Pretty Patio Decor For Those Long Summer Afternoons

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It’s easy to neglect decorating the patio. There’s so much awesome nature around that you don’t really need a whole lot of patio decor.

But a few small touches will go a really long way to making your patio space unique and inviting.

You do need to have a careful eye when you’re picking out patio stuff, though. You can take a detour into Tacky World real quick with patio stuff.

I picked some of my favorite patio decor ideas that should keep you on the right path.

10 Patio Decor Ideas For a Relaxing Backyard Oasis

This is a pretty varied list of patio decor ideas. You can go big with a water feature or go small with something as simple as some candles.

The important thing is that you find something that is unique in some way and speaks to you. That’s what makes home, home. Or your patio, your patio.

Citronella Candles

Citronella candle trio for the patio

If you want to sit outside around dusk, you’re going to need something to keep the bugs away. It’s just a fact of summertime life.

Citronella candles are one great way to do that.

You might as well get some really pretty Citronella candles so your patio looks amazing AND is bug-free. It’s a win, win.

Pretty Painted Planter

Pretty Painted patio Planter

If you love flowers and plants, you should have some on your patio in a beautiful painted planter like this one. I can just see some lush something or other flowers in there, right?

Or, if you’re like me and you love flowers and plants but also kill all the flowers and plants, then this beautiful pot will still look pretty when you pull out the poor withered flowers.

Whatever you do, no fake flowers outside! Inside, I will allow it, begrudgingly.

Outside, no.

Summery Serving Tray

Serving Tray for Patio Decor

One thing you will definitely love to have specifically for the patio is a pretty, bright serving tray.

It always seems to be the place that you are carrying multiple drinks, chips, hot dogs and sunscreen to. All at once.

A beautiful melamine tray is lightweight and difficult to break. It can break, but it is more durable than say, glass or ceramic.

In case you happen to be on the clumsy side. Or in case it’s rum and cokes you’re carrying on that tray and you’ve already had a couple.

A Water Feature

Water feature

A water feature on the patio is an excellent idea. Hear me out. (no they do not make you have to pee!)

A water feature is beautiful.

There’s nothing so mesmerizing as watching the movement of water. It doesn’t have to be a big old fountain like the one I chose, there are smaller tabletop ones or wall hung ones that you might love, too.

But in addition to looking beautiful, the sound is so relaxing. Very spa-like. We talked in the wind chime post about some of the annoying sounds of summer, like weed whackers.

Your water feature will help drown those out.

Outdoor Pillows

Weatherproof pillows for the patio, floral blue with green and pink.

A really simple way to bring life to your patio is to add a couple of bright outdoor throw pillows. You have them on the couch inside the house, right?

It’s kind of unexpected to see a throw pillow outside, but it definitely makes the patio a little bit more inviting. Especially if you love a nap in the sunshine. With sunscreen.

If your patio furniture is a little worse for the wear, this a great way to inject some freshness into it.

Cedar Spiral

Cedar patio decor

I discovered cedar spirals when I was researching wind chimes. They are kind of hypnotic, but in a good way.

I love the look of raw cedar, the colors are beautiful. This is perfect for a natural, woodsy patio.

And the way they move in the wind just lets your mind drift off.

A Hanging Planter

Get those beautiful potted flowers up at eye level with a great hanging planter. If you’re good with flowers, might as well have them everywhere.

This rustic look is great for the patio and they come in a couple of different colors.

I think this black one sets off the colorful blooms perfectly.

Painted Dragonfly

Pretty painted dragonfly

Nothing says summer to me like a dragonfly. I am afraid of them but also mesmerized by them. I can remember being irrationally terrified by them as a child even though they don’t sting or anything.

I wouldn’t be afraid of this pretty painted dragonfly mostly because it doesn’t fly.

This is perfect as a centerpiece on the patio wall. You don’t need a whole lot more than this. Or you start to stray off into Tacky Land, ok?

Tear Shaped Mini Planter

Hanging lanterns for LED candles metallic finish

These intricate little planters are so beautiful.

When I first saw them, I thought they must be tea light holders, but the opening might be a little too big for tea lights.

I would consider, instead of the air plants, some LED tea lights or possibly a slightly larger candle inside of these planters.

Lettered Patio Sign

Lettered Patio Sign - Welcome to the Patio - Sit Long Drink Much Laugh Often

I hope the lettered sign trend never goes away. I love words and I love simplicity.

This is both, to me.

It’s the perfect complement to any patio where laughing and drinking might happen.

Ready to Spruce Up Your Patio?

Remember, you don’t need a whole lot to make the patio a beautiful and relaxing spot.

Just a couple of unique items will go a very long way in making your patio just a little bit extra special.

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