DIY Garage Organization Ideas: Reclaim Your Parking Spot

Do you want to make your garage more organized and functional? Do you have a lot of items that need a proper place to be stored? Do you want to time and money? In this post, you’ll find some of the best DIY garage organization ideas that will help you transform your garage into a neat and efficient space. These ideas are easy to make, budget-friendly, and will save you a lot of floor space. Plus, they will make your garage look way better so you won’t be embarrassed anymore.

Whether you need to store your tools, gardening gear, sports equipment, cleaning supplies, or anything else, you will find a DIY project that suits your needs. You will also learn how to use your wall space, ceiling space, and even your door space for storage. Discover how to upcycle items you already have into clever storage solutions as well. You’ll have so much extra room in your garage after organizing it that you may be able to finally fit your car in there

1. Mounted DIY Garage Storage

add storage above in your garage, diy garage organization ideas

Any professional organizer will tell you that the best way to get your garage organized is by utilizing all of the space available to you. In your garage that means the space above you.

Jays Custom Creations has a great tutorial on how you can build a storage unit at the top of your garage. The reason why this idea works so well is that many of the things we store in our garages are items that we rarely use. Your artificial Christmas tree doesn’t need to be out in the open and easily accessible for the one month that you are going to use it.

This requires a bit more handiwork than you might be ready for, so read on to see the next garage wall storage idea that is a little less “DIY”.

2. More Storage For The Garage Ceiling

garage organization

A Bowl Full of Lemons shows you how to hang a metal storage rack if woodworking isn’t your thing.

This works really well if you have some extra space above your garage door. It’s a fantastic way to maximize space you hadn’t considered before. 

3. Garage Storage Systems For The Wall

label bins in the garage

Another gem from A Bowl Full of Lemons is building this racking system for containers to store all of the crazy things you like to put in your garage. It’s perfect for my kids and all the different sports equipment storage I need for each of them. 

Seriously, this is probably the definition of an organized garage right here.  It’s so satisfying to see all of the labels on these plastic storage bins.  

4. DIY PVC Pipe Fishing Pole Storage

We’ve got a brilliant hack from the Family Handyman that will make dealing with those pesky, tangle-prone fishing rods a breeze. Imagine – a DIY fishing rod organizer fashioned from nothing more than a humble PVC pipe and a pool noodle!

Here’s what you need: a 3-inch-diameter PVC pipe and your foam swimming pool noodle. With the careful precision of a seasoned angler, drill 1-inch holes spaced every 4 inches in the PVC pipe. Then, take that pool noodle – yes, the one you’ve used for countless summers – and cut slits every 4 inches using a utility knife. 

Now, you mount it. Align the noodle on the wall so that at least a couple of slits coincide with the studs. Gently pry those slits open, slide in a sturdy fender washer, and attach the noodle to the wall using 2-inch screws. Next, secure the PVC pipe to the wall right below the noodle. You’ve just made a comfortable, easy-to-reach home for your beloved fishing rods.

This nifty garage organization trick isn’t just for your rods. Use this same setup for other lengthy items like rakes, brooms, or even skis. Now, that’s what we call a reel-y cool storage solution (had to throw in a dad joke)!

5. Pegboard Garage Organizer

peg board organization

Customize your garage’s wall space further with pegboards.  Ideal for storing anything from screws and nails (if you hang cups from it) to rakes and shovels. This technique has been around for a while because I remember my Grandmother doing this in her garage. It’s a quick and efficient solution to your storage needs.  

6. Slat Wall Garage Organizer

slat wall organization, slat wall panel that has been painted white, DIY garage organization ideas

This is very similar to the pegboard organizer, but a little more stylish.  Adding these slat wall panels to your garage is an awesome way to not only organize but make your garage look clean (especially if you paint them white like this). You can hang whatever you want in the slats.  

7. Parking Spaces for Kids’ Vehicles

parking spaces made for kids in a garage using blue painters tape

Get your kids in on the organizing fun by creating parking spaces for them to park their vehicles in.

By simply using colored electric tape or painter’s tape, you can continuously upgrade the parking spaces as the vehicles change. You can even do an employee of the month space reserved for the kid that earns it for that month.

8. Space Saver: Folding Table Workstation

folding table in garage

Need a small work area to do things in the garage? You don’t need to go crazy and build a giant table or workbench. You can simply construct a nice little folding table like this one.  

Maillardville has all the details for this ingenious setup that takes up a minimal amount of garage space when it’s not in use.

9. DIY Garage Bike Rack

garage organization ideas for bikes

Bikes can take up a ridiculous amount of room in your garage if you aren’t too careful. Most people don’t even consider creating a bike rack because bikes seem like a heavy thing to try and hang up but they really aren’t.

I Heart Organizing put together a simple racking system for their bikes. Again, it’s all about using the vertical space in your garage to get it the most organized.  

10. Use Wire Shelving On The Garage Walls

Wire shelves are a bit like your reliable best friends: sturdy, adaptable, and always there when you need them. This not-so-secret weapon can be called into service to house anything from camping gear and holiday decor to your favorite gardening tools.

Your new wire shelving friend has a few more tricks up its sleeve. You can add hooks and baskets to ramp up your storage options. One of the things we love most about wire shelving is how it lets you tap into the untapped potential of your wall space.

Wire shelving is a total cinch to install too, and you can flex the height and width to suit your needs. 

11. Versatile Wall Hooks

Turn your garage wall into a smart storage solution using hooks. They are ideal for hanging items like rakes, shovels, or other lawn equipment. Simply screw them into the wall studs at a convenient height. The benefit? You’ll free up your floor space and have quick access to your tools.

12. Magnetic Tool Storage

Make misplacing your screwdrivers, hammers, pliers, and other small metal tools a thing of the past with magnetic tool storage. All you need is a magnetic strip attached to your workbench or wall. This ensures all your tools are easy to find and not scattered all over the place.

13. Brilliant Bungee Cords

Need to store oddly shaped or large items like balls or recycling bins? Try a bungee cord storage system. Attach bungee cords across a section of your garage wall or ceiling. The elasticity holds items in place, freeing up more floor space and keeping your garage orderly.

14. Reuse Old Cabinets For Clutter

If you’re upgrading your kitchen, consider relocating the old cabinets to your garage. They can be used for storing tools, paint cans, and gardening equipment. With a fresh coat of paint, they’ll look great too. 

15. Upcycle Mason Jars For Garage Organization

These can be used to store small items like nails, screws, and bolts. Attach the lids to the underside of a shelf and screw the jar onto the lid for a neat and visible storage solution.

16. Don’t Forget Baskets For Garage Storage Ideas

Don’t overlook the simple utility of baskets in your garage organization. Mount them on your garage wall to store gardening tools, car cleaning supplies, or even children’s toys. The benefit is the clear visibility and easy access they provide.

17. Rods For Garage Storage Space

Use rods and hangers to store tape rolls, wires, or rolled-up things. This system can be a lifesaver for items that typically get tangled or lost in drawers.

18. Dedicated Mudroom In The Garage

A portion of your garage could double as a mudroom. Install a bench, coat hooks, and shoe storage. It’s perfect for taking off dirty shoes or wet coats before entering the house, keeping the rest of your home clean.

How can I organize my garage for cheap?

Organizing your garage on a budget can be achieved with a bit of creativity and resourcefulness. Begin by decluttering and categorizing your items, selling or donating what you no longer need. For storage, repurpose items you already have, such as old cabinets, mason jars for small parts, or buckets for larger tools. Wooden pallets, often available for free, can be converted into shelving, a workbench, or tool racks. Use hooks to make use of wall space. Remember, the goal isn’t to spend a lot but to maximize the space you have in smart, affordable ways.

To summarize, with a dash of creativity, some DIY spirit, and these garage organization ideas, you can revolutionize your garage’s look and function. You can also customize these ideas to suit your preferences and needs. Remember, a well-organized garage can save you time, make tasks more enjoyable, and even provide you with a brand-new space, like a mudroom. Start decluttering and get organized today! 

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