Brilliant Ikea Organization Hacks To Tidy All Your Stuff

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Ikea organization hacks aren’t as popular as the decor Ikea hacks, but there is something very satisfying when you’re not only organized but organized with simple, minimalist ikea products.

That’s what Ikea organization gets you. That feeling that you have all your stuff together and it looks pretty cool, too.

Organizing is a great way for reigning in the clutter and gaining extra space.

A Word On Decluttering

Before we get to the hacks, I want to hop on my soap box real quick and remind you that you shouldn’t try to organize clutter.

The first step in organizing is ALWAYS decluttering.

Getting things tidy with some cute hacks is fun. But sometimes clutter is beyond a few simple hacks.

If you need help clearing the clutter, I’ve found learning to let go is key! I used to be a pack rat and keep anything that even had a hint of sentimentality. But, once I got older and saw how much you really accumulate and that no one will want it later (they’ve accumulated their own stuff!), it’s helped me let go. If I do feel nostalgia or sentimental towards something, I take a picture of it! I can show my kids all the toys I loved in my youth that way.

11 Ikea Organization Hacks

Ok, PSA over, on to the awesome Ikea Organization hacks and how to incorporate them with your own style.

These 11 great Ikea hacks are so smart and you can tell many of them are born out of the frustration of not having a place for everything (most of the image credit and ideas go to Ikea Hackers!).

Ribbon Organizer

Ribbon organization with Ikea items.

The Heathered Nest came up with this brilliant use for one of the Ikea utensil holders. I love to see ordinary items used in unique ways.

Ribbon is one of those things in your craft room that you don’t use often enough to really remember how much of it you have and whether or not you need to buy more.

Which means you probably don’t need anymore ribbon. If you had your ribbon stored like this, you’d know if you really needed more for craft supplies.

Card Catalog Storage Space

DIY Shoe organization from Ikea

Windgate Lane did the best makeover for the Ikea hallway shoe organizer I have ever seen. And I have seen LOTS of Ikea hallway shoe organizer DIY projects.

I love everything about the look of this, the color, the cute card catalog motif. It’s completely personalized to her style.

But it’s not just about looks, right? This thing stores a TON of shoes and if you don’t need all of that space for shoes, you can get creative with what you store in there.

The best part is extra storage for a very small footprint. This is an insanely great idea!

Entry Organizer

Entryway Ikea organization hacks

Instructables has the niftiest little tutorial for making this tiny but oh so functional entry shelf made with Ikea magazine holders.

It’s the perfect place to drop your stuff when you walk in. Including the mail.

What’s great about this is that it will only hold so much mail. Thereby forcing you to not just drop the mail there and not look at it again for month (which happens with other storage bins).

It’s forced paper decluttering and I’m on board with that. Corral the mail and the keys and you are a step in the right direction when it comes to being organized.

Garage Organizer

Garage organizer from Ikea

Can you guess what the brilliant people at Ikea Hackers used to store these shovels and things? You’ll never guess what those are.

Wine bottle holder thingies! What a good idea!

I want to know the person who goes, “you know, if I put these on the wall in the garage…” Having your stuff up off the floor like this is an instant upgrade to your garage.

What other genius things has that person come up with? Or are they a one-hit wonder and they used all of their genius on this one practical solution?

Side Table with Storage

Ikea table hack with storage

If you have small spaces, then storage and organization is always a problem. This smart side table from Ikea Hackers solves a couple of those problems.

It’s an easy DIY project table, first of all. It has plenty of style and you can place it at the end of the sofa in your living room to hold your tea and your book.

But it’s also got storage when you lift that top off. Your throw blankets or pillows finally have a home! Or you could even use it to store your shoes when you come in the house.

Tie Organization In An Awkward Space

Tie storage in the small part of the closet.

You should learn to utilize the awkward spaces in your home. There are little spots for organization and storage all over that you just aren’t noticing.

Do it brilliantly by using an Ikea drying rack on the slope in the roof to store a lovely tie and belt condition. Hey! It’s a good use of an empty wall! I love how you can easily see every handsome tie and pick your favorite color.

Organization is the best when you make use of every bit of space.

Accessory Organization

Hanging jewerly storage Ikea hack.

You tend to use things more if you can see them. My jewelry is currently tucked away in the closet, so guess what?

I never wear it.

That’s why this jewelry and shoe organizing system from Ikea Hackers is so smart. Having all of your accessories displayed means you have easy access to them. Easy access means you are more likely to actually wear all of that!

Not all at once, though.

This was made with the Bygel rails for kitchen cabinets (which is obviously a great hack for a small kitchen).

Vertical Hanging Organization

Vertical storage from Ikea.

Even in the tiniest of spaces, there is always vertical wall space that can be utilized for storage solutions.

This idea from Ikea Hackers takes care of so many problems. These were made with the Ikea Grundtal rail system and some hooks.

Think about where those sweatshirts and shoes would be if not hung like this?

Probably the back of chair for the sweatshirts (messy) and the shoes in a pile (messier). This gives you way more floor space (which my family feels is a good place for dirty clothes).

Storage Cubbies

Scarf storage cubbies on wall

This is a great example of form meeting function in this really cute cubby system.

The Kvarnvik storage boxes are repurposed as the perfect spot to house some pretty scarves. This would be enough storage for winter gloves and hats and all of that other stuff the cold weather brings.

They actually become part of the decor if you’re not messy about it. Right now I think I have all mine in the Ikea RASKOG cart.

Sunnie Storage

Sunglass storage Ikea hack.

If you love sunglasses as much as your fave ikea pieces, then maybe you have this many pairs.

I don’t have this many pairs. I probably have bought and lost that many pairs, though.

Maybe if I had a great solution for organizing sunglasses like Ikea Hackers came up with, I wouldn’t have lost so many pairs.

This would work great for other accessories if you add some S hooks. Then you could do all of your accessorizing in one place! Life is better when you don’t have to look for stuff.

Jewelry Corral

Jewelry dish from Ikea coasters.

Sometimes it’s ok to just leave stuff out.

Jewelry for instance is pretty and if you have a few things that you wear every day, then, it makes sense to have a spot on your dresser where you keep them.

These little Ikea coasters turned jewelry dishes from are perfect for this. They are cute, add to the decor in your room and are perfect for very small items.

Makeup Brush Organization

ikea pots for plants being used as a makeup brush holder

If you need an easy way to store your paintbrushes or even your makeup brushes, the pretty white Ikea plant pots are perfect.

Fill them with sand and stick your brushes in handle side down.

The sand adds some weight so they aren’t so easy to knock over and you can see all of your brushes at once.

Ready To Hack Your Way to Organization?

My crafty side would love to start with those cute little coaster jewelry dishes, but my practical side is begging for that hanging system for sweatshirts and shoes.

Which ikea organizing hack will you try first? What’s the worst hotspot in your home and will one of these great ideas help solve it? I’m already on my way to the Ikea store.

Don’t forget to declutter first! Until next time…

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