18 Creative DIY Wrapping Paper Ideas For Every Occasion

Are you ready to explore the wonderful world of DIY wrapping paper ideas? Have you ever wondered, ‘How do I make my own wrapping paper?’ Well, it’s easier than you might think. With some simple materials like brown paper bags, white or brown kraft paper, or even fabric, and a little creativity, you can create unique and personalized wrapping paper. Armed with materials you likely already have at home, these homemade wrapping paper concepts will transform your gifts into charming surprises that will bring a smile to any gift recipient’s face.

18 DIY Wrapping Paper Ideas

Stenciled Gift Wrap Masterpieces

Start with plain butcher paper or any material you prefer, then bring out your stencils, or use cookie cutters, and create a unique design. You can use spray paint for a grunge look, or markers and crayons for a more DIY feel. As for the stencils themselves, you can just hop on over to Amazon to find a wide range of stencils to use.

Glitter Glam

Who doesn’t love a bit of sparkle? Using a glue gun, create a design on your paper and then sprinkle it with glitter. This technique works wonderfully on dark papers as the glitter really stands out.

Twine and Embellishments

brown paper bag wrapping paper with twine

Embrace the rustic charm of twine and embellishments on your gifts. Start with a simple brown paper bag or butcher paper as your base, then let your creative juices flow. Wrap your present with twine, then add details like dried flowers, twigs, or feathers. This idea adds texture and a personalized touch that will surely delight.

Handmade Gift Bags

diy gift bag

Gift bags need not be boring or impersonal. These are far from the ordinary ones you might receive. The beauty of these handmade bags is that they can be customized. Combine them with stencils or your preferred bag decor to make them punk, unicorn-themed, or evoke any theme you wish. With these gift bags, your imagination is your only limit. Follow this tutorial at A Beautiful Mess to create your own.

Ribbon and Bows

diy birthday gift wrap with pink ribbon around it

Use leftover fabric scraps to make custom ribbons and decorations. Cut the fabric into strips and use them to tie around your gift. This idea is not only resourceful but also adds a handmade touch to your gift wrapping.

Polka Dot Wraps

A pencil eraser or finger dipped in paint can create cute and colorful dots on butcher paper. Let the kids join in to add a splash of their creativity to this DIY gift wrap idea. Once dried, wrap your gift and add a bow or ribbon for the perfect finishing touch.

Yarn Bows Gift Toppers

Forget traditional bows—try a yarn bow instead. Wrap the yarn around a small piece of cardboard to form loops, then tie it off in the middle. These bows add a creative twist and a pop of color to your gifts.

Fruity Fun Wrapping Paper

fruit wrapping paper
Image credit goes to The House That Lars Built.

Presenting gifts wrapped in playful fruit-themed paper can be a joy in itself. Suitable for any occasion, this wrapping idea adds a touch of whimsy to gifts like candles or novelty items. The only drawback? Your gift recipient might love the wrapping so much, they may not want to open it!

Mapped-Out Wrapping Ideas

travel stickers and map wrapping paper, alternative wrapping paper ideas

Old maps make for visually appealing and unique DIY wrapping paper. Instead of throwing out outdated maps or those collected on your travels, use them to wrap gifts. They offer a vintage charm and are especially fitting if your gift recipient loves traveling. Or, use travel themed stickers on plain paper.

DIY Leaf Prints Paper

Nature provides endless inspiration for DIY wrapping paper ideas. Collect a few leaves and use them as stamps. Paint the leaves, press them onto your paper, and voila! You’ve created a gorgeous, organic print that’s perfect for any nature-loving recipient.

Washi Tape Decorative Wrap

washi tape gift wrap

Washi tape offers countless possibilities due to its endless patterns and colors. I mean, check out this 24-roll set. This Japanese masking tape can easily embellish plain wrapping paper, turning it into a piece of art. You could also combine it with the stencil idea for a truly unique DIY gift wrap.

Strips and Scraps Paper Mache

Don’t toss those scraps of leftover paper (or wallpaper)! Instead, cut them into strips and create a paper mache collage using mod podge. This method gives a new life to paper scraps and results in a unique, texture-rich DIY wrapping paper.

Potato Stamps

diy wrapping paper ideas

This DIY wrapping paper idea takes you on a trip back to your childhood days with potato stamps. This is an excellent project to do with kids and will result in bespoke homemade wrapping paper that’s as enjoyable to make as it is to receive. Simply carve a design into a halved potato, dip it in an ink pad or paint, and stamp away onto kraft paper. The beauty of this method? It’s inexpensive, fun for children, and the possibilities for designs—from dots to stars—are endless! Of course, you can use store-bought stamps!

Hand-Drawn Wonder

hand drawn gift wrap

This DIY wrapping paper idea caters to those who love to sketch or doodle. However, don’t worry if drawing isn’t your forte. You can use stickers or other props to jazz up your gift wrap.

Fabric Furoshiki DIY Wrapping Paper

diy wrapped presents using furoshiki fabric, homemade wrapping paper

Furoshiki is a traditional Japanese wrapping cloth, suitable for wrapping items of all shapes and sizes. It’s an elegant, easy way to present your gifts. Fold the fabric diagonally, place your gift in the center, and then tie the corners together. Add a final touch with flowers, beads, or charms. Not to mention, it’s reusable—benefiting both your wallet and the environment.

Upcycled Sweater Wraps

Are you trying to figure out what to do with that old, unwanted sweater? Repurpose it into a cozy DIY wrapping paper. Cut off a sleeve and slip it onto a wine bottle or similarly shaped gift. Secure the ends with a piece of twine or ribbon for a rustic look that screams “winter.”

Repurposed Flannel Festivity

Like the sweater wrap idea, you can use flannel shirts the same way. Cut a piece large enough to wrap your gift, then secure it with a piece of twine or yarn. This is a great way to give your gifts a cozy, homemade feel and is especially appropriate for winter holidays.

Toilet Paper Roll Boxes

toilet paper roll diy wrapping paper, diy wrapping paper ideas

For small gifts, toilet paper rolls can be transformed into cute gift boxes. Flatten a roll, fold in the ends, and voila – you have a pillow box for small items like jewelry or gift cards. To further decorate, you can paint the roll or add embellishments like ribbons and stickers.

What can I use to wrap a gift if I don’t have wrapping paper?

No wrapping paper? No problem! There are plenty of alternatives that you might already have at home:

  1. Fabric: Scarves, tea towels, pillowcases, or even blankets can be used to wrap gifts in a unique and eco-friendly way.
  2. Tote bags: Another eco-friendly choice! Customize them with stickers, stamps, markers, or ribbons for a charming personal touch.
  3. Aluminum foil: Although not the most eco-friendly option, it can give your gift a shiny, festive look.
  4. Wallpaper: Use leftover scraps for durable, stylish gift wrap.
  5. Newspaper or Magazines: These can give your gifts a vintage or colorful look respectively.
  6. Children’s drawings: Wrap your gift with your child’s artwork for a sweet, personal touch.
  7. Cereal Box: This idea is so cool and it makes a great gift box for free!
  8. Baskets: Not just for Easter! A well-placed gift in a basket can look elegant and rustic.
  9. Reusable Containers: Jars, tins, pouches, or dust bags can all be used as zero-waste, reusable gift containers.

No matter what the occasion is, these DIY gift wrap ideas add a personalized, thoughtful touch. Even better is most of them offer ways to reuse items around your house while still being gorgeous.  They’re the perfect way to show your loved ones how much you care—not just about the gift itself, but also about its presentation. So get your craft supplies out, save yourself some money, and get started right now! Don’t forget to share your wrapped gifts on social and tag us—we love to see your creations!

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