be the best choice for a night out on the town but they can still help make things get a little crazy.

This version of a daiquiri is great because a typical one is going to have a lot of sugars in it and definitely kick you out of ketosis. The goal is to stay in ketosis while being able to have a good time with your drinking.

Having this drink is going to do that.

Net Carbs:3.6g

Low Carb Red Sangria

glass of red sangria with ice and fruit in it

There’s good sangria and then there’s bad sangria.

This sangria recipe is going to be one of the good types of sangria. If it wasn’t delicious it wouldn’t be on this list.

Just think about a time where you would love to have a glass of sangria. Having this red sangria is going to be perfect for that moment.

It can be very easy to get carried away with this sangria. It’s a good thing that this is such low-carb that even if you do go a little crazy, you should still be safe when it comes to your ketosis status.

Net Carbs:3g

Find the recipe here

Sugar Free Margarita

homemade classic margarita, low carb margarita, keto margarita, keto alcoholic drink ideas

If you’ve never had a margarita then you’ve probably been living under a rock your entire life.

Margaritas are a go-to drink for a lot of people. Although you don’t really see them ordered at a traditional bar, they are a great way to get the night started.

A good margarita can sometimes be really hard to come by, but this recipe is guaranteed not to disappoint you in any way. You’re going to have that sweet taste you love about a margarita. Don’t be scared to add some salt to the rim of your glass as well.

Net Carbs:6g

Find the recipe here

Kamikaze Shot

close up of a few kamikaze shots

Recipe credit goes to Ketogasm

Shots are a good way to get the party going very quickly.

I personally don’t recommend having too many back to back, but if you’re really trying to take the partying to another level then go all out.

This kamikaze shot tastes delicious and is extremely simple to make.

Make these for all your friends and see them light up with joy when they realize how good this drink is. Just because it’s a keto alcohol drink doesn’t mean your non-keto friends can’t enjoy it as well.

Net Carbs:2g

Caribbean Rum Punch

glass of caribbean rum punch, keto caribbean drink recipe, low carb alcoholic drink list

Recipe credit goes to Lowcarb-ology

Rum is my favorite type of alcohol. I couldn’t tell you exactly why but it’s always a go-to no matter what the occasion might be.

The problem with most rum drinks is that the mixers are always loaded with a lot of sugars and that won’t fly if you’re trying to make a keto alcohol drink.

Even though the name of this drink might not be reassuring with the sugar aspect of things, it’s keto friendly.

When you make this drink properly, you’re going to experience a drink that is sweet. It’s going to be the perfect rum drink for anybody that’s on a keto diet.

Net Carbs:0.8g

Low Carb Spicy Margarita

spicy margarita with jalapenos laying around it, keto spicy margarita recipe, best keto alcohol recipes

Recipe credit goes to KetoDiet Blog

Unlike the margarita recipe from earlier, this one is going to have a bit of spice to it.

Yes, keto alcohol drinks can be spicy too.

Be careful when you’re adding the spice because it can be easy to overdo it. Then the experience of the drink is going to be lost.

You want to have just the right amount of spice so that you can get the full, amazing experience of what this low-carb spicy margarita has to offer.

Net Carbs:4.5g

Bloody Mary

Bloody Mary

Image credit goes to Very Well Fit

Bloody Mary’s are a typical drink the day after a night out when you’re hungover. They are also a decent drink when you’re at your Sunday brunch with your friends.

Although this recipe might have more ingredients than the others, it’s still a simple drink to make.

The problem with this drink is going to be from the tomato juice. This is where all the hidden sugar is going to be so you need to make sure that you have a tomato juice that is either sugar-free or has very little added sugar to it.

Net Carbs: 9g

Find the recipe here

Have Fun Responsibly

These keto alcohol drinks are made for you to have a good time out while staying in ketosis, but like anything, having too much of anything can work negatively against you.

Just make sure that you keep track of how much you’re drinking since none of these drinks are carb free. If you have too many you could easily go over your carb macros and start hurting your progress with the ketogenic diet.

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