13 Classy White Pumpkin Decor Ideas For a Fancier Fall

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I remember one year my mother stopped hanging all of our “handmade” Christmas ornaments and started hanging red apples and red velvet bows on the tree.

Christmas got a little more classy. It’s fine, us kids were growing up and it wasn’t about the magic of hanging a macaroni nativity dripping with gold glitter.

It was about decor.

What does this have to do with white pumpkins? Well, white pumpkin decor is the Fall decor version of that red apple Christmas tree. It’s a little more “Decor” than your average orange pumpkins.

Not that there’s anything wrong with orange pumpkins. Those can totally work, too.

What’s great about white pumpkin decor is that it goes with so many different types of decor. White pumpkins work for farmhouse, shabby chic, traditional, modern, minimal… A white pumpkin is really never going to look out of place.

13 Classic White Pumpkin Decor Ideas for Fall

Chenille White Pumpkins

Chenille white pumkin trio, white pumpkin decor ideas

This knobby chenille is the perfect material to cover a pumpkin form in. It takes the classic shape of the pumpkin and makes it even more interesting and cozy.

I love how these are styled on top of a cake stand. This would be perfect on your kitchen island or if you have a hall entry table, these white pumpkins would be perfect there in a basket.

You can find these Chenille white pumpkins on Etsy.

Buffalo Check Black and White Pumpkins

buffalo check pumpkins

Yes, it still counts as a white pumpkin if it’s technically a black and white buffalo check pumpkin.

Mixed with a few of the all white pumpkins, these check pumpkins make a serious farmhouse statement.

These would be really pretty in a grouping on the dining room table. Simple and a little classy.

You can find these Buffalo Check pumpkins on Etsy.

White Pumpkin Garland

Garland for white pumpkin decor

By the time Fall rolls around you are in the mood for the cozy stuff. Sweaters. Blankets. And tiny wool pumpkins.

This adorable garland is pretty, without a doubt, but it will also add that tiny touch of coziness.

This is perfect on your mantel or draped over a mirror.

You can find this White Pumpkin Garland on Etsy.

White Pumpkin Front Door Wreath

The front door is the perfect place to set the tone for your decor. A white pumpkin wreath like this one will do just that.

The white pumpkins paired with the lambs ear greens is never going to go out of style and this will stand out nicely from the street.

You can find this white pumpkin wreath on Etsy and you can find even more Fall wreaths here.

Birch White Pumpkin

a birch look pumpkin

Here’s a beautiful look for the miminalist home (or the shabby chic home or the farmhouse home or rustic home). This birch white pumpkin is really unique.

The look is simple and rustic which is not really that easy to pull off.

This pretty pumpkin is perfect in a small grouping on the mantel or even your coffee table.

You can find the Birch White Pumpkin on Etsy.

Monogrammed White Pumpkin

Monogrammed white pumpkin decor

We can’t forget a white pumpkin for the front steps, right? I mean that’s classic pumpkin decorating.

This pretty monogrammed pumpkin can be used every year as part of your front porch decor.

You can find this Monogrammed Pumpkin on Etsy.

White Pumpkin Pillow Covers

Fall decor white pumpkin pillow covers

One of the easiest ways to change up your decor seasonally is by simply switching out your throw pillow covers.

These pretty white pumpkin pillow covers give all the fall vibes and will instantly change the look of your room to definitely “Fall”.

You can find these White Pumpkin Pillow Covers on Etsy.

White Pumpkin Sign

white pumpkin sign

Ok, I know, there are no pumpkins here, but this rustic white pumpkin sign had to be included in this list.

Can’t you just see it in the dining room over the sideboard which is decorate with those buffalo check pumpkins from a little earlier in this list?

You can find this Pumpkin Sign on Etsy.

Rustic White Pumpkins

rustic pumpkin decor

A little wood and a little raffia are all you need to get the rustic, country look.

These cute little distressed white pumpkins will be lovely in your country kitchen or even on your mantel above the fireplace.

You can find the Rustic White Pumpkins on Etsy.

White and Gold Pumpkins

white pumpkins with gold painted word art on them

Who said pumpkins can’t be glamorous? I mean they did carry Cinderella to the ball, after all.

These gold accented white pumpkins are all kinds of glam. And personally, I love anything that has pretty lettering.

These would be great in the entry or even in your home office.

You can find these Glam Gold & White Pumpkins on Etsy.

White Pumpkin Print

framed minimalist picture of a white pumpkin painted on it

I love the idea of having a wall or shelf in your home that you can quickly switch out with seasonal decor.

A cute little pumpkin print would be perfect for the spot in your home. It’s a simple thing to just pop in the frame, scatter a couple of white pumpkins and maybe even that garland from earlier and you’ve got in instant Fall vignette.

Then you just switch everything out for the season or holiday.

You can find this Pumpkin Print on Etsy.

White Pumpkin Succulent Soap

white pumpkin soaps

Is this the cutest white pumpkin soap you ever saw? Is it the only white pumpkin soap you ever saw?

Either way, this is kind of hard to pass up. White pumpkins and succulents? And it’s soap? So you can add decor and function to the bathroom at the SAME time.

You don’t get that very often.

The question is, do you actually use the soap, or is it just for looks??

You can find the White Pumpkin Succulent Soap on Etsy.

Ceramic White Pumpkin

white pumpkins with metallic gold stems, white pumpkin decor ideas

Here’s another cute option for the coffee table.

These ceramic white pumpkins are adorable especially with the little touch of gold on the stem.

I will say these are not appropriate for a toddler home. They look like they would be very fun to throw across the room if you’re 2.

You can find these Ceramic White Pumpkins on Etsy.

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