Unique Christmas Decor Ideas to Deck Your Halls

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Christmas decor is great. The tree, the lights, all that.

What is really great about Christmas decor is that there are so many options now, you can really make your home completely unique to your style.

I found some great examples of unique Christmas decor ideas to get your creativity sparked.

15 Christmas Decor Ideas That Will Make Your Home Truly Yours This Holiday Season

You might love Farmhouse or Minimal or Boho. Your holiday decor can totally reflect the style that is personal to you.

Boho Glam Christmas Tree Tea Lights

I love this little cluster of metal stamped trees. They are colorful and festive, but they are also distinctive in that they are non-traditional Christmas decor.

And yet, they are unmistakable as “Christmas”. If Boho or Glam is your thing, these little trees would fit right in.

You can find the Boho/Glam Christmas Trees on Etsy.

Personalized Pillow Covers

Pillow covers are an easy, fast and inexpensive way to add some holiday cheer to your living room. Plus, I never see anyone with personalized pillows (until me…because I just bought this as I was researching! Ha!).

They are sort of next level holiday decorating. Everyone expects the mantel, the tree and the lights on the windows. But not everyone goes the extra mile to update the pillow covers.

You go the extra mile though, don’t you?

Rustic Winter Trees

These are metal trees. They are completely cool and they are not for everyone, I understand that.

But if these trees speak to you and you’ve got a rustic or farmhouse or even a minimalist vibe going in your home, then they are for you.

This is exactly what I want you to find for your own home. Something that is uniquely “you”.

You can find these rustic metal trees on Amazon.

Minimalist Modern Christmas Ornaments

I love this modern minimalist look for Christmas. It’s so effortless. I can’t seem to stop myself from the Christmas explosion that happens at my house, however.

The Geometric Christmas Tree Ornaments are found on Amazon.

Whimsical Christmas Gnomes

buffalo plaid christmas gnomes

Christmas gnomes are very on trend right now. Actually gnomes for any holiday, but personally I think they should stick to Christmas/Winter.

I’ve seen some really well done gnomes and some sorry looking gnomes. These gnomes are really well done. Those braids! Hilarious.

If you love the Christmas gnomes you can find them on Etsy.

Farmhouse Trees

If you want to avoid the reds and greens that are traditional with Christmas, you can totally do that. This charcuterie board is so creative AND functional AND would be great to sit out during a Christmas party.

Pro tip: You can use this all year long for a rustic farmhouse vibe!

You can find this Antler Charcuterie board on Amazon.

Glam Christmas Decor

If you’ve got some spots that need some holiday cheer, then here are some glam Christmas decor ideas that will WOW your guests!

It’s a great addition to your Glamour Christmas decor with all that gold and silver!

You can find all of these Glam Christmas decorations on Amazon.

Modern Wood Trees

Here are some modern marble wood trees for your Modern home. I love these.

If you love these Modern wood trees, you can find them on Amazon.

Reindeer Wall Art

Ooh I love this precious, Reindeer wall art. Everyone is freaking out over these ready-to-hang wall prints!

If you love this Reindeer wall art, you can find it on Etsy.

Stylish Stockings

personalized christmas stockings

Do your Christmas stockings need an upgrade? These beautiful personalized stockings are the way to go.

You can have your name on them and you can pick whichever pattern suits your fancy. That’s some uniquely yours decor.

You can find these Christmas Stockings on Etsy.

A Sleigh

red metal sleigh sitting by a fireplace

A sleigh by the fireplace! I love it. You can keep your firewood in there.

Or some greens if you don’t do fires in the fireplace.

This sleigh is one of those things you’ll look forward to bringing out every year.

You can find the sleigh on Wayfair.

Mercury Glass Trees

glass shiny christmas trees

If you aren’t doing red & green, but you still want to have some traditional holiday cheer, then shiny is the way to go.

And these mercury glass trees are just that. Shiny. And cheerful.

You can find the Mercury Glass trees on Wayfair.

Shiny Gnomes

faceless white gnomes used with a table garland

Shiny trees and also some shiny gnomes? Why not?

I love the matte white paired with the super shiny silver. These are great.

You can find the shiny Gnomes on Wayfair.

Glowing Gold Angels

glowing gold angels

The soft glow of Christmas lights is my favorite thing about Christmas. These pretty Angels will warmly lighten a dark corner for the holidays.

These are really, really pretty and I’m not usually much of a gold glitter kind of person.

You can find the pretty gold Angels on Wayfair.

Reindeer Statues

shiny silver reindeers used as holiday decor

We almost forgot the Reindeer! These elegant silver statuettes are simple and pretty and shiny.

That’s perfect for a modern, minimal Christmas.

You can find these reindeer on Wayfair.

What Will Make It Into Your Unique Christmas Decor?

Did you find something inspiring to add to your old Christmas decor?

Or are you maybe even ready to start fresh with a whole new style?

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