4 Best Brown Leather Sofa Decorating Ideas

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4 Ways to Style Your Brown Leather Sofa

If you have a dark brown leather sofa, it can be tough to know how to make the rest of the room look amazing without your living space looking too dark, because large, dark-colored items tend to swallow up a room. To avoid that issue, the first thing you should do is to choose an interior design strategy. It’s the best way to make sure your dreams for your home become reality.

If you feel stuck on how to style your brown leather sofa, don’t worry. We have all the brown leather sofa decorating ideas you could need! We can figure out how to design your room in a way that complements your brown couch and help your living room feel like home.

Use Earthy Tones

olive green accent wall, white trimmed living room, brown leather sofa

If you don’t want brown to take over your living room space, centering earth tones in your color palette is one of the best things you can do. Some of the most popular colors are mustard yellow, olive green, and rust red. These accent colors can really make brown leather couches pop.

Integrating earthy tones into an accent wall as well as your throw pillows and blankets will bring a nature-like feel to your living room. If you love this idea, I highly recommend a mustard yellow throw pillow, an olive green throw blanket, or red velvet curtains.

A big focus here is the texture. Bringing in knits, corduroy, velvet, or other textured designs can help your pillows, blankets, and curtains stand out from your leather furniture and add dimension to the space.

Balance It Out

You know that light and airy living room look that’s all over Instagram? Never fear, you can still pull it off with a brown leather sofa set. This is the option you should pursue if you want your furniture to be the focal point of the room, because the contrast of a dark brown leather couch against a white marble floor makes your couch take center stage! Gold accents go perfect with it as well.

If you don’t have white walls to bring out the contrast, it can still work. Each light color you bring in will help make the dark color of the couch seem less oppressive. For example, a light earth-toned accent chairs can really balance out the look of brown leather furniture. You can also bring in lighter wood tones in the rest of the room if you want the light and airy feel without making everything white.

I have a soft pale pink chunky knit blanket like the one pictured, except mine is chenille, which means its even softer! I love it and always get so many compliments on it.

Embrace the Mid Century Modern Vibe

If you love mid century modern interior design, bringing it into your family room is essential! A funky rug, a gold floor lamp, a ZZ plant, and wooden shelving with cast iron accents can all look amazing next to a tan leather sofa. You can decide how much color you want to bring in– while some will embrace a bold color as an accent in their mid century modern living room, some prefer to keep it toned down.

If you’d love to have more in-depth ideas, check out our mid century modern decor post to see if any of the products will match your style. Because it’s so trendy right now, there are so many amazing options and variations of the style we think you’ll love.

Go for the Monochromatic Look

If you love cozy living room design that feels natural and homey, a monochromatic color scheme might be the best option for you! Drape your dark brown sofa with tan, white, and brown throw blankets and pillows, avoiding bold patterns and any bold color. You can incorporate different colors of wood as well, as long as they contribute to one cohesive look.

A jute rug and a chunky knit blanket are the perfect choices to start out with– they’re both natural, cozy colors that will make your living room feel like home. I highly recommend pairing this look with a delicious scented candle with natural smells like vanilla, teak, or sandalwood in a neutral-colored jar to enhance the vibe.

If you or your family love hunting or want to embrace the natural look, this style goes great with cowhide rugs, antlers, furry blankets, and other animal-inspired accents.

Copper Pillow Antler Accent Pillow


There are so many brown leather sofa decorating ideas to choose from if you’re remodeling or redecorating, and these are only a few! Keep your eyes peeled for more posts that will help you find your personal decor style. If you are now inspired and are looking for a brown leather couch, check out this one from Poly & Bark.

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