Toilet Sink Combo Ideas: Is It Right for You?

If you’re a homeowner revamping a tiny bathroom or powder room, the idea of a toilet sink combo might have crossed your mind. These clever compact units combine a sink directly above the toilet tank, promising serious space savings.

But are they a practical choice for your home? I’ll dive into their pros and cons and show you some real life examples for some inspiration.

What is a Toilet Sink Combo?

A toilet sink combo replaces your standard toilet tank, sink, and faucet with a single, integrated unit.

The concept is simple: after each flush, clean water fills the sink basin above. You wash your hands, and that water then drains into the toilet tank, ready for the next flush.

Modern Toilet Sink Combo Ideas

Teal & Grey Inspiration

Proof that small bathrooms can be big on personality. This delightful combination of teal walls and grey tile exudes modern charm despite its compact size.

Keep The Countertop

I love the sleek look of this little bathroom and that they have a toilet sink combo with a counter!

Shower Toilet Sink Trifecta

This is the ultimate compact combo because it even includes a shower!

Toilet Bowl Squared

This toilet sink combo has clean lines that are modern and minimalist.

Toilet Sink Combo with Storage

If you have a little extra space, you could go for this toilet sink combo that is a bit bigger and offers some cabinet drawers. I know I need all the storage I can get no matter what size my bathroom is!

Pocket Powder Room

This would work great in a pocket powder room under the stairs!

Toilet Sink Combos: The Pros

  • Space-Saving: Their primary benefit is saving floor space by eliminating a separate sink. This is a significant advantage for small bathrooms.
  • Water-Efficiency: They reuse water, making them potentially eco-friendly choices.
  • Unique Aesthetic: Some toilet sink combos come in stylish designs that contribute to a modern aesthetic.

Can Toilet Sink Combos Save You Money?

Toilet sink combos offer potential savings in two ways:

  • Reduced Water Bill: By reusing handwashing water for toilet flushes, you use less fresh water overall, lowering your water bill.
  • Reduced Sewer Bill: Many sewer systems charge based on wastewater volume. Since combos reduce the amount of water entering your sewer system, they can potentially lower your monthly sewer bill costs.

Important Note: The exact amount of savings will depend on your current water and sewer rates, household size, and how much water you normally use at the sink.

Toilet Sink Combos: The Cons

  • Hygiene Concerns: Some users find the idea of washing hands with water that will eventually flush their toilet a bit off-putting.
  • Limited Basin Size: The sinks on these combos are often small, making handwashing a bit awkward.
  • Awkward Maintenance: Repairing or replacing components on combo systems can be more complicated compared to separate toilet and sink setups.
  • Potential Cost: Some toilet sink combos can be more expensive than a standard toilet and sink bought separately.

Are Toilet Sink Combos a Good Fit for Your Home?

Ultimately, whether a toilet sink combo is a good fit depends on your priorities:

  • Small Bathrooms: If you don’t have a lot of space, a combo unit could be a good option.
  • Tiny Homes: This would be an ideal option if you are a tiny home dweller and maximizing space is your absolute priority!
  • Powder Rooms: Since powder rooms don’t often see heavy sink usage, hygiene concerns are less significant.
  • Eco-Conscious Households: A combo could align with your water conservation goals.

Things to Consider Before Buying a Toilet Sink Combo:

  • Installation: Some might require slightly different plumbing than a standard toilet.
  • Style: Choose a design that aligns with your bathroom’s overall aesthetic.


Toilet sink combos offer an intriguing solution for small spaces. They can be efficient and unique, but they also come with compromises.

Weigh the pros and cons carefully, including prioritizing both function and your comfort level. If you’re looking to add a unique touch and space-saving element to a bathroom, it could be the right solution for you!

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