42 Stylish Glam Bedroom Ideas: All The Glam Decor You Need

Indulge in the ultimate luxury with our guide to creating a glamorous bedroom, where comfort meets style. Imagine a bedroom that shines with elegance and coziness, a reality made possible with the right Glam Bedroom Ideas. But what exactly embodies a glam bedroom aesthetic? Picture luxurious silk robes, high-heeled slippers adorned with pom poms, and faux fur stoles. This is the essence of glam style, and our task is to incorporate these elements into your bedroom design. While you could hire an interior designer to achieve this glitz, our glam room ideas make it easy for you to create a lavish escape right at home. So, get ready to explore our glamorous bedroom ideas that promise a blend of sparkle, sophistication, and style.

42 Glam Bedroom Ideas

Glam Bedroom Furniture

The furniture in the glam bedroom might look a little old Hollywood. Shiny reflective knobs and handles or a completely mirrored bedside table will work. Or go with a beautiful and feminine painted dresser. And just like your Little Black Dress, a Little Black Dresser is totally glam

Glam Bedroom Decor Beds and Frames

  1. Upholstered Wing Headboard from Etsy – This headboard works in a lot of glam room ideas for a few reasons, it’s upholstered and tufted. It’s also tall which gives it a bit of drama. And the wingback detail is just perfect.
  2. Upholstered Wall Panels from Etsy – These wall panels from Etsy are truly decor luxury for a glam bedroom design. These look amazing and the idea of having a completely custom wall feature behind your bed is really quite special.
  3. Lavender Upholstered Bed from Amazon – I love the color of this pretty bed that you can get right from Amazon. You’d have to decorate carefully around this to keep from going too cutesy, but it’s quite pretty.
  4. Green Velvet Bed from Amazon – I don’t know why Green is very glamorous to me. And of course Velvet is. But there’s something dark and cozy about this dark green.
  5. Gold Blair Bed from Amazon – The clean lines of this gold bed from Amazon are killing me. I love this bed. The gold is glam all day, obviously, but if you’re looking for more contemporary glam, this is it.
  6. Headboard with Floral Carve Panels, Asian Teak Wood – This is absolutely stunning. It’s handmade and totally unique. I think it would be awesome to paint it gold. Luxury glam room all the way!

Glam Storage & Accent Furniture

Besides a place to put your clothes (or sit and put your make up on), the furniture in your glam room has to work toward making the room that much more glamorous.

  1. Rose Gold Vanity from Amazon – I started with the vanity because if you want a “glam” bedroom, then I know you want a vanity. This one comes in different finishes, but this rose gold caught my eye.
  2. Mirrored Nightstand from Amazon – Here’s the shiny reflective mirrored nightstand I mentioned before. It’s a definite “yes” on this glam bedroom decor nightstand.
  3. Velvet Accent Chair from Amazon – It’s great to have a place to sit your unfolded laundry on. Kidding! It’s great to have this glam bedroom decor pink as can be chair to sit on.
  4. Glam Storage Bench from Amazon – I love having a bench at the end of my bed. Plus, just because you’re going glam doesn’t mean you stop needing extra storage!
  5. Pink Bureau from EtsyJulie Simple Redesign – Ok, sorry to tease you, this is just a sample of Julie’s work, but you can visit her Etsy shop and see what is available or contact her to figure out exactly what YOU want. That’s glam. Made for YOU furniture.
  6. Black Dresser from Amazon – This beautiful black dresser is so Vintage and glam.

Glam Bedroom Linens

Here’s where the comfort comes into your Glam Bedroom. You want soft and fuzzy and silky. And there are a lot of glam color schemes to choose from. Whatever makes you want to get in the covers and not come out.

Glam Bedding

  1. Linen Dust Ruffle Coverlet from Etsy – This ruffle coverlet is linen and is meant to just puddle, just a bit on the floor. And I just love that.
  2. Luxe Faux Fur Bedding from Amazon – Who wants to be wrapped in the softest most luxurious bedding ever? Me…I do! I’m buying this.
  3. Linen & Lace Bedding from Etsy – Lace is about as indulgent as a fabric can be, isn’t it? I mean, it’s barely a fabric at all it’s really just about looks? Just a little goes a long way with this bedding set.
  4. Velvet Oversized Duvet from Amazon – Of course velvet is here. Crawling into a velvet bed sounds pretty awesome right about now. This glam bedroom decor grey bedding is so easy to work into your room and so luxe too!
  5. Satin Bedding Set from Amazon – Satin sheets is a must if you’re glamorous!
  6. Reversible Tufted Cotton Chenille Medallion Duvet Cover from Amazon – I think this is my favorite bedding set of this bunch. The texture is gorgeous and this is reversible. Click over to see if you love the reverse side as much as the first side.

Glam Curtains

  1. White Ruffle Curtains from Amazon – A glam room is definitely on the romantic side and these curtains are all about the romance.
  2. Pink & Gold Curtains from Amazon – Pink and a little gold in these curtains are a perfect touch of color. Just make sure you order them really long so they drape the floor and gather a little. Gives it that rich luxurious look.
  3. Silk Curtains from Etsy – If you want to splurge on one beautiful fabric, go for silk drapes. They are going to get the least wear and tear and give a HUGE impact to the room.
  4. Silver Sequins Curtains from Amazon – I love glam bedroom decor ideas on a budget! Also, I saw in the comments where someone paired it with navy blue curtains so the sequins peaked out the side. Such an awesome idea!
  5. Green Velvet Curtains from Amazon – Here’s more green velvet. These come in lots of colors, but the green reminds me of emeralds. I love me some jewel tones and that it has a 5 star rating right now.
  6. Lush Grey Curtain from Amazon – These grey curtains are indulgent just a the right amount. If you’re looking for chic texture to glam your room, this is it.

Glam Throw Pillows & Blankets

  1. Cozy Fur Throw from Amazon – Soft and (faux) furry is a perfect throw for your glam bedroom decor.
  2. Rose Gold Throw from Amazon – Rose gold pops up everywhere when you’re looking at Glamorous bedrooms. This throw is a great bit of that color to add to your room.
  3. Knit Throw with Pom Poms from Amazon – Want to know how to get a glam bedroom on a budget? Get this luxe black velveteen blanket! And, you can even get it in King Size and the price is still low. No more fighting with your partner over a throw!
  4. Faux Fur Covers from Amazon – So much texture and softness from these pillow covers. They were made for glam.
  5. Metallic Deco Pillow Covers from Amazon – These metallic deco pillow covers are for a sophisticated glamorous bedroom. I love the pattern here.
  6. Gorgeous Rose Pillow Covers from Amazon – These pink accent pillows are to die for. They are so romantic and perfect for a glam bedroom (and they come in a bunch of colors)!

Glam Bedroom Lighting

  1. Black & Crystal Chandelier from Amazon – You’re more than likely going to want a chandelier for that classic glam look. I love this one with the black accent. It’s perfect for the glam goth bedroom mood too.
  2. Classy Crystal Lamps from Amazon – Table lamps are great for your nightstands and crystal ones are perfect for a glamorous room.
  3. Golden Goddess Lamps from Amazon – The rich gold gives such a glam bedroom decor vibe. With that marble base, it’s modern, classy, and elegant.
  4. Mirrored Lamp from Amazon – Then there’s these mother of pearl lamps that want ALL the attention. They are gorgeous.
  5. Crystal Chandelier from Amazon – If you can’t do the goth chandelier, you can get another upscale look with this beautiful glam all-crystal chandelier.
  6. Ostrich Feather Lamp from Amazon – I’m obsessed with this gold with feather “lamp shade”. It’s dripping with glam richness!

Glam Bedroom Accents

  1. Crystal Drop Mirror from Amazon – A mirror with shiny crystals? Oh, so glam. Use a crystal vase you probably already have that’ll go with it!
  2. White Faux Fur Rug from AmazonIf you do not already have this, you have to get it NOW! I have one and it makes the whole room. The decadent feeling you get when your feet touch the ground is angelic. This is required for any glam bedroom design ideas. IMHO.
  3. Pink & Gold Art from Amazon – If you’re going with pink and gold, this art piece is perfect for your glam bedroom. Chanel? Yes please!
  4. Black & Gold Art from Etsy – On the other hand, this bold black & gold art is going to give a lot of drama to your less conventional glamorous room.
  5. Geometric Accent Mirror from Amazon – A little more sparkle for the walls in the form of this pretty geometric gold mirror.
  6. Gold Female Silhouettes from Amazon – If you’re looking for glam and sensual, then definitely get these top rated art pieces. So gorge and tasteful.

How Do I Make My Bedroom Glamorous?

Start by changing up your color palette. Go for jewel tones, rich velvets, and deep shades of grey. Then, add some statement pieces like a plush velvet headboard or silver nightstands. Create an eye-catching accent wall behind your bed with luxe wallpaper. Hang floor-to-ceiling curtains to add a touch of elegance and layer in some sparkly accessories, like sequined pillows or wall art with metallic frames. Finally, put the finishing touches on with an eye-catching area rug, a crystal chandelier, and some faux fur throws. With these additions, you’ll feel like royalty! 

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