16 Quick and Easy DIY Halloween Decorations & So Cheap Too

Get ready to make your house the scariest on the block with our fantastic DIY Halloween decoration ideas. These budget-friendly, easy-to-make Halloween crafts are perfect for giving your guests a fright and creating a memorable Halloween for your little trick-or-treaters. All these Halloween decorations are crafted from affordable supplies, many from your local dollar store.

Yarn Wrapped Candy Corn Decorations

yarn wrapped candy corn, best diy halloween decorations

Add a pop of color and a touch of sweetness with yarn-wrapped candy corn decorations. You need styrofoam conesyarn, and a glue gun. Wrap the cones with white, orange, and yellow yarn to resemble candy corn. The rest just comes down to your ability to slowly wrap the yarn around the cone and make sure the glue is in place so everything sticks. These can be hung as garland, used as a door hanger, or simply placed around your home as festive Halloween décor

Foam Tombstones for Your Front Graveyard

diy tombstone, diy halloween decor

Give your guests a scare before they even reach your front door. Craft tombstones from foam boards, paint them grey and add creepy epitaphs. Position them in your front yard for an eerie cemetery effect.

Faux Black Candles For a Halloween Centerpiece

faux black candles diy

If I didn’t see the tutorial with my own eyes I would’ve thought that these were real candles, but they aren’t.

They’re electric tea lights wrapped in toilet paper rolls. Grab some electric tea lights, toilet paper rolls (without the toilet paper!), your trusty glue gun for the dripping wax look, and some black spray paint.

Floating Cheesecloth Ghost and Mummies

cheesecloth ghost

I’ll let the tutorial show you how to do all of this but I would’ve never thought about using corn starch!

If you’re looking for the other materials then you can definitely grab some cheesecloth and black felt from Amazon pretty cheap.

Creepy Paper Cutout Mice

paper cutout mice

Paper cutout mice can be a fun, spooky addition to your staircase or baseboards. Cut out mouse silhouettes from black construction paper and tape them along your staircase or baseboards, creating the illusion of mice scurrying around your home. This is an easy and quick craft to involve the kids in. 

DIY Flying Bats Halloween Entry

flying bat halloween entry, awesome diy halloween decorations

Like the paper mice, paper bats are another eerie decoration. Cut out bat shapes from black paper and hang them from the ceiling or stick them on walls. You could even make them flutter in a draft by hanging them from a fishing line. When they move in the light, they’ll give the illusion of real bats flitting around your home. You can search the web for bat stencils to trace or you could just 30 bat cutouts without having to do any work at all. We don’t judge you if you decide to go the purchase route, especially since it’s the easiest. 

Trash Bag DIY Spider Webs

trash bag spiderwebs

An inexpensive yet creative decoration idea is crafting spider webs from black trash bags. This is one of the most unique ideas on this list. Cut the trash bags into a web pattern, then hang them in the corners of your rooms or outside on the porch. I’m not sure if I would be able to carefully make the cuts needed in the trash bags but apparently it is possible. Complement these webs with plastic spiders for a creepier effect.

Hanging Spider Halloween Table Runner

no sew halloween table runner

This is one of those ideas that is just over-the-top awesome.

I’m not very good at sewing so anytime I see a no-sew project I’m all in. This one requires a little more time than the others but if you see the final effect then it’s well worth it.

Candy Bowl Crafts

Craft a Halloween-themed candy bowl for the trick-or-treaters. Decorate a large bowl with paint, glitter, or a jack-o’-lantern face, fill it with Halloween treats, and wait for the doorbell!

Illuminated DIY Ghost Garland

ghost garland

Halloween is a great opportunity to create your own garland and this illuminated ghost garland fits the bill. Hang it from a mantel, inside a doorway, or outside on the front porch!  

What is needed for it?

Craft Spider Web Place Mats

spiderweb placemats

DIY spider webs are quintessential Halloween decorations. Craft yours from black puff paint, wax paper, and invisible tape.. After drying on wax paper, peel it off and complete the look with plastic spiders. Hang these around your home for an authentic haunted house feel.

DIY Ghost Piñatas

ghost pinatas

Ooooooooo, I love piñatas! Making ghost ones seems like a super fun project to do and a lot easier than I thought. I think this project requires more tape than the others but it’s worth it to get some cool-looking ghost piñatas that’ll wow party guests.

Amazon has these paper lanterns to make your ghost piñata dreams come true. More than enough to have extras for backyard parties.

Mason Jar Ghost Luminaries

Brighten up your Halloween party decor with ghost lanterns made from mason jars. Paint the jars white, add ghostly faces, and light a candle inside. These lanterns make a perfect Halloween craft project for kids, with adult supervision.

DIY Pumpkin Swizzle Sticks

pumpkin swizzle sticks

If you’re going to have a Halloween party with cocktails then you need to add these pumpkin swizzle sticks to the mix. Carve small pumpkin shapes out of orange craft foam, glue them to the top of a wooden skewer, and paint on some jack-o’-lantern faces for extra flair.  These fun additions are perfect for stirring up some Halloween-themed cocktails or a hot chocolate treat for the kids. 

Costume Award Skeletons Trophies

diy halloween costume awards

It’s one thing to have a costume contest. 

It’s another thing to have a costume contest with trophies!

Impress your guests by turning a fun tradition into a competition with DIY Halloween costume trophies. This fabulous tutorial will walk you through all of the steps necessary to get the perfect costume trophy lined up for your competition. How cute are their little plastic skulls!  This unique DIY idea will undoubtedly add an exciting element to your Halloween party and will for sure make Instagram.

DIY Witches’ Wreaths and Jack-o-Lanterns

Cast a spell on trick-or-treaters with a Halloween wreath for the front door. Wrap a grapevine wreath with an orange ribbon and fall leaves, then apply plastic spiders and mini witch hats with hot glue. This bewitching door décor will instantly transform your entrance with jack-o-lanterns into a Halloween spectacle.

This Halloween, don’t just go for store-bought decorations. Unleash your creativity with these easy DIY Halloween decoration ideas that are sure to create a memorable Halloween experience. These crafts are not just fun, they’re a great way to engage the kids and build anticipation for the most spook

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