Garage Organization Ideas: 9 DIY Ideas to Organize Your Garage

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I’m scared of the garage because it seems like it’s impossible to organize. I’m always on the lookout for garage organization ideas because the garage seems to get more stuff that I didn’t plan for.

It scares me because it’s a blank canvas to make a mess. Because the garage is usually out of sight many people have no problem letting it run wild.

Sure, you have great intentions when starting off but the same thing keeps on happening.

When you don’t have room for something in the house where does it go? Just put it in the garage until we figure out what to do with it later!

Except later never comes and instead, you continue to pile more and more stuff in the garage until it no longer acts as a garage (a place to store a car) but instead has become just another storage unit.

It doesn’t have to be this way.

You can take control of your garage and show it how organized it can be.

9 DIY Garage Organization Ideas

Your garage has potential. No matter what size it is there are a ton of different things you can do with your garage.

The key is figuring out how to best utilize the space and it’s hard to do that if you don’t know your options.

This post is meant to show you different options that you have available to you that will help you spruce up your garage.

1. Add More Storage Above

add storage above in your garage

Any professional organizer will tell you that the best way to get organized is by utilizing all of the space available to you.

In your garage that means the space above you that you might not even consider.

Jays Custom Creations has a great tutorial on how you can build a storage unit at the top of your garage.

This requires a bit more handiwork then you might be ready for but at the very least it should provide you with some solid ideas.

The reason why this idea works so well is that many of the things we store in our garages are items that we rarely use. Your artificial Christmas tree doesn’t need to be out in the open and easily accessible for the one month that you are going to use it.

2. More Storage Above Part II

garage organization

A Bowl Full of Lemons shows you how to hang metal storage if woodworking isn’t your thing.

This works really well if you have some extra space above your garage door.

3. Wall Storage

label bins in the garage

Another gem from A Bowl Full of Lemons is building this racking system for containers to store all of the crazy things you like to put in your garage.

Seriously, this is probably the definition of organization right here.

Pretty intense.

4. PVC Pipe Storage

using pvc pipes for storage

This works great for either the garage or shack where you keep the big tools.

Ashbee design has a genius way of using PVC pipes to hold up the big tools that we use in the yard.

What’s great about PVC pipes is that they are so easy to work with.

I used to be scared of PVC pipes but then I worked with some doing some plumbing for an aquarium and it’s amazing that all you need is a way to cut the PVC pipe and that’s pretty much it.

5. Pegboard Organization

peg board organization

This technique has been around for a while because I remember my Grandmother doing this in her shed.

What’s cool with pegboards is that now you can get them in a variety of colors. If you don’t want the brown/tan look then go with yellow.

No way are you going to miss that!

6. Slate Wall Organization

slate wall organization

Just because you’re organizing your garage doesn’t mean you can’t add a little style to it.

Adding these panels and painting them whatever color you want is an awesome away to not only organize but make your garage the place to be.

7. Parking Spaces for Kids’ Vehicles

parking spaces made for kids in a garage using blue painters tape

Get your kids in on the organizing fun by creating parking spaces for them to park their vehicles in.

Why should you be the only one that gets a designated spot?

By simply using colored electric tape you can continuously upgrade the parking spaces as the vehicles change.

You can even do an employee of the month space reserved to the kid that earns it for that month.

Don’t get any funny ideas and try to take the space for yourself.

8.Folding Table Garden Station

folding table in garage

Need a small work area to do things in the garage? You don’t need to go crazy and build a giant table or bench. You can simply construct a nice folding table like this:

Maillardville has the skinny on the details for this ingenious setup that takes up a minimal amount of space when it’s not in use.

9. Bike Rack

garage organization ideas for bikes

Bikes can take up a ridiculous amount of room in your garage if you aren’t too careful.

Most people don’t even consider creating a bike rack because bikes seem like a heavy thing to try and hang up but they really aren’t.

I Heart Organizing put together a beautiful racking system for their bikes along with designated “parking spots” for the bikes.

Again, it’s all about using the vertical space that you have afforded to you.

Organizing Your Garage Is Not Impossible

No matter how deep of a mess you’ve dug yourself into with your garage there is always a way out.

The best thing you can do is take note of the things that you can get rid of and there are always things that you can get rid of.

Sure 3 years from now you might have to buy it again, but that’s okay. That means for 3 years you were left without the mental burden of carrying around that terrible green pot that was supposed to house a beautiful cactus one day.

You’ll get to that cactus eventually but today isn’t going to be the day for it.

There is always a way to better organize things. We thought it would be impossible to organize our shoes until we researched and found some awesome shoe storage ideas. Sometimes you just need a bit of creativity and wit to help you get through things.

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