29 Gorgeous Mid Century Modern Bedroom Decor Ideas

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If you’re thinking about decorating your bedroom in a mid century modern style and starting from scratch, you have come to exactly the right place. I’m a big fan of the minimal clean lines of mcm bedroom ideas. So, I pulled together a list of my favorite pieces for a mid century modern bedroom décor, all from Amazon.

How do I make my bedroom mid-century modern?

To make a bedroom mid-century modern, start by selecting furniture pieces with clean lines, tapered legs and natural materials like wood. Incorporate accent colors such as mustard yellow and olive green to add pops of color. Consider using geometric-patterned textiles like pillows and curtains, as well as curved accessories like light fixtures or wall art. Lastly, include some vintage accents like a retro-style clock or rotary telephone to complete the mid-century modern look.

Mid Century Modern Bedroom Ideas: Amazon Edition

Mid Century Modern Headboard Ideas

If you’re able to splurge and buy a new bed, then it will go a long way in making your room look authentically mid-century modern. There are some really great options at Amazon that won’t completely break the bank.

mid century modern bedroom decor

This platform tufted bed is exactly right for a mid century modern bedroom. It’s got all of the nice clean lines, but it’s also updated for the 21st century.

The fabric leaves you open to a lot of different accent color choices. The gray on gray on gray here is a little blah for me. I’d love to see one bright throw pillow for a little pop of color (maybe avocado green?).

midcentury design bedframe

If you aren’t into having a headboard with fabric on it (they are a pain to clean, after all), then this wood platform bed with tapered legs and brass accents is a great option for you.

The tiny bit of brass at the feet of this bed is the perfect touch to take this bed from a basic to classic.

wooden bedframe with grey upholstered headboard

Are you sensing a theme here? The platform bed is a classic for mid century modern style.

This channel headboard also incorporates some handsome gray tweed like fabric which is also a staple for mid century interior design.

wood bedframe with spindle headboard, midcentury legs

Ok, ok, I saved the best for fourth. I’m obsessed with this spindle bed.

If you want a mix of Mid Century modern design and Boho style, this is 100% the bed for you. I love the honey tone of the wood and that sculptural headboard is a big yes for me. Love it.

dark gray fabric modern platform bed

Last but certainly least is another take on a platform bed, this one is completely upholstered with a great minimal design on the headboard.

This gray modern bed is a great fit for almost any color scheme, but I really like it with that pretty blue in the accent pillow. A blush pink would work, too, though for an elegant mix.


Today’s modern bedrooms are about more than the bed. You need a dresser, of course. But what about an accent chair? A bench to sit on while you put your socks on? Yeah, we need all the wooden furniture!

brown wood midcentury modern dresser with white drawers

Wouldn’t your sweaters be happy in this beautiful dresser with white front drawers?

This white accent on top of the warm wood is one of my favorite things you’ll find in mid century modern living. I would definitely do this in my own bedroom. This is updated modern.

brown wood, midcentury modern 6 drawer dresser with brass-tipped legs

This handsome dark wood brown dresser is a great for a bedroom that is short on space. It’s got decent storage, but it’s not going to take up a lot of space.

It’s got classic mid century lines and the brass detail, too. But what I really love about this one is how high off the floor it is. It gives the room some breathe.

bluish grey bench for the end of the bed, brass modern legs

Here’s your cute little bench for putting your shoes or socks on. This is perfect for the end of the bed.

I challenge you to not let your end of the bed bench get covered in piles of laundry. That gray tweed has too much iconic style to hide.

taupe upholstered dress with wooden legs and knobs

I absolutely had to include this upholstered dresser. I love the look of it and it’s definitely very mid-century modern.

My theory on the resurgence of mid century modern living is that people that didn’t have a ton of money to spend on brand new furniture were buying beautiful authentic pieces from the 50’s and 60’s at Goodwill.

This upholstered look would have had a hard time staying in good shape through all those years, though. But it’s one of the coolest design trends to revive.

grey upholstered accent chair with wooden midcentury modern legs

If your bedroom is big enough an accent chair or two, then you’re one of the lucky ones. I want you to start thinking of your bedroom as your kids do. It doesn’t have to be the place you go to sleep in.

It can be a unique space to have a cup of coffee in the morning. Or glass of wine at night. The more you live in the bedroom, the more you’re going to want it to look personal and beautiful.

black midcentury modern dresser

I love the idea of a black and white mid century modern bedroom and this black dresser would fit into that look perfectly.

If you go black and white, be sure to have some texture and some variations in whites, creams, grays. Just black and true white can be a little stark. It also would help if you used different materials and potted plants.

brown wood midcentury modern nightstand with a white marble top

Having a bedside table is a definite must for the bedroom. This marble top side table is perfect for a mid century modern bedroom. I’m loving the natural stone against the solid wood look.

I love the combination of open storage plus a drawer and having no hardware keeps this looking slick.

mango wood nightstand

This mango wood side table might be edging a little closer to Brady Brunch, but it’s beautiful, nonetheless.

Plenty of storage here and the brass fixtures are polished and not too brassy.


You’re going to need some lighting in your modern bedroom aren’t you? A couple of table lamps with beautiful geometric shapes at your bedside?

Or maybe something hung above the bed?

lamps with white shades and gold geometric shaped base

These two geometric lamps are perfect in shape and metal for a mid century modern bedroom.

These look like “today” but with a touch of mid century modern style, especially with the brass.

yellow midcentury modern lamps with white shades

A pop of bright color with these cheerful yellow lamps is beautiful in an otherwise neutral bedroom.

You don’t need a lot of color to make a statement with color, you just nee the right color. This yellow is right.

gold/brass sputnick chandelier

How about a sputnik chandelier for over the bed? It’s definitely a statement and very mid century modern.

Make sure you’ve got some high ceilings in your bedroom. This would not work in a low ceiling-ed room. Just in case that wasn’t already obvious :-).

gold/brass midcentury modern desk lamp

If you need a little lamp for on top of the dresser or desk, this brass lamp is perfect.

I love the mid century styling with the brass and the white globe and this has a nice small footprint so it won’t take up a lot of dresser real estate.

lamps with natural material shades and black bases

These Espresso Bronze lamps are very true to the mid century style. They are almost sculptural in their shape and the proportions are perfect.

These are great for the bedrooms or living rooms that lean towards mid century modern.

Mid-Century Modern Room Decor

It’s the little decor touches that really bring a room over the top.

You don’t want to go crazy and buy all the mid century stuff or your room will start to look like a movie set, but a few things here and there that are updated modern is just right.

small vintage midcentury modern table clock, red

I have a thing for a cute little alarm clock and this one is calling my name.

I love the pop of red and the mid century modern styling. It’s a perfect little moment to make you smile every morning.

potted plant, white pot held by 4 wooden legs

I’m a huge fan of plants in the bedroom. If you’re like me, this is the plant stand you want for your mid century modern bedroom.

Just don’t forget to water the plant. Or get a fake one. Ok?

gold geometric modern style candlesticks with white tapered candles

If I were putting these beautiful candlesticks in my bedroom, I would look for LED tapers.

But that beautiful brass and throw back style is perfect mid century modern decor.

set of 3 canvas paintings

I love some big wall art over the bed and this tryptic in particular is quite stunning.

I love the muted colors and I love that it’s kind of a throw back to picture frames you’d see in the 50’s or 60’s, but an updated version.

brass hexagon shaped mirror

You need a mirror above the dresser, right? This brass mirror is perfect for that spot.

I know you’re dresser probably came with a mirror, but be bold and replace it with something a little different. Why not? It’s your house.

little brass birds, paperweights

Most of the time I have a hard time with decor that is not functional, but these brass birds make me smile and that is function enough for me.

Maybe they can act as paperweights for my important papers on the bedside table. Or they can just be cute. That’s enough, right?


The bed linens can go very wrong when you’re searching for mid century modern duvets on Amazon. I’m just going to tell you that right now.

Be careful if you decide to veer away from my choices below and go searching on your own. 🙂 You might end up with something like this and that is not the direction you want to go in.

navy blue large palm comforter on a bed with navy blue sheets and rose colored pillows and throw

This stunning large palm duvet cover is simply gorgeous. I love the colors, the grayed out blue and pink is color without being overwhelming.

The pattern is a throw back to the florals of the 50’s and 60’s, but a completely modernized version.

white quilt comforter on bed

When in doubt you can absolutely not go wrong with a plain white quilt. You can layer other colors on top, or go for all soft neutrals, but this will work in any room at any time.

The geometric stitched pattern gives this that mid century vibe, but if you decide to Boho in a few years, it will work there, too.

dusty rose corduroy throw pillows

These dusty rose corduroy throw pillow covers have great texture while still sticking with that simple mid century minimalism.

One of my requirements for a throw pillow is that it is still functional (meaning I can lie my head on it if I want to) and these look like they’d be very cozy for a quick nap.

yellow and white patterned throw pillow

This gorgeous yellow patterned pillow cover is perfect for the bed or your accent chair.

It’s another great way to add just a little color to your bedroom.

black and white soft throw blanket

If you’re going to take a nap in the middle of the day, then you’re not going to want to actually get in your bed.

You’re going to want a beautiful throw like this black and white one. There’s something about actually getting under the covers that makes a nap a little too decadent.

white and grey throw blanket

Or, if black and white isn’t your thing, you could go with this pretty patterned and textured gray throw.

This could work pretty easily into almost any color scheme.

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