Smart Ikea Hacks for Boys’ Bedrooms To Show His Personality

Boys rooms kind of get neglected when it comes to design. At least my boys does.

I mean, it has adorable large scale wallpaper decals with a transportation theme.

But. He’s 13 now. So. It’s probably time to start getting some new inspiration.

These rooms might also not fit a 13 year old, but they are pretty cool Ikea Hacks for Boys’ Bedrooms.

11 Ikea Hacks for Boys’ Bedrooms

These Ikea hacks for boys’ bedrooms are definitely more for the younger set. But they are really irresistable!

Camping Den

Any child would love this adorable little camping themed hang out space in their room.

The large scale pegboard gives this room a really clean and fun vibe. And that bear face is fantastic.

You can find out more from @househomelove.

Dinosaur Themed Dresser

I know you have dinosaurs like that around the house.

This project is so simple with just paint and those toys added as handles? You can do this.

You can find out more at @sweet_home_of_mine.

Toy Car Fun Storage

Don’t forget to think about ways to make the tops of storage units useful!

If your little boy can reach it, maybe it’s a great place for a track for their toy cars?

You can find out more at @limmaland.

Hockey Lovers Bed

Ok, this is pretty, pretty remarkable.

It’s a Zamboni. For a bed. Kudos on this project. It deserves some type of reward.

You can find the details at Ikea Hackers.

Industrial Bookcase

This handsome bookcase has a secret.

That bottom drawer pulls out a bed for the teddy bear!

Sorry for spoiling the secret.

You can find all of the details at Ikea Hackers.

Toy Car Storage

Ok, I know, this is the toy car thing, but I could NOT resist this one.

I like anything that makes cleaning up fun and putting your toy cars away in the “garage” sounds fun, right?

You can find all of the details on Ikea Hackers.

Trains Under the Bed

Listen, I don’t have any problem with this idea of clean up being just roll it under the bed if it looks like this.

Everything is contained and ready for play again tomorrow! No mess. You can’t see it, but it’s super easy to get to when you want to play again.


You can find all of the details on Ikea Hackers.

Storage + Seating

I love the look of this. Blue is my favorite.

But what I really love is how that cute seat is framed by all of that storage. Imagine all of the stuff you could fit in there!

You can find all of the details on Ikea Hackers.

Lego Table + Storage!

Any Lego lover is going to want this table. I love how you can just see a bit of the color coordination that is happening in there.

It’s really a fantastic way to keep your Legos ready to be played with.

You can find the details on Ikea Hackers.

Train + Play Table with Storage

Are you noticing a theme here?

It’s play + storage. This is so important for your sanity but also to help encourage your little boy to play! When it’s easy to put things away, they will be more likely to do so.

And when their space is tidy, they will be more likely to play.

You can find all of the details on this project on Crazy Craft Lady.

Dressed Up Dresser

Adding decals or even a stencil with the theme of your little boy’s bedroom is a perfect IKEA hack for a dresser.

I love this version because it’s not so cute that it will be quickly outgrown.

You can find the details on At Home With Ashley.

Go Make Your Sons Room Unique with an Ikea Hack of Your Own

It can be as easy as adding some paint or decals to a dresser.

It doesn’t have to be complicated like the Zamboni bed (although that is pretty awesome).

Figure out what you love and give it a try!

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