All The Decor to Match Your Glam Bedroom Ideas

If there’s one room in the house that should be glamorous, it’s the bedroom. A room that’s sparkly and cozy at the same time can totally be put together with the right glam bedroom ideas.

But what really is glam?

If you’re picturing silk robes, high heeled slippers with a pom pom and a (faux) fur stole, then you have pretty much the right idea on what “glam” is, we just need to translate that into bedroom decor.

What Makes Your Glam Bedroom Ideas “Glamorous”?

A glam bedroom is luxurious and it’s cozy at the same time. There are shiny metals that reflect light and make the room sparkle and then there are also soft and sumptuous materials like (faux) fur and silk.

Velvet works, too. And a crystal chandelier is pretty much a must have for a really glamorous bedroom.

Glam Bedroom Furniture

The furniture in the glam bedroom might look a little vintage Hollywood. Shiny reflective knobs and handles or a completely mirrored bedside table will work.

Or go with a beautiful and feminine painted dresser. And just like your Little Black Dress, a Little Black Dresser is totally glam.

Glam Beds

  1. Upholstered Wing Headboard from Etsy – This headboard works in a glam room for a few reasons, it’s upholstered and tufted. It’s also tall which gives it a bit of drama. And the wingback detail is just perfect.
  2. Upholstered Wall Panels from Etsy – These wall panels from Etsy are truly luxury for a glamorous bedroom. These look amazing and the idea of having a completely custom wall feature behind your bed is really quite special.
  3. Lavender Upholstered Bed from Amazon – I love the color of this pretty bed that you can get right from Amazon. You’d have to decorate carefully around this to keep from going too cutesy, but it’s quite pretty.
  4. Gold Blair Bed from Amazon – The clean lines of this gold bed from Amazon are killing me. I love this bed. The gold is glam all day, obviously, but if you’re looking for more contemporary glam, this is it.
  5. Baroque Iron Headboard from Etsy – And if you’re looking for more antique glam, then THIS is it. That’s a gorgeous and there’s ONE. So if you want it, better go get it. If it’s gone, you can check the Mid Mod Tropical’s Store to see what else you might love.
  6. Green Velvet Bed from Amazon – I don’t know why Green is very glamorous to me. And of course Velvet is. But there’s something dark and cozy about this dark green.

Glam Storage & Accent Furniture

Besides a place to put your clothes (or sit and put your make up on) the furniture in your glam room has to work toward making the room that much more glamorous.

  1. Rose Gold Vanity from Amazon – I started with the vanity because if you want a “glam” bedroom, then I know you want a vanity. This one comes in different finishes, but this rose gold caught my eye.
  2. Mirrored Nightstand from Etsy – Here’s the shiny reflective mirrored nightstand I mentioned before. You won’t mind cleaning the mirror, it’s only nightstand size, ok?
  3. Velvet Accent Chair from Amazon – It’s great to have a place to sit and do mundane things like put your socks on in the bedroom. Why not do it in a totally not mundane chair like this pretty velvet one?
  4. Metallic Gray Chest from Amazon – There’s a tiny bit of shine in this pretty chest and I love the deep dark, almost black color, too.
  5. Pink Bureau from EtsyJulie Simple Redesign – Ok, sorry to tease you, this is just a sample of Julie’s work, but you can visit her Etsy shop and see what is available or contact her to figure out exactly what YOU want. That’s glam. Made for YOU furniture.
  6. Black Dresser from EtsyMancini Vintage – This beautiful black dresser is also limited edition from Etsy, but if it’s gone check out what else there is at Mancini Vintage.

Glam Bedroom Linens

Here’s where the cozy comes into your Glam Bedroom. You want soft and fuzzy and silky. Whatever makes you want to get in the covers and not come out.

Glam Bed Linens

  1. Linen Dust Ruffle Coverlet from Etsy – This ruffle coverlet is linen and is meant to just puddle, just a bit on the floor. And I just love that.
  2. Hand Painted Egyptian Cotton Bedding from Etsy – This is a little different because the luxury here is in the floral pattern. It’s so beautiful and definitely would fit in a not so typical glamorous room.
  3. Linen & Lace Bedding from Etsy – Lace is about as indulgent as a fabric can be, isn’t it? I mean, it’s barely a fabric at all it’s really just about looks? Just a little goes a long way with this bedding set.
  4. Velvet Oversized Duvet from Amazon – Of course velvet is here. Crawling into a velvet bed sounds pretty awesome right about now. (although it’s not all velvet. that might get a smidge hot).
  5. Sateen Bedding Set from Etsy – Sateen? sounds delightful! And shimmery which is lovely to cast some light around.
  6. Reversible Tufted Cotton Chenille Medallion Duvet Cover from Amazon – I think this is my favorite bedding set of this bunch. The texture is gorgeous and this is reversible. Click over to see if you love the reverse side as much as the first side.

Glam Curtains

  1. White Ruffle Curtains from Amazon – A glam room is definitely on the romantic side and these curtains are all about the romance.
  2. Pink & Gold Curtains from Amazon – Pink and a little gold in these geometric curtains are a perfect touch of color.
  3. Silk Curtains from Etsy – If you want to splurge on one beautiful fabric, go for silk drapes. They are going to get the least wear and tear and give a HUGE impact to the room.
  4. Art Deco Curtains from Etsy – I love a touch of Art Deco pattern in a glam room. This is for the slightly outside the box glamorous bedroom.
  5. Green Velvet Curtains from Etsy – Here’s more green velvet. These come in lots of colors, but green just says, this is what I love and this is what I’m getting. And that seems very glamorous.
  6. Metallic Spangle Curtain from Etsy – These metallic curtains are just a the right amount of sparkle and dreamy drama for your glam bedroom window.

Glam Throw Pillows & Blankets

  1. Cozy Fur Throw from Amazon – Soft and (faux) furry is a perfect throw for your glam bed.
  2. Rose Gold Throw from Amazon – Rose gold pops up everywhere when you’re looking at Glamorous bedrooms. This throw is a great bit of that color to add to your room.
  3. Knit Throw with Pom Poms from Amazon – A knit throw can go in any style room, but those fuzzy, furry pom poms make this glam, right?
  4. Shaggy Pillow Covers from Amazon – So much texture and softness from these pillow covers. They were made for glam.
  5. Metallic Deco Pillow Covers from Amazon – These metallic deco pillow covers are for a sophisticated glamorous bedroom. I love the pattern here.
  6. Shimmery Alligator Print Pillow Covers from Etsy – There’s a lovely shimmer coming off of these alligator print pillow covers. It’s a great accent to those shaggy pillows above.

Glam Bedroom Lighting

  1. Black & Crystal Chandelier from Amazon – You’re more than likely going to want a chandelier for your room. I love this one with the black accent. It’s just a little different.
  2. Brushed Nickel with Nailhead Trim Lamps from Amazon – Table lamps are great for your nightstands and these brushed nickel ones are perfect for a glamorous room.
  3. Capiz Table Lamp from Amazon – Capiz gives such a beautiful bit of shine. It’s soft, but still shimmery.
  4. Mother of Pearl Lamp from Amazon – Then there’s these mother of pearl lamps that want ALL the attention. They are gorgeous.
  5. Crystal Table Lamp from Amazon – If you can’t do the chandelier, you can get the same look with these beautiful crystal lamps.
  6. Brass Wall Sconce from Amazon – These brass wall sconces are a great little accent and are perfect in a small room where you might not have a whole lot of space for a table lamp.

Glam Bedroom Accents

  1. Crystal Drop Mirror from Amazon – A mirror with shiny crystals? Oh, so glam.
  2. Mercury Glass Tea Light and Votive Holders from Amazon – I definitely think pretty little tea light holders belong in a glam room. I do like to recommend the faux tea lights for the bedroom though. Don’t want any of those throw pillows getting tossed into a flame.
  3. Pink & Gold Art from Etsy – If you’re going with pink and gold glam, this pretty little bit of art work is perfect for your room.
  4. Black & Gold Art from Etsy – On the other hand, this bold black & gold art is going to give a lot of drama to your less conventional glamorous room.
  5. Geometric Accent Mirror from Amazon – A little more sparkle for the walls in the form of this pretty geometric accent mirror.
  6. Large Cloud Print from Etsy – And if you need some seriously large art, maybe above the bed or dresser, you can consider this gorgeous print from Etsy.

What Kind of Glam Bedroom Ideas Will You Choose?

Are you going pink and gold glam for your glamorous bedroom? Focusing on luxe fabrics? If I were going for glam bedroom decor, I’d be leaning toward those sort of out of the ordinary, but definitely glamorous items.

Whatever you choose, you’ll rest well under your silk eye mask.