17 IKEA Boys Bedroom Ideas & Hacks: Harness The DIY Magic

In the many moons that I’ve been an IKEA expert (and let me tell you, as the father of two exuberant boys, that’s a pretty impressive credential), I’ve found that the beauty of IKEA lies in its potential for creativity. With a little bit of ingenuity, the humblest of IKEA products can transform your child’s room into a universe of their own. However, boys’ rooms kind of get neglected when it comes to design. Today, I’m excited to share some IKEA boys’ bedroom ideas and themes that will elevate your little prince’s chamber into realms of fun, learning, and coziness! There are pretty cool Ikea Hacks for Boys’ Bedrooms out there.

11 Ikea Boys Bedroom Ideas

Camping In Your Kids’ Room

camping theme boys bedroom with a tent as a headboard and a green and orange color scheme

Any child would love this adorable little camping-themed hang-out space in their room. The color palette is unique too! You can find out more from @househomelove.

Cozy Reading Nook

The KALLAX shelf unit provides ample storage space and can be tailored to your child’s interests. It’s great for a book-loving kid who would appreciate a little reading nook. I love in this pic how they used KALLAX for storage and seating by adding little cushions. This is definitely one of IKEA’s most iconic furniture pieces.

Pirate Ship Playhouse

Start with the classic KURA reversible bed, an all-time favorite in kids’ room décor. Convert it into an adventurous pirate ship with just a few tweaks and props. Use blankets and shades to create a curtain around the lower bunk to make it cozy. I once added a string of soft fairy lights to my elder son’s KURA bed, turning it into his very own star-lit sky!

Space-Saving Genius: The Loft Bed

For small spaces, loft beds are your best friends. You can design an under-the-bed workstation or a play area with bins of toys. I installed a small desk under my younger son’s loft bed, giving him his own little homework station. When he was younger he felt so cool doing his homework under there! I didn’t even have to force him. Now…not so much. 

Dinosaur Themed Dresser

I know you have dinosaurs like that around the house. This project is so simple with just paint and those toys added as handles? I found the dinosaur pull knobs on Amazon!

Toy Car Fun Storage

Don’t forget to think about ways to make the tops of storage units useful!

If your little boy can reach it, maybe it’s a great place for a track for their toy cars. How cool is this wallpaper or decal? Seriously!

You can find out more at @limmaland.

Under The Sea

If you don’t feel like doing DIY hacks to the IKEA Kura bed, IKEA has you covered. They have a tent that goes on it because it’s made especially for specific Ikea furniture! It’s ocean themed canopy! Get some matching blankets, pillows, and stuffed animals from the sea!

Wardrobe Wonders

ikea boys bedroom using a pax wardrobe

Use a PAX wardrobe system to teach your child organization. Customize the inside with KOMPLEMENT accessories, adding bins and drawers to store everything from clothes to toys. We put a little chart on our son’s wardrobe door, rewarding him every time he kept his closet tidy. It’s even more crucial in your kids’ bedroom though if you don’t have a closet.  

Hockey Lovers Bed

Ok, this is pretty, pretty remarkable. It’s a Zamboni. For a bed. Kudos on this project. It deserves some type of reward.

Billy Bookcase Toy Display

A bookshelf, like the BILLY bookcase, can house not just books but also action figures, built LEGO sets, or model cars, and can instantly become a focal point. This idea is perfect for boys who love to show off their collections.  I love how this person added the lights inside the bookcase so it looks like a real museum display! 

Industrial Bookcase: Secret Extra Storage

This handsome bookcase has a secret.

That bottom drawer pulls out a bed for the teddy bear!

Sorry for spoiling the secret.

Toy Car Storage

Ok, I know, this is the toy car thing, but I could NOT resist this one.

I like anything that makes cleaning up fun and putting your toy cars away in the “garage” sounds fun, right? It’s a good use of floor space in my opinion.

Trains Under the Bed

Listen, I don’t have any problem with this idea of cleaning up just rolling it under the bed if it looks like this.

Everything is contained and ready for play again tomorrow! No mess. You can’t see it, but it’s super easy to get to when you want to play again.


Storage + Seating

ikea trofast storage and seating in a boys bedroom, ikea hacks for boys bedrooms

Here’s another seating and storage option, the IKEA TROFAST unit.

I really love is how that cute seat is framed by all of that storage. Imagine all of the stuff you could fit in there! And they can hang up their artwork too! It completes it.

Dressed Up Dresser

Adding decals or even a stencil with the theme of your little boy’s bedroom is a perfect IKEA hack for a dresser. I love this version because it’s not so cute that it will be quickly outgrown.

Lego Table + Storage

Any Lego lover is going to want this table. I love how you can just see a bit of the color coordination that is happening there.

It’s really a fantastic way to keep your Legos ready to be played with.

Train + Play Table with Storage

Are you noticing a theme here?

It’s play + storage. This is so important for your sanity but also to help encourage your little boy to play! When it’s easy to put things away, they will be more likely to do so.

And when their playroom space is tidy, they will be more likely to play.

Remember, the key to a perfect boys’ bedroom is to involve them in the design process (even if they’re toddlers). It makes them feel included, gives them a sense of ownership, and encourages responsibility. So embark on this IKEA journey with your little ones and let the magic unfold. Because tomorrow you will wake up and they will be teens and you’ll have to do all of this all over again! 

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