IKEA Bed Hacks: A Buyer’s Guide for IKEA King Size Bedframes

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Were you all excited to buy one of the Ikea King Bedframes and hopped over to their site and got royally confused by what’s available? Who knew you needed ikea king bed hack just to go shopping on for a new bed!

Sure, it says when you search that there are over 40 king size bedframes at Ikea, but it’s a little deceiving because the same style bedframe is listed multiple times with wildly different prices.

And did you make it as far as the reviews? You may not have, but if you did, the reviews on Ikea frames aren’t great and there aren’t a lot of them on a lot of the styles. They make these beds sound more like diy projects.

So now you’ve ended up here because you really love Ikea and all the awesome things Ikea is about and you want an Ikea King bedframe but you’re not so sure it’s really a great idea anymore.

I can help.

I did a deep dive while I was researching an ikea bed frame for our guest room and I can help with a lot of the questions you’ve got.

First, How Do I Know Where To Start?

a bedroom showcase at ikea store

Step one is done: it sounds like you know that king is the right size for you. When you do a search on Ikea.com for king size bedframes, you’re going to see that there are about 48 options.

There are not really 48 different bedframes at Ikea that can be bought in King size. There are actually 13 different styles of bedframes at the time of the writing of this post that you can purchase in king size.

We’ll get to each of them in a minute, but that list of 48 has duplicate styles with different options. And the different options look really similar, but they can change the price of your bedframe dramatically.

What Are the IKEA Bed Options?

It’s kind of weird to think about options with bedframes (bunk beds, anyone?). I mean, we’re not talking about different mattresses, just the bedframe. How many options could there be?

I break the options down in a couple of ways.

  1. Storage Options/No Storage Options
  2. Slatted Base/No Slatted Base

Not all of the bed frames have storage options, but for those that do, they will increase the price of the bed, generally.

Do I Need a Slatted Base for an IKEA Bed?

slatted base for bed

I didn’t really get what the purpose of the slatted base was. But don’t worry, I asked.

Those pieces of wood can take the place of the boxspring. It’s what keeps the mattress from falling through the bedframe if you don’t use a box spring.

If you already have a box spring you can use it instead. And your standard King size mattress and box spring will fit on any ikea King bed frame structure.

So if you’re ONLY in the market for a bedframe (you have a mattress and a boxspring), you can skip the slatted base.

As an example, you’ll see on Ikea.com the Snejford bedframe listed for $549 and then a few rows later you’ll see the same SNEJFORD bedframe for $349.

The difference is the price of the slatted base. Or, you may want to pay attention for the opposite. Their four-poster bed, YTTERVAG, has the slatted based already included in the total cost.

Makes sense?

Good. So the first two decisions you need to make when considering a king Ikea bedframe are:

  1. Slatted base or No Slatted Base (this should be easy. if you have a box spring you want to use, you can skip the slatted base)
  2. Storage or No Storage (this is a slightly more difficult decision)

Should I Get a Bed with Storage?

There are a couple of conditions that I think warrant buying an Ikea bedframe with storage.

  • You desperately need the extra storage in the side panels.
  • You are well above average at assembling Ikea furniture AND you have nearly limitless patience .

There is a third option. A really, really easy way to get your bed assembled is to use Task Rabbit to do it for you.

Otherwise, if you don’t meet those two conditions, I would strongly suggest that you go with a storage free bedframe or watch some youtube videos.

The storage drawers are not easy to put together. Even if you are good at it, it takes a long time.

Once you do get them put together, you have to be really sure you’ve got PLENTY of room in your room to get the drawers open. And on either side of the bed if you get storage drawers on both sides.

They drawers are BIG. And HEAVY. Personally, I’d rather find another storage option.

So give the storage question some thought. We’re going to look at all of the bedframes and I’ll break them down by those with storage options and those without.

You can always check out this Closet Storage article if you want ideas that don’t involve bed storage.

One Important IKEA King Bed Hack To Know

There’s a mid beam (Skorva) that you’ll need with nearly ALL of these bed for additional supports. Nordli doesn’t come with one, but make sure on the rest that you get if you see something like this in the packaging description:

The price for this combination includes SKORVA midbeam, but it is a separate product which you pick from its own shelf at the store. A great hack is to buy it via their website because the SKORVA midbeam is included in the delivery.

There’s nothing worse than getting home from Ikea and realizing you forgot to grab a part that’s part of the assembly. The store does a decent job of letting you know that there are multiple boxes, but take this as an additional reminder!

Ikea King Bedframes WITHOUT Storage Options


This is one of Ikea’s higher end styles. It’s birch with leather finishings.

This is a pretty bed. This is the bed I have set my sites on. Besides the sleek look of this bed, I like that it has the attached pillows for resting against as opposed to an upholstered headboard.

I have an upholstered headboard now and it’s not fun to clean. If you aren’t familiar with this, maybe it’s just my greasy hair that is making the upholstery fabric all gross.

This one has mixed reviews on the ease of assembly. I do take negative assembly reviews with a grain of salt because I believe they are often user error, but if you don’t want to even bother with the assembly, you can spring for Task Rabbit.

Bjorknas starts at $479 (no slatted base) and goes up to $589 with the most expensive slatted base.


I know I just totally said upholstered bedframes are a pain in the butt to clean and that they get really, dirty, but who really cares if the bedframe is this pretty?

Tufted? Yes, please. And so tall. And dark. I’m in. You can take the cover off if you really want it super clean anyway.

There’s not a lot to say from the reviews on the assembly on this one, but it does seem pretty straightforward.

There isn’t an option to buy this without the slatted base, so just one price here, $869. Easily the most expensive king Ikea bedframe. Might be one of the most expensive items in the whole store, actually.


I’ve always wanted a metal bed. I don’t know why. But I wanted a brass bed when I was little and my mother said I would knock my teeth out on it. I was a rambunctious child.

I’m way less rambunctious now and my children are grown enough to probably not knock their teeth out on a metal bed, so I think if I really wanted this bed, now would be a good time.

What’s great about a metal bed from Ikea? The metal furniture is always WAY easier to put together. And the reviews support that.

This one comes in black or white and if you want my vote, I say black.

Sagstua is also a very affordable piece, starting at $209 and going up to just $319.


This is a bed my mom would buy. Don’t take that the wrong way. It’s just, she’s 76 and this is a style she’d go for.

I don’t love it, but that’s ok.

I will say, I saw this one in the store and I wasn’t a huge fan of the wood grain. It is made of solid wood, but if you’re kind of picky about what kind of wood grain you like, make sure you go see this one in person.

There’s only one review on this and it’s a 2 because it’s “squeaky”. Mmm, I don’t know. I think I need more supporting documents on that review. I would let that deter me if this was the bed for me.

The assembly instructions look very straightforward.

Hasselvika starts at $459 and goes as high as $569 depending on the slatted base should you need that.


Tyssedal is a beautiful bed. It’s solid wood, but painted bright white.

I’ve never been a huge fan of a wooden plank headboard, but everything else about this is beautiful.

The reviews on this one, however, are all over the place. Some say it’s simple to put together and others are ready to throw their allen wrench out the window.

You can always Task Rabbit it.

Tyssedal starts at $379. This one does not have the slatted base options, but if you buy a mattress base with it, the price can go as high as $629.


Here’s where Ikea can get really confusing. These next four beds, Godfjord, Skulsfjord, Snellsfjord and Tomrejford are the same bedframe, (Hellefjord: you’ll see it listed in the assembly documents) with different options for the upholstery colors and styles.

This is important because as you’re about to read, the Hellefjord bedframe, under the Skulsfjord & Snellsfjord name, have three separate reviews that mention the legs of the frame breaking.


Skulsfjord is a handsome upholstered bedframe. The dark gray material reminds me of a men’s suit. It’s classic and tailored.

There’s no skirt here to hide anything you might want to stick under the bed. I like that because it also means nothing can hide from ME under the bed.

Like my other slipper. I don’t know how it gets there, but my other slipper is ALWAYS under the bed.

There aren’t a lot of reviews on the Skulsfjord, but, two out of the three people who left reviews, said a leg broke off of their bed.

Things break, I understand that, however, do you want to disassemble a broken bed and haul it back to Ikea? I didn’t think so. Not to mention that a broken leg on a heavy bed sounds kinda dangerous.


Snejford is another style of the “Hellefjord” frame names. This style has a pretty tufted cover.

It ranges in price from $359 to $599, depending on whether or not you need a slatted base and how much you want to spend on the slatted base.


ikea king bed hack

The Godjford was on display in the store the day I visited and it is quite handsome and the head board is nicely cushioned.

This pretty tailored upholstered bed is one of the most confusing bed frames on the Ikea site. The description says it has storage, but actually it just has “under the bed” like every bed has.

I suppose because of the attached bed skirt the storage is hidden, but still, there isn’t built in storage on this bed. It is a great option if you want to stick some under the bed storage boxes under it.

The price goes anywhere from $429 for a bedframe with no slatted base up to $669 depending on which slotted base you choose (if you need one at all).

The reviews on this bedframe are solid, but bear in mind, it’s the same Hellefjord frame that this style is built on, so the broken leg reviews for the other styles still apply. The assembly is straightforward and if you’re a beginner Ikea assembler, you should be able to tackle this.

There are a couple of complaints about an odor from the foam on the headboard and this is something I’ve noticed on other Ikea products I’ve purchased, but it dissipates quickly.

The price for this ranges from $359 for just the bedframe (no slatted base) to $469 for the bedframe and the higher end slatted base.


Tomrejford is remarkably similar to Skulsfjord. The only difference appears to be the material of the headboard cover.

Skulsfjord’s material is thicker and, well, just plain prettier and so I believe that accounts for the slight price difference. Tomrefjord is a tiny bit cheaper, starting at $329 (with no slatted base) up to $439.

No bad reviews on this bed, but as the assembly and actual frame is exactly the same as Skulsfjord, I would take those negative, broken leg reviews into account here, too.

Again. It’s still the Hellefjord frame, just with a different cover, so, heed the bad reviews that include the legs breaking off.

Now that we’ve talked about the four beds with potential broken leg problems, I have two things to say about Ikea and quality.

  1. NOTHING I have ever bought from Ikea has just randomly broken. I’ve messed up putting things together once or twice, certainly. But I have a couch, a bed, a loft bed (which we had to take apart with a sledgehammer when my daughter outgrew it, that’s how sturdy THAT was) a desk, two chaise lounges, another couch (I could go on) and nothing has ever just broken. I believe in the quality that Ikea offers.
  2. Even with my very positive experiences with Ikea furniture, I probably wouldn’t tempt fate and buy a bed that multiple people have said the leg broke off of. Especially when I remember my dog likes to sleep half under the bed.

Ikea King Bedframes WITH Storage


The IKEA MALM bed is the classic, clean lined platform bed that you probably think of when you picture the ikea’s specific look of the bed.

The malm headboard and bed comes in white, gray, black and a stained wood veneer finish. It’s simple and can go in any room

You can get it with 0, 2 or 4 storage boxes underneath. That’s lots of storage space under the bed. Just keep in mind if you choose to get the storage boxes and you have a small space, you need room to open the drawers. If you’ve got a bedside table next to your bed, you may have to move it every time you open the storage drawers.

The more drawers you add, the harder this will be to put together too.

There a lot of reviews for the MALM bed frame and they are generally good (3.3 out of 5). There are complaints of bowing and creaking, but there are also people that say they’ve had the bed for 10+ years and others that have moved it, (completely disassembled and reassembled it) and it’s still going strong.

The cheapest option with no storage at all is $229 and goes as high as $489 depending on how many storage drawers and whether or not you purchase a slatted base. Here’s an Ikea MALM hack…pick one of their Ikea MALM dressers for storage instead!


Hemnes is a handsome, structured bed. It’s no nonsense. Very straight, up and down.

You can get it in black/brown, wood stained, gray or white. I love it pictured in black here.

Hemnes has 265 reviews. 190 of them are 1 star. I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything quite like that. I always take negative reviews with a grain of salt, but 190 is a lot.

The price ranges form $319 for no storage up to $589 depending on your options. That’s an expensive bed for a 2.2 score overall from reviewers. Bear in mind Ikea’s policy is returns within 365 days, but you have to bring the BED and the receipt back to the store yourself.


The Brimnes bed is LOADED with storage. It’s more storage unit than bed.

I have a Brimnes that we got for my daughter. We have the four under bed storage boxes and the bookcase in the back. It’s tons of storage space.

Unfortunately we planned poorly and there’s not really a great spot in her (fairly large) bedroom that makes it easy to actually reach all of that storage.

My daughter also is a fan of moving her room around, but once this bed is in place, you are not going to want to move it. It’s big and heavy.

And it was a BEAST to assemble. If this is REALLY the bed you want, I’d highly recommend shelling out the extra money for Task Rabbit. Most of the bad reviews here have to do with how long and arduous the assembly is.

My daughter does love the bed, though.

Brimnes starts at $329 (that includes under bed storage) and goes as high as $719 depending on the options you choose.


Nordli has an interesting, contemporary look. I like that it has the option to have floating shelves on the headboard because if you do get some under bed storage, you won’t have to worry about moving nightstands out of the way to open them.

The reviews on Nordli are good. All of the version of this bed are over 4 stars. It is not a simple assembly and will take some time, so patience and the ability to follow instructions that don’t include words is required as with ALL Ikea furniture.

Nordli has six (6!) drawers underneath and the headboard is optional. You can get it in white or “anthracite” and your cost will range anywhere from $499 to $649.

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