DIY Closet Organization Ideas So You Know Where Everything Is

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You improve your life in small moments. That’s a big opener for a post about DIY closet organization ideas. I know.

But this is what I believe about organization. We don’t do it so that our closets look the prettiest or so that our friends can go, “OH she’s SO organized!”

(We want them ooh-ing and aah-ing about the decor).

You do it so that we can take back moments of our lives. Moments lost looking for socks, figuring out what to wear, folding clothes, doing laundry

We are organized so that in the morning we can sit and talk about the day ahead calmly instead of running through the house yelling about “WHERE ARE YOUR PANTS??”

See? We improve those small moments of our lives by being organized. And our closets are a great place to start.

DIY Closet Organizing Ideas You Can Try This Weekend

I’m sure it would be fantastic to have one of those fancy, expensive closet organizing companies come over and wave a wand and your closet is suddenly tidy, but you don’t have to have a big budget or a wand to get your closet organized.

There are tons of great DIY closet organizing ideas that you can put into place to start getting everything tidied up in a way that you can find whatever you are looking for.

We’re going to break down these closet organization ideas by item. Clothes, Shoes and Accessories (bags, scarves, jewelry, etc). Sound like a plan? Let’s go.

DIY Closet Organization – Clothes

Color Coordinated Closet

Organizing your clothes by color doesn’t just make your favorite purple shirt easier to find.

It’s nice to look at and that’s a good thing. You’ll be far more likely to hang your stuff back up if you feel good when you are looking at your color coordinated, tidy closet.

You can find all of the details on this project at Hub Pages.

Tidy Tights (& Leggings!)

You know it. I know it. All of your leggings are in a ball at the back of a drawer.

Or possibly even in a ball at the bottom of the closet.

This genius clothesline clip idea for hanging them will get them all in order so you never have to rummage around again.

You can find all of the details for this project at Lana Red Studio.

Cami Clutter Contained

I have approximately 427 camisole/tank top things. Do I need them all? I don’t really want to think about that question.

Let’s just assume that I do. They need to be corralled in some way and this little round hanger is the perfect way to do it.

You can find the details for this project at Hometalk.

Use ALL The Space

When you’re thinking about organizing your closet, don’t forget to look up. And down.

Be smart about how you use that top shelf and put things up there that you don’t need everyday. And get creative with bins and baskets and drawers at the bottom of the closet, too.

You can find all the details on this super organized closet at Involvery.

DIY No Slip Hangers

A tidy closet will go sloppy real quick when things start sliding off the hangers.

But, buying expensive velvet-y hangers isn’t in everyone’s budget, is it?

This awesome little pipe cleaner hack saves the day!

You can find the details for this project on In My Own Style.

DIY Closet Organization – Accessories

You Should Wear The Scarves You Love

A scarf is such a pretty addition to your outfit and, added bonus, it keeps a smidge warmer.

Scarves aren’t exactly the easiest things to hang up though and if you don’t hang them up, they become a wrinkled mess.

Try this project from Hip 2 Save so you can wear your beautiful scarves again.

Purse Organization

First of all, I don’t have this many purses, so this is kind of a problem that doesn’t hit home for me. It might for you.

Regardless, I’m going to tell you two things. If your closet doors slide, get rid of them asap and replace them with normal doors that open out into the room.

You’ll love your closet. And you’ll gain the space on the back of the doors for additional storage. For your purses or whatever other thing you have a bunch of.

Check out the details for this project on Wellesley and King.

Minimal Accessory Organizer

When you go buy organizers at, like, Target from the organizing section they can be a little too… Rubbermaid-ish?

No offense Rubbermaid! You do solid work in the world of organizing, but it’s not really “decor”, you know?

But this minimal accessory organizer? Oh, yeah. That’s decor all day.

Check out the details on Your DIY Family.

Jewelry Display

Your jewelry is gorgeous! Why not display it as art in your room? I absolutely love this look.

It’s pretty and it makes it so much easier to pick out jewelry. Whoever thought it was a good idea to put jewelry in a box, anyway?

You can find out all the details of this project on Sugar Bee Crafts.

Cozy Clutches

I apparently need to up my purse game. I don’t have one clutch, never mind enough to warrant some DIY organizing.

When I build my clutch collection, I will totally store them like this in a file folder organizer. It’s perfect!

Check out all of the clutch organizing details on Fabulous Fashions 4 Sensible Style.

DIY Closet Organization – Shoes

Simple Shoe Organizer

Just getting the shoes up off the floor can be enough organizing. They are corralled, you know where they are and that the dog isn’t gnawing on them.

This simple system is great because it’s slim enough to fit in a corner or even behind a door.

You can find the details for this DIY on Emily Henderson.

Pumps on a Cliff

That’s all I can think of when I see this shoe organizer. Those pumps are hanging on to the edge of a cliff for dear life.

But it makes sense, right? It’s simple to put them away and you can see them all at once. You know exactly what you have available to you for classy pump footwear.

You can see just how to make this project on Shanty 2 Chic.

Keep Your Boots Up

Floppy boots aren’t any fun.

BOOTS. I said boots.

But they look messy and are just annoying when they are flopping over in your closet. This pool noodle trick will keep them upright!

See the details on The Krazy Koupon Lady.

All the Flats On the Wall

Vertical space is where it’s at when it comes to organization. Anytime you can use wall space, do it.

These flats and flip flops up on that wall is brilliant. Like the pumps above, you can see everything you have and also everything you don’t if you need to go shopping.

You should probably not go shopping for more flats if you have this many flats, though. Just saying.

Find the details for this project on Hey Wanderer Blog.

Shoes as Art

Ok, this one if outside of the closet, technically but our very Scrivs stores and displays his sneaker collection at the same time.

He’s got the vertical space covered with those shelves from Ikea and those fancy Nikes look pretty cool, too, right?

Are You Ready to Take Back Some Moments?

When you take the time to do some organizing of your closet up front, you truly will see that you have more time for the calm but fleeting moments of life.

Help out future you by implementing some of these DIY closet organizing ideas now and never send your child to school in non-matching socks again.

Unless you want to, which I’m totally ok with.

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