13 Spooky Awesome DIY Halloween Decorations

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Halloween is fun because of costumes and candy. But it’s also fun because you get to put Halloween decorations!

However, nobody wants to go to the store and buy some generic decorations that anyone might have. You want to make your own decorations but, you might not have anywhere to start.

In this post, you are going to learn about some Halloween decoration ideas that are easy to create. You don’t need to spend a lot of money, you just have to spend some time and that’s okay.

13 Spooky Awesome DIY Halloween Decorations

1. Yarn Wrapped Candy Corn Decorations

yarn wrapped candy corn, best diy halloween decorations

These are pretty self-explanatory.

You need styrofoam cones, yarn, and a glue gun.

The rest just comes down to your ability to slowly wrap the warn around the cone and making sure the glue is in place so everything sticks.

2. Flying Bats Halloween Entry

flying bat halloween entry, awesome diy halloween decorations

You can search the web for bat stencils to trace or you could just 30 bat cutout without having to do any work at all.

We don’t judge you if you decide to go the purchase route, especially since it’s the easiest.

3. DIY Tombstone Weathering

diy tombstone, diy halloween decor

This one is a bit more involved so make sure you follow the tutorial. This one also requires a bit more tools than the others but they’re the kind of tools that when you buy them once they are around forever.

These can be pretty cool to have in your front yard or even around the house if you have company over.

4. Faux Black Candles

faux black candles diy

If I didn’t see the tutorial with my own eyes I would’ve thought that these were real candles, but they aren’t.

They’re electric tea lights wrapped in toilet paper rolls. Grab some electric tea lights, toilet paper rolls (without the toilet paper!), your trusty glue gun for the dripping wax look, and some spray paint.

5. Floating Cheesecloth Ghost

cheesecloth ghost

I’ll let the tutorial show you how to do all of this but I would’ve never thought about using corn starch!

If you’re looking for the other materials then you can definitely grab some cheesecloth and black felt from Amazon pretty cheap.

6. Paper Cutout Mice

paper cutout mice

You have to hand it to Marth Stewart for the free mice cutout. Nothing more to say on this one. Mice are creepy.

7. Trash Bag Spiderwebs

trash bag spiderwebs

This is one of the most unique ideas on this list. I’m not sure if I would be able to carefully make the cuts needed in the trash bags but apparently it is possible.

8. Hanging Spider Halloween Table Runner

no sew halloween table runner

This is one of those ideas that is just over the top awesome.

I’m not very good at sewing so anytime I see a no sew project I’m all in. This one requires a little more time than the others but if you see the final effect then it’s well worth it.

9. Illuminated Ghost Garland

ghost garland

If you place to hang a garland then you should find a garland to hang.

That’s one of those rules that I always try to live by!

Halloween is a great opportunity to create your own garland and this illuminated ghost garland fits the bill.

What is needed for it?

10. Halloween Spiderweb Place Mats

spiderweb placemats

Amazing what you can do with some black puff paint, wax paper, and invisible tape.

The one downfall of these awesome place mats is that once they are in place they are in place forever until you’re ready to destroy them due to how fragile they are.

11. DIY Ghost Piñatas

ghost pinatas

Ooooooooo, I love piñatas! Making ghost ones seems like a super fun project to do and a lot easier than I thought. I think this project requires more tape than the others but it’s worth it to get some cool looking ghost piñatas in your home.

If you need the paper lanterns to make your ghost piñata dreams come true I really like this set on Amazon. More than enough to have extras for backyard parties.

12. DIY Pumpkin Swizzle Sticks

pumpkin swizzle sticks

If you’re going to have a Halloween party with cocktails then you need to add these pumpkin swizzle sticks to the mix.

Yes, you can be elegantly themed. Nothing wrong with that.

13. Costume Award Trophies

diy halloween costume awards

It’s one thing to have a costume contest.

It’s another thing to have a costume contest with trophies!

This fabulous tutorial will walk you through all of the steps necessary to get the perfect costume trophy lined up for your competition.

Halloween DIY Decorations are Fun!

All of these Halloween DIY decorations are tons of fun and they don’t take long to make. The supplies needed can also be used for other projects so never consider them a waste of money. You’ll appreciate your newly decorated home a lot better knowing that you put the work in to make it all happen.

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