Summer Splendor: 19 Summer Door Wreath Ideas to Welcome the Season

The front door wreath is the first thing people notice when they see your house. At least, it should be. A great summer door wreath is going to give your home a beautiful entrance and first impression.

These are my favorite summer wreaths–and I didn’t just stick to one style. There are some rustic wreaths, farmhouse, minimal…even a romantic shabby chic wreath.

19 Best Summer Wreath Ideas

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The best summer wreaths are the ones that have hot pinks, bright oranges, sunny yellows! I love this one especially against that blue front door.

Rustic Charm Front Door Wreath

Rustic Summer Wreath

What’s more welcoming than a friendly “Hi!” for your neighbor? Nothing, that’s what!

This pretty rustic grapevine wreath is perfect for a casual front door look for your rustic farmhouse.

The yellow accents will pop, especially against a dark door.

Dried Flower Wreath

dried flowers on wreath

I love this pink and yellow wreath because they almost look like strawflowers and it has those deep green leaves setting off the color.

This wreath is made with dried flowers, but it will last season after season if you take care of it. Don’t let it get rained on and store it carefully when you take it down for the fall.

Hello Summer Wreath

First of all, I love the style of these lettered wreaths. I also love word art as decor and the front door is a perfect spot for it.

There are even more choices for phrasing if you want to purchase. This is brilliant!

Lemons and Blueberry Wreath

lemon and blueberry wreath

Yellow is sunshine and happiness and lemonade is the unofficial drink of summer, right? It sets the mood.

The best part of this lemon wreath is the blueberries that gives this wreath a unique look (and navy blue is my favorite color so even better!).

If you love the idea of lemon decor for summer, I wrote all about my favorites!

Pink Modern Floral Wreath

pink floral wreath for summer front door

For my modern, minimal taste, the hoop wreath is a game-changer. It’s exactly enough floral gorgeousness with a super simple base.

This pink floral wreath is stunning against that black door, but I would also love to see it on teal.

One thing you do always want to take into consideration when choosing your summer door wreath (or any season wreath) is the color of your door. This wreath is beautiful but would not work at all on my door which is currently maroon.

Rainbow Felt Wreath

multi-color felt wreath

I’m a color lover, so this minimalist rainbow wreath is calling my name.

I love all the colors but I also love that it is a super simple design. This is definitely one I could see on my front door. I love it as a Summer wreath, but this would do for Spring and Fall, too.

Bright & Fun Floral Wreath

summer bouquet of flowers hanging on front door instead of a wreath

Here’s a blast of sunshine and color for your front door! I love the colors in this floral wreath. They are so bright.

The color set off against that cute galvanized is just perfect for a happy farmhouse.

I say you could get away with this Summer door wreath in the fall, too.

Souvenir Seashells DIY Wreath

I love this idea and I think I am going to start one right away actually! My daughter LOVES collecting seashells from family vacations.

I also never know where to store them all or for how long! I just found my answer to both of those questions! Woo hoo!

Fresh Lavender Wreath

serena and lilly fresh lavender front door wreath, summer door wreath ideas

If you’re a lavender lover, this is the wreath for you! Ça sent bon – which means “It smells good” in French.

This gorgeous Serena & Lilly wreath is made from fresh lavendar from France. Ooh la la!

I love the movement that the design evokes. It looks like there’s a breeze, doesn’t it?

Lemon & Sage Wreath

lemon and sage summer wreath

Here’s another lemon themed wreath for Summer. This just screams sunny days!

This one is paired with sage leaves. I love the pale green. And it was next to the lemony yellow.

Wood Bead & Lambs Ear Wreath

wood bead and lambs ear wreath for summer, great wreath for spring too

This might be my favorite wreath of the bunch of summer wreaths.

That’s metal that make the base of the wreath. I can’t tell you how much I love that juxtaposition of metal with the wood and soft leaves.

Minimal Floral Hoop Wreath

minimalist wreath with white orchids and a few leaves

This is all you need for your front porch.

All of these wreaths are gorgeous, but if you are a minimalist in your heart, this is simple white flowers on a metal hoop is just enough. It’s understated and beautiful.

And orchids. Perfection. Thank you Etsy.

Bright Tulip Wreaths

bright tulip wreath, summer wreaths for front door

And if you are a MORE IS MORE kind of person, then this is the wreath for you! I am obsessed with this one actually. These gorgeous blooms scream curb appeal!

This pretty tulip Summer door wreath is BURSTING with cheer.

This one comes in several colors, so if pink blooms aren’t your thing, have no fear. Or, the tulip wreath below is also going to put on a show for the neighbors!

extra large tulip wreath

Romantic Peony Wreath

peony wreath

If you’re a shabby chic lover, this wreath should be on your door. It’s so soft and romantic. I love the variations of the red and pink hues.

If you’ve got a white front door and you can’t change it, this wreath will soften it up and obviously give a lot of color.

I love this wreath. It’s like a lazy summer afternoon in a hammock slapped on the front door.

Simple Green Wreath

Simplistic Green wreath

The idea of “effortlessness” is important to me in decor. That’s what this wreath is. It’s effortless.

It’s simple, green and I love that it has some eucalyptus in it.

It’s in the slight color and texture variations in the greenery that effortlessness becomes beautiful.

Funny Black & White Wreath

funny summer wreaths for front door

The hero of this black & white lettered wreath is the joke. There’s nothing as eye catching as a message that makes you stop and wonder if you can come inside. Ha!

This black & white color scheme is perfect if you’ve picked a bright color for your front door.

Gorgeous Wreath Using Sunflowers

Need A Beautiful Wreath For Other Seasons?

Before you know it, it’s going to be pumpkin spice everything and you’re going to be sad that you didn’t savor summer quite enough. But, we got you covered. Check out our list of best wreaths for the new season!

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