Just Buy a Beautiful Christmas Wreath This Year, Ok?


I’ve been a big wreath DIY-er in my day. But I have to tell you something.

I don’t have time for that. I’m at a point where I am happy to just pay for a pro to make my wreath for me. And that is exactly pretty much what happens with Etsy.

You find the Christmas Wreath that you love, hand over some cash and you get a handmade Wreath that you love.

It’s practically the same as DIY except you get something that really looks good and stands up to the wear and tear of being a holiday wreath.

It’s a win for everyone. Support the small business owner. Don’t get hot glue burns on your fingers.

See what I mean?

Here are my absolute favorite Christmas Wreaths from Etsy.

11 Beautiful Christmas Wreaths from Etsy Instead Of Your Old DIY One

There are some great DIY wreaths, but come on for Christmas it’s just too much. I’m ready to draw a line in the sand for Christmas and spend the busiest time of the year doing something other than cutting up felt or stringing up shiny balls.

I’m going to buy a wreath that I’ll love for years to come that will actually LAST for years to come.

Rustic Traditional Christmas Wreath

I like the Christmas aesthetic that is sort of green and woodsy without a lot of garish color happening.

I like it. I don’t employ it at my home, but I can totally get behind it. That’s what this pretty is. Just kind of a chill wreath with some greens and pinecones that totally says Christmas but doesn’t scream it in your face.

You can find this pretty Rustic Traditional Wreath on Etsy.

Classic Christmas Wreath

Here we have a wreath that I could love just as much as my mother would love. It’s a true classic but it’s still a little modern, too.

She’d love the plaid, I’d love that there are magnolia leaves stuck in there. This is beautiful and transcends a lot of different styles so it could work for almost any home.

You can find this Class Christmas Wreath on Etsy.

OH! Beautiful Wreath

OH! Beautiful Wreath is just what I said when I saw this stunning Christmas wreath. I mean it’s just so unique and striking.

It’s totally Christmas, but in a completely unexpected way. This is the wreath that I would buy and then decorate my whole house around.

You can find this stunning Hymnal Paper Wreath on Etsy.

Rustic Burlap Wreath

If rustic is your thing, then here’s the perfect wreath for you. Burlap is lovely paired with that Buffalo bow, isn’t it?

The buffalo check bow keeps this a little more elegant and I love that little hint of red in the berries.

You can find the rustic wreath on Etsy.

Noel Wreath

Here’s a pretty wreath with some word art that I know you and I both love.

I love the mixture of different greens here and I also love that they are a lighter hue of green.

It’s not a fussy wreath, but it’s not completely unfussy, either. And I like that.

You can find this pretty Noel wreath on Etsy.

Magnolia Wreath

This wreath just looks RICH to me. Rich in the sense that dark chocolate is rich and hollandaise sauce is rich (I think).

It’s kind of sumptuous I think is the word I want. Seeing this wreath on a front door sets a lot of expectations for the inside of the home.

You can find this stunning Red Magnolia Wreath on Etsy.

Merry Christmas Wreath

I am a sucker for a Wreath that talks to me.

Well, Merry Christmas to you, too, Wreath!

Another great mix of greens in this wreath and I like the Farmhouse aesthetic.

You can find the Merry Christmas wreath on Etsy.

Farmhouse Wreath

A perfectly fancy wreath for your Farmhouse home. There are times when I love something Farmhouse style so much that I start to wonder why it just isn’t what I have in my home.

I don’t really have an answer for that. Perhaps I need a second home that can be totally Farmhouse.

You can find this Farmhouse wreath on Etsy.

Navy & Gold Wreath

Usually what happens after I see something that makes me question my whole aesthetic like a farmhouse is I see a wreath like this one and go, Oh, right that’s what you really love.

This wreath is unique, unexpected, modern and lovely.

You can find this Navy & Gold wreath on Etsy.

Navy Hoop Wreath

Did you think you could do a Christmas wreath without a touch of red?

Well I think this wreath shows that you absolutely can. I love Navy blue and green and this wreath proves you can totally pull that off this holiday season.

You can find the Navy Christmas Wreath on Etsy.

Bold Red Wreath

But if you really want your red this Christmas, then check out this bold stunner. I love the minimal styling with just the two colors, but that Red keeps this so festive.

Remember to think about the color of your door if you’re choosing a wreath with a bold color like this.

You can find the Bold Red wreath on Etsy.

Rose Gold Wreath

This is a really sophisticated, glam color combination for a wreath. You’re going to want to follow through on the rose bold and cream throughout the house if you go this route.

This wreath is so perfectly feminine and bold. I love it.

You can find the Rose Gold wreath on Etsy.

Minimalist Christmas Wreath

This is minimalist. It’s Scandi-chic.

This is a look I would love to pull off for Christmas, but something comes over me at Christmas time and I just end up with an explosion of everything.

This wreath would have a hard time competing with ALL.THE.CHRISTMAS stuff in my home.

If you’ve got that Scandi/Minimal vibe, then you can find this wreath on Etsy.

Macrame Wreath

I could not pass up this beautiful little macrame wreath. I think it is so perfect.

I would probably add some little bit of cheery red Christmas bauble to this, but what is so great about this is that it works for the entire winter.

This is just plain lovely.

You can find the Macrame wreath on Etsy.

Did You Find a Christmas Wreath You Love?

Ready to hang up the glue gun and just buy a wreath this year?

I’m with you. I’ve got a couple from this list to choose from.