My Colorful Modern(ish) Minimal(ish) Bedroom

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Well, I did it. Most of it. I followed my own 6 steps for a Master Bedroom design that would be uniquely mine.

I literally need almost everything for the bedroom, so it took some time to scour the internet and find items that I liked, weren’t too expensive and that worked together, but I think I’ve come up with something pretty special.

Let’s take a look at each step I’ve made it through and what I came up with.

Step 1: What’s the Style

The style I’m going for, for the most is Mid Century Modern… But it’s not exactly that. That’s sort of the baseline and I have gone off the tracks of that particular style with a few choices, but I’m ok with that.

I don’t live in a museum and I like what I like, so if the rug is kind of traditional, don’t sue me, ok?

Here’s the room that has the “style” that I want:

Mine isn’t going to look exactly like that, but you’ll see some similarities, especially with the Modern feel.

Step 2: Find Inspiration

I found lots and lots of inspiration on Pinterest and I made a board called Bedroom Inspiration to keep track of it all.

You can see that a color scheme popped up right away and most of the images have a similar feel to them.

I referred back to this board over and over again while I was picking out different things to decide what accent colors to look at, how many pillows I might want and what type of throw blanket would work.

It helped me a lot in making decisions.

Step 3: Plan the Room

The “Plan the Room” step is just that, planning. I took some time to decide what I would do in the room (sleep, read and “get ready”) and then I really dug in and figured out what types of things I would need in the room to facilitate all of those activities.

Knowing what I plan to use the room for means I can start to make a rough budget and I can prioritize the items I need right away (pillows) and those that can way if I need to save for them (makeup vanity?).

I came up with my list of necssary items and then started the next step!

Step 4: Start Shopping

With my list in hand, I started shopping. All online because I really don’t like shopping in stores anymore. I didn’t like it pre-pandemic and now I really don’t like it.

Sooo, online shopping it is.

It took me an afternoon to find everything on my list. I shopped Amazon, Wayfair, Overstock and Society6 for one special item.

To be honest, it was pretty painless. Between the list and the amazing ways that Wayfair and Overstock let you filter your searches, finding things I really liked was simple.

Except for one thing.

The rug. I’m having a tough time choosing a rug.

Here’s a depiction of the bed area with most of the items that I chose today and one of the rug options:

modern bedroom with blue bedding and mustard yellow decorative pillow with oriental rug

But then there’s also this other rug that I kind of like, too:

modern bedroom with mustard yellow and navy color scheme and a navy blue rug

This all blue option is a little more serene than the colorful option, but you know what, I’m a colorful person.

I also liked this, but it sold out:

modern bedroom same color scheme with a multicolor rug

I was going to put the rug choice to a vote but to be honest, now that I’ve seen this, I know what I want.

And it’s that lighter, colorful rug.

So, this is like a real time decision. That first option is going to be the final choice.

It’s not just the bed area that is getting some updates, however. I have “getting ready” in the room plan which means I need a vanity and a full length mirror.

Here’s what I chose for those:

a small vanity next to a bed that is a mix of modern white and mid century modern wooden legs
full length mirror leaning against a wall

If you’re curious to check out some of the other things I’ll be purchasing, you can do so here:

  • Headboard Slipcover in Gray – I have an upholstered headboard that is perfectly fine except that it is brown. Blech. This slipcover is from Amazon and will allegedly fit right over the one I already have, snugly.
  • Yellow Pillow Covers – I knew I wanted a pop of color and this mustardy yellow is perfect. If I want to switch these out in the spring time, it’s a super easy and inexpensive change.
  • Abstract Pillow – I guess I would say that I splurged on this pillow since all in, it was 40 bucks. In reality that’s probably about normal for a pillow, but I really loved this pillow so I didn’t mind spending what to me, is a little more than normal.
  • Light Blue Quilt Set – The quilt was one of the hardest choices. I wanted something oversized because I don’t want a bedskirt. I loved the color and pattern of this one so it won out, but there were A LOT of contenders for quilt set.
  • Navy Blue Throw Blanket – I’m not going to lie, I’m second guessing this choice already. We’ll see what it’s like when it arrives.
  • Art Above Headboard – I love, love, love this set of paintings. That’s all.
  • Vanity with Mirror & Stool – This was one of the firt vanity’s that came up when I searched and I loved it right away but that didn’t stop me from searching through several more pages. In the end, I could have spent double this on a vanity with lights, but this is a short term solution until I get a master bath put in, so form won over function this time.
  • Colorful Rug – This rug is one of those things that was just “me”. Once I saw it in the mock up of the room, I had to have it 🙂
  • Full Length Mirror – Not much to say about this. It’s a mirror and it’s not terribly expensive. I do like the gold accents, so it is coming home.
  • Nightstand – Nightstand were also a very difficult choice to make! There are sooo many. In the end I wanted a mid century feel and the most drawers won. Unfortunately they aren’t currently available on Amazon! It’s too bad because they are amazing :-).

Step 5: Pick a Paint Color

As you might already know, I already had a paint color chosen.

Hale Navy by Benjamin Moore.

If that had not been the case, this whole process may have been a little more difficult, however, I still feel that picking a paint color should be kept towards the end of the process.

In my case the paint was already on the walls and I love it so I wasn’t changing it, that just means I get to skip this step.

If I had NOT known what color paint I wanted, I would have at this point, gone back to my mock up of the room and looked at some of the colors that are there.

I may have picked something from that throw pillow, or perhaps just a neutral gray or pale, pale blue.

modern minimalist bedroom
modern minimalist bedroom idea

Or maybe even Bogoten Pink walls?

modern minimalist bedroom with pink walls

I can’t lie, I don’t hate the Bogoten Pink walls. Good thing I have no desire to repaint my bedroom!

What’s Left In My Bedroom Design?

Technically I have to accessorize, but I leave that as sort of an ongoing thing because the accessories are where the room starts to really come to life and you can’t really rush that part. They should be collected over time.

So all the fun parts of picking everything are done, it’s time to bite the bullet and spend the money and get this room done.

This is always where I falter. When it comes time to ACTUALLY spend the money!

Wish me luck.

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