Luxurious Glam Bedroom On A Teeny Ikea Budget

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Your bedroom is all yours. It should be all about you. You might have a significant other, but they don’t really care, do they? If you want a gorgeous and glam bedroom, you should have it.

What constitutes glam? Crystals. Fur. Shiny mirrors. Fur. I said fur twice, but fur is definitely glam.

The bedroom we’re about to put together has all of those things. And we’re going to see how you can do it expensive AND how you can do it on a teeny Ikea budget.

Don’t believe me? Watch.

Pottery Barn Glam Bedroom for $$$ or Ikea Glam Bedroom for $?

There is a time and a place to spend on a lot of money on your bedroom decor and furniture. If you’re in a place where you can splurge on any or all of the items for your glam bedroom, then by all means get the Pottery version of this room.

You’re going to quality and you’re going to get furniture that you don’t have to put together yourself.

Some would say that that makes the extra money you’ll spend TOTALLY worth it.

But if you’re on a budget and you have tons of patience for putting stuff together, then the Ikea options might be perfect for you.

The Pottery Barn Glam Bedroom

It’s a pretty room, right? There is some serious luxury happening. Can you imagine walking into this room every night? Opening your eyes to that chandelier every morning?

It’s a dream, right? How much will that dream cost you?


Told you glam is expensive! Wooo! That’s a lot of money. Let’s break it down and see where you’re spending the money, what you might want to splurge on and where you definitely want to save.

Then we’ll see how Ikea does at replicating this gorgeous and extravagant room.

Queen Chesterfield Upholstered Bed – $1,349. That a lot of cash for something that essentially is just holding your mattress off the floor. If we can get close to this look at Ikea, it’s probably worth the savings.

But, then again, it’s usually a safe bet to splurge on larger furniture pieces like this. So if that’s important to you, go on and splurge here.

Classic Voile Sheer Curtains – $102. And that’s assuming you only have one window to put curtains on. So technically it’s $102 PER window as you’re going to want at least two sheers per window.

Can you see me doing exaggerated eye blinks at that price? That’s a lot of money for some see through-ish curtains. Definitely not a place I would splurge.

Stein Wall Mirror – $299 Yes, that’s a lot of money for a mirror. However, you can go very wrong with this brass look, so you do need to be careful that what you choose here hits the mark and doesn’t end up looking tragically 80’s.

If this mirror is your favorite thing about this room, you should probably splurge on it. It’s lovely and will likely last you forever and ever.

Benchwright Floating Shelf – $209. I’m going under the assumption that you don’t actually have a gorgeous fireplace with mantle in your bedroom. That’s why I picked this floating shelf for your glam bedroom.

It can function like the top of the mantle, but, sadly, you do lose a lot of glam when you don’t actually have a fireplace in your bedroom.

Single Pelt Sheepskin Rug – $99 – I guess calling it sheepskin means it really is the skin of the sheep? Plus the wool of the sheep?

If you love animals and money, skip to the faux sheepskin at Ikea, ok?

Belgian Flax Linen Duvet and Shams – $379. That’s a lot of money for a duvet set? I do love the blush color and flax linen sounds like it is probably pretty luxurious.

I do want to note here, however, that I’m not including the second duvet that is actually on the bed in the inspiration room; the white one. I’m going to hope you already have a white one, or you can live with a slightly less luxurious room that just has one duvet on the bed. Because I definitely can’t see splurging on TWO expensive duvet sets.

Maybe if you get them from Ikea it will make more sense. The second one does add a lot of the drama to that bed.

Faux Fur Ruched Throw – $104. I looooove this throw. I can practically feel it. It’s warm but cool at the same time. It’s faux fur so no animals harmed.

If you want to splurge on one thing and one thing only, make it this throw. It is dripping in glamour.

Recycled Glass Vase – $129 – SAY WHAT? That’s funny. No, I’m not spending one hundred and twenty nine hard earned dollars on a glass vase. Not after I saw the price for something similar at Ikea.

Do you know what the odds are of that vase breaking? High. Very high.

Faux Peony Bouquets – $39.50. I’m actually ok with splurging a little if it means your faux flowers look less fake. I’m not a fan of fake flowers and so if I buy some, they need to look good.

This is a safe splurge. It’s not a ton of money, so it won’t hurt the wallet too much.

Fluid Strokes Paper Print & Ballet Dancer Sketch – $428 total. These are gorgeous and already framed for you. If they are really important to you and you can afford to splurge here, I say go for it.

If they are not particularly important to you, check out the Ikea options first.

Paige Crystal Chandelier – $249. Personally this is not a place I would splurge. But that is probably because I’m not a huge fan of chandeliers to begin with.

This one is lovely, but not SO different from the Ikea one you’ll see in a minute that I would spend the extra money on it.

Miller Ceramic Table Lamps – $379 each. Yes, you read that right, EACH!

That’s so much money. So much money for a couple of lamps.

Etagere Nightstand – $599 each. I thought this nightstand would be less expensive and that I could tell you to splurge on it. Because it is a lovely little piece of furniture, but I don’t think it’s $599 lovely.

Do you? Don’t forget you’ll need two of them.

Faux Fur Mongolian Pillow Covers – $70 each. I do really like these pillow covers. And this is the type of thing that you could lose a lot of glam if you do decide to go with a less expensive option.

Cheap faux fur becomes fake fur real quick, you know what I mean?

Rosendahl Cru Water Carafe – $30 – This isn’t the pretty pink carafe in the inspiration room. I couldn’t find that anywhere. But this is a really pretty shape and I do love the idea of a carafe of water at your bedside.

That feels very lux.

And The Ikea Glam Bedroom

Can we really get a similar look with Ikea items? We can. And we can save a lot of cash in the process.

Ikea Glam Bedroom Elements, luxury ikea bedroom elements, glam ikea bedroom decor

The Ikea room rings in at:


That’s a $3400 difference. You could two other rooms and decorate them.

Here’s the itemized list of Ikea stuff:

Queen Kvaljford Bed: $649. This is not a terrible replacement for the Pottery Barn bed. It is pretty and I love the tufting.

But, I’ve decided, if I were doing this room for myself, I would splurge on the Pottery Barn bed. It just has a more luxurious feel. I think it’s the nail head trim.

Mirror: $99. Kind of pricey for Ikea, but you will a couple of hundred dollars, so if the brass color in the inspiration room isn’t important to you, I would go save some money here.

Berakna Vase – $8. I think I choked a little when I saw the price tag of the Pottery Barn vase. I think that was because I knew you could get this one for $8. That’s a no brainer, right?

Smycka Bouquet – $5. The faux flowers at Ikea are really not terrible. I can vouch for them. I’ve seen them in person and they are well worth $5.

It does make me wonder how much nicer the $39 ones from Pottery Barn are.

Vivan Curtains – $14/pair. I love Vivan curtains. There’s nothing wrong with these except that you probably will need to hem the bottom.

They are a perfectly serviceable sheer white curtain. You cannot beat the price, anywhere.

Lisann Throw – $60. This is a very solid replacement for the Pottery barn throw from the inspiration room. You can definitely get away with saving some money here. It’s still not “cheap”, but it is a savings.

Bjorksta Flowers & Bjorksta Ballerina – $50 each. These are lovely. They really are. But.

They aren’t really “inexpensive” either. With art, if there is something more expensive that you LOVE, you should get it or save for it.

Kristaller – $40. I wish this were black like the inspiration room, but otherwise, this chandelier from Ikea does the job of being a little shiny glamour above your bed.

Lack Wall Shelf – $20. This is the best option at Ikea for filling in as a mantle. Remember, the fireplace mantle from the inspiration room?

I think you may be even better off her using your dresser to display the art and flowers, though. You may want to skip this shelf all together.

Bergpalm Duvet Set – $30. This is a tenth of the price of the one in the Pottery Barn room. It doesn’t sound quite as luxurious as “flax linen”, but it is very pretty and has some nice texture.

And you could totally buy a white duvet to add that extra layer if your only spending 30 bucks on this set, right?

Skold Cushion Cover – $30/each. Like the inspiration room, this is just the pillow cover. But this one is actual sheepskin. So whether or not that is a plus for you might determine whether or not you decide to purchase this.

I think I’d go for a quality faux one because sheep are cute and harmless. But I don’t judge.

Kornsjo Side Table – $60. I picked this side table because it’s black and it has three shelves and is way less expensive the the $600 one from Pottery Barn.

It’s not perfect and there are actually a lot of other black nightstands you could choose from at Ikea, but I felt this one was the closest in form and function.

Klabb Lamps – $60/each. This is a pretty big style departure from the lamps in the inspiration room, but I love the brass look for a glam room.

And the price. You could buy 5 of these and not touch the price of ONE of the Pottery Barn lamps.

Storsint Carafe – $13. I love this pretty little carafe. I like it better than the $30 dollar one, to be honest. So save some dollars. Or buy two. One for the significant other, ok?

Yes, You Can Get A Glam Bedroom On An Ikea Budget!

$1200 for the Ikea bedroom is still nothing to sneeze at, but there were a lot of elements in this room and some of them were quite luxurious. Faux fur. Crystal chandeliers.

I think Ikea stacked up pretty well to the $4k+ Pottery Barn room. You don’t definitely don’t have to sacrifice the glamour if you’re on a budget.

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