DIY Closet Organization Ideas: Know Where Everything Is

Do you believe in the magic of the small moments? You might be wondering what this has to do with DIY closet organization ideas, but stay with me. Organization isn’t about creating Instagram-worthy closets or impressing your friends. It’s about reclaiming time lost searching for socks, deciding what to wear, or folding laundry. Being organized allows us to enjoy the tranquillity of our morning routine rather than running around in panic. That’s why we’re tackling the art of DIY closet organization.

DIY Closet Organization Ideas: The Complete Guide for Clothes, Shoes, and Accessories

Professional organizing companies aren’t the only path to a well-organized closet. With a little creativity and elbow grease, you can implement a host of DIY closet organization ideas. Let’s divide these into categories: Clothes, Shoes, Accessories, and Extra Elements for a Complete Closet Makeover.

DIY Closet Organization Ideas for Clothes

Color Coding for an Eye-Pleasing Wardrobe

Color coordinating your clothes doesn’t only ease your morning routine but also creates a visually appealing wardrobe. Find the details on how to color-coordinate your closet at Hub Pages.

Tidy Tights, Leggings, and T-Shirts

You know it. I know it. All of your leggings and graphic tees are in a ball at the back of a drawer (or in my case, unfolded and crinkled up on a shelf). Leggings and t-shirts can quickly clutter your closet space. The clothesline clip idea from Lana Red Studio will help keep your items neat and readily accessible.

Say Goodbye to Camisole Chaos

I have approximately 427 camisole/tank top things. Do I need them all? I don’t really want to think about that question. Organize your camisoles and tank tops efficiently with this clever round hanger idea from Hometalk.

Use All Closet Space Wisely

Don’t forget to utilize every inch of your closet. From the top shelf to the bottom, each space can serve a purpose. You can find all the details on this super organized closet at Involvery.

DIY No-Slip Hangers for Shirts and Sweaters

A tidy closet will get sloppy real quick when things start sliding off the hangers. In My Own Style provides a budget-friendly solution to prevent clothes from slipping off hangers, ideal for sweaters and shirts.

DIY Closet Organization Ideas for Shoes

Organizer to Arrange Your Flat Footwear or Sandals

Vertical space is where it’s at when it comes to organization. Anytime you can use wall space, do it. These flats and flip flops up on that wall is brilliant. You should probably not go shopping for more flats if you have this many flats, though. You can find the details for this DIY on Emily Henderson.

Hang Your Pumps DIY-Style

Those pumps are hanging on to the edge of a cliff for dear life. That’s all I can think of when I see this shoe organizer. But it makes sense, right? It’s simple to put them away and you can see them all at once. You know exactly what you have available to you for classy high-heeled footwear. You can see just how to make this project on Shanty 2 Chic.

Keep Your Boots Upright

The pool noodle hack from The Krazy Koupon Lady is an ingenious idea for keeping your boots upright and neat.

Shoe Organization as Art

open shelves displaying nike air jordans and other cool decor

Ok, this one if outside of the closet, technically but our very own Paul Scrivs stores and displays his sneaker collection at the same time. He’s got the vertical space covered with those shelves from Ikea and those fancy Nikes look pretty cool, too, right?

DIY Closet Organization Ideas for Accessories

Efficient Scarf and Tie Storage

This project from Hip 2 Save offers a smart solution for neatly storing and displaying scarves and ties.

Organized Purses and Clutches

For an organized purse collection, consider switching to doors that open out. You’ll love your closet layout. And you’ll gain the space on the back of the doors for additional storage. For your purses or whatever other thing you have a bunch of. Learn more about this idea for purses at Wellesley and King.

Check out all of the clutch organizing details on Fabulous Fashions 4 Sensible Style.

Minimalist Accessory Organizer and Jewelry Display

Transform your accessories into decor with a minimalist organizer from Your DIY Family and a stylish jewelry display idea from Sugar Bee Crafts.

Extra Elements for a Complete Closet Makeover

Hooks and Curtains for Extra Storage and Privacy

Adding hooks to your closet provides extra storage for hats, ties, and scarves. For added privacy or to hide clutter, consider installing a curtain.

Cubbies and Shelving for Kids’ Closets and Dressers

Cubbies are a perfect way to add extra shelving for a kid’s closet, keeping items within their reach. 

Wardrobe Labels for Easy Identification

Labels can make a huge difference in your closet organization. Clearly labeled sections help you quickly identify and retrieve items.

DIY Closet System for Maximum Storage Space

Investing time in a DIY closet system can optimize your storage solutions. Utilize the vertical space in your closet, and consider built-in diy closet shelves, drawers, and cubbies.

Transform Your Closet with These DIY Closet Organization Ideas

These DIY closet organization ideas can help you reclaim those fleeting moments of calm. Get started now, and experience the transformative power of an organized closet. With these tips and tricks, your closet will not only be more functional, but it will also add aesthetic value to your room.

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