11 Cute and Easy DIY Christmas Presents People Love

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Easy DIY Christmas Presents: It’s the thought that counts.

That holds true sometimes. It doesn’t hold true when you’re giving away $10 gift cards to CVS, though.

It does count when you’re giving someone something that they can tell obviously took time and required a little bit of money.

It’s a fine line; so, we spent the time hunting down the right DIY Christmas gift ideas on a budget.

11 Easy DIY Christmas Presents

These creative homemade gifts do require a little bit of work on your end but that’s what makes them so special. Whoever is lucky enough to get these gifts will definitely appreciate them.

Heck, you can start a factory line in your living room and pump out a couple of these and be done over the weekend! Add in some DIY Christmas Decorations too!

1. Easy Peppermint Foot Scrub

peppermint foot soak #DIYGifts

Image credit & tutorial found at Suburban Simplicity.

Nobody is going to reject a foot scrub.

Absolutely nobody is going to reject a peppermint one.


Everybody loves foot scrubs.

Everybody loves peppermint.

Put those things together and you have a magical gift.

Also it’s a nice touch if you can add a pretty label to it.

2. Cozy Slippers as DIY Christmas Gifts

Cozy slippers gift #DIYGifts

Image credit & tutorial found at Pretty Providence.

It gets cold in the Winter, you know this.

I used to not mind cold days because I had heat and a carpet. Now that I have hardwood floors I didn’t really understand how cold it was in December!

I have to wear slippers around the house to make sure I don’t get frostbite so I might gift myself these cozy slippers.

3. Easy Christmas Gifts DIY Burlap Treat Bags

Burlap gift, easy diy christmas presents

Image credit & tutorial found at A Homemade Living.

There’s just something about burlap that makes you think “wow, they put some work into this.”

What’s beautiful about this gift is that you get to decide what to put into it. Combine it with some of the other gifts on this list and this might go down as the greatest holiday season ever.

4. DIY Terrarium Gift Kit

DIY Terrarium Gift Kit #DIYGifts

Image credit & tutorial found at Wit & Whistle.

Whenever someone sees my terrariums they ask how I made them. While they aren’t that hard to make they do require supplies and let’s be honest, most people don’t want to go hunting for the supplies.

You can save them a lot of time but putting all of the supplies they need in a jar and leave the creation of the terrarium up to them.

This might be my favorite gift on the list.

5. Chocolate Chip & Oatmeal Quick Bread Mix Jar

Chocolate oatmeal bake in a jar #DIYGifts

Image credit & tutorial found at Sunset.

Quick bread is exactly what it sounds like. It’s a quick way to make bread and this jar is awesome in the fact that it provides you with all of the ingredients that you need.

Some people might not even bother making the quick bread due to the fact that the ingredients look so beautiful put together in a jar.

Makes me want to go out and find other items like this.

6. Hot Chocolate Mix in a Jar

Hot chocolate mix in a jar #DIYGifts

Image credit & tutorial found at Like Mother, Like Daughter.

Well look it here! I found one already.

This is similar to the quick bread jar above but this one is for hot chocolate. Now that I think about it, it would be great to give both of these gifts to someone.

They can make the bread and the hot chocolate and sit by the fireplace thinking about how wonderful of a person you are for creating such awesome gifts.

7. Tea Cup Candle

Tea cup candle holder #DIYGifts

Image credit & tutorial found at Country Living.

So far it seems like everything on this list is something that people can’t reject.

Candles are no different.

Nobody is going to turn away a great smelling candle! Put it in a nice tea cup and you have something unique that people will cherish for years.

8. Whole Wheat Cranberry Orange Muffin Mix Baggies

Orange Cranberry gift bag #DIYGifts

Image credit & tutorial found at Wholefully.

People are going to get suspicious and think that all you want them to do is cook for you when you give them another ingredient mixer.

While this one isn’t as stunning as the ingredient jars above, it doesn’t mean it’s less awesome.

People love muffins but never think about making them. With this gift, they have no excuses!

Snow Glob Cookie Jar #DIYGifts

Image credit & tutorial found at Country Living.

My favorite gift on this list due to its uniqueness.

It requires a bit more work than the others by wow does it have visual impact.

10. DIY Mint Sugar Scrub

DIY Mint Sugar Scrub #DIYGifts

Image credit & tutorial found at Love Grows Wild.

If you’re going to give someone the foot scrub you might as well combine it with this sugar scrub. I would take this as a gift all day long.

Sugar + Mint + Healthy Skin = Win Win Win.

11. DIY Handwarmers

DIY Handwarmers #DIYGifts

Image credit & tutorial found at Rae Ann Kelly.

I won’t even go into detail about these. They are cute, adorable, precious, and something that everybody needs in their life.

DIY Christmas Presents Never Looked So Good

When people think of DIY gifts they often think of cheap homemade gifts that nobody wants or something a kid makes in 1st grade. But with the right creativity, you can really create some stunning gifts like the ones above.

Do you have a favorite DIY gift that you like to make? Let us know about it.

Also, you’re going to need wrapping paper for these gifts so why not check out these 5 DIY wrapping paper ideas.

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