18 Bite-Sized Home Organization Projects You Can Start Now

Sometimes you need a little kick in the pants to do something you don’t want to do. For me, home organization projects are one of those things I just don’t feel like doing without some outside force telling me to. Sometimes that outside force is seeing some genius DIY organization idea someone else did. Sometimes it’s all the sheets falling on top of me when I open the linen closet.

Today, I was inspired by wanting to copy off of people who are more creative than me. So I thought I’d share.

From storage solutions in the home office to clever ideas for small spaces, we’ll tackle clutter throughout the whole houseExplore easy projects for home organization that will inspire you and transform your space into a well-oiled machine.

18 Home Organization Projects

1. Basement Shelves

I love this basement. Mine does not look like this. It’s still basement-y, which is fine, it is a basement, but it looks like a well-cared-for store room for your things that happen to not be out on display right now. This is what that should look like. Some sturdy shelves like these ones. And some clear plastic containers.

2. Drawer Organizers

a kitchen drawer divided by wooden dividers so its organized, home organization projects

I love drawer dividers (especially for junk drawers). I use them for my undies and socks, my silverware and utensils, my desk drawer, and anywhere else I can free up counter space.  They are one of the best organization tips I ever received.  I have bought them, found a random one at a garage sale, and even used little boxes that I saved instead of throwing them away. You can even get a pre-divided tray that just slides right in. 

3. Organized Playroom

Any one of us with children knows this playroom doesn’t look like this all the time. You wouldn’t even want it to. You want your kids to play and make messes.

But when you have organization like this, clean-up is SO much easier and looks beautiful when the play is done. If playing ever gets “done”.

4. Garage and Attic Organization Projects

an organized garage wall, projects for home organization

The garage and attic are often neglected areas that become storage spaces for miscellaneous items. Take the time to declutter and create designated spots for tools, seasonal items, and other belongings. Utilize storage solutions such as shelves, bins, and hooks to keep everything organized and easily accessible. Consider adding personal touches like a workbench or a reading nook to make the space more inviting and functional. These projects will help you reclaim these spaces and maximize storage potential.

5. Bathroom Linen Shelves

shelves sitting right next to a toilet, shelves are very organized and used for extra storage, home organization projects

I love when form and function come together in a beautiful way like these linen shelves. The shelves are beautiful to look and they are housing all of your “Stuff”. That bathroom is unique because usually most of that stuff is put away OR it is OUT and looking very messy. Roll up towels to fit more and to make it look pretty! You can find this bathroom organization project on Elle Claire Inspired.

6. Bathroom and Laundry Room Organization Projects

My newest hack that I just did was to put a hanging laundry hamper in every bathroom and the laundry room for dirty clothes.  Because I have 3 other family members living here who can’t seem to keep dirty clothes off the floor.  It’s beyond annoying. I must say that I’m loving my new little system I’ve put in place.  Plus, there’s a zipper across the bottom so you just stick your laundry basket under it, unzip it, and all the dirty clothes fall into it. So, buy one for EVERY space where laundry typically lands.

7. Kids’ Bedrooms

kid bedroom with baskets on shelves to organize stuffed animals and wall ledges to hold kid books

In kids’ bedrooms, use large baskets or bins to store toys and stuffed animals. Encourage them to maintain an organized space by putting everything back in its designated spot. You can use the IKEA Spice Rack hack to make this diy bookshelf too.

8. Organized Glassware

open cupboard with variety of glasses and dishes, home organization projects

Glasses are a problem in my house. There is never enough room for all of the receptacles for drinking liquids. Coffee mugs. Glasses. Teacup. Wine glasses. Plastic cups. This solution isn’t exactly right for my home, but it’s a great inspiration.

9. Tidy Family Room

The family room is where you do family things. It’s about being together.

No one likes being together in a cluttered, messy family room. They want to be in a family room like this one. With plenty of room and storage for all the fun family things you want to do.

10. Easy Kitchen Organization Projects

First, check out this fridge organizing hack for your condiments!  I’m buying these immediately! I hate the inside of my refrigerator door!  Obviously, there is more outside of the fridge to do.  Consider using jars to keep your pantry items organized. Label them with expiration dates to avoid food waste. Install additional shelving in your kitchen cabinets to maximize storage space. 

11. Organized Home Office Supplies

What I love about this office is the different options for organization.

There’s a super cool tall cork wall. There’s a rolling cart. There are drawers. There are baskets. Organizing doesn’t have to be boring. Find the receptacle that makes for what needs to be organized and go for it!

12. Cleaning Organization

Do you think it might be possible that if your cleaning supplies were not only this organized but also this pretty to look at that you might enjoy cleaning just a molecule more?

I do. So, therefore, since I will take every sniff of enjoyment I can get out of cleaning, this project makes perfect sense.

13. Linen Closet

I am not embarrassed to tell you that my linen closet is an unmitigated disaster.

I don’t fold sheets. I just SHOVE them into the closet because I don’t want to deal with them. If I had this setup, I could at least shove them into baskets.

14. Organized Craft Room

Here’s a great DIY idea using buckets on hangers. Or, invest in storage solutions like shelves, cupboards, and file cabinets to keep your craft supplies neatly arranged. Create designated spots for each item, making it an easy way to find what you need. Consider utilizing helpful hacks for your Cricut, such as using sheet protectors to store design templates and vinyl sheets, or organizing materials in large filing bins. Pegboards are the best DIY idea because you can customize them for extra storage. PSA: Try your hardest to only buy necessities! I know how out-of-hand these rooms get!! 

15. Coffee Station Love

If you love coffee and tea and you are a grown adult then you should have a place that is like this coffee station in your home.

It’s kind of like an organized altar to coffee. You want that, right? It’s a ritual more than just a drink, your coffee. It deserves something special like this.

16. Command Center

A command center is a brilliant idea if you want an organized home. There are so many things that come in and out of the house each day and so many dates and projects to stay on top of. The command center is the place to do that. This one is my favorite, beautiful and functional.

17. Entryway or Mudroom

Ok, so this one is easy because…well…you just buy the whole organization project in one piece.  Bam! Done! That was easy.  Now you have a bench to sit on and take your boots off and wall hooks that are already there for you to hang your jacket on. 

18. Living Room and Dining Room Projects

Creating an organized living room and dining room is a great way to make your entire home feel more spacious and inviting. Utilize storage bins or baskets to keep small items like throw pillows neatly arranged when not in use. Consider adding a wall organizer in the dining room to store magazines or other reading materials. I love a leaning ladder to either hold blankets or other items.

What are the best ways to simplify a home-organizing project?

Clean Up First

Start by just picking up. Throw away any trash, wrappers, old papers, or old food left sitting out. That’s easy. If there are dirty dishes, take them to the sink.


Declutter your belongings by purging, meaning get rid of stuff you don’t need, want, or use anymore. Sort items into categories like keep, donate/sell, and discard. That reduces the amount of stuff you have to organize!

Break it down

Rather than attempting to organize your entire house in one go, break the project into smaller, bite-size tasks. Divide it by room or even just one junk drawer for the day. This approach prevents overwhelm and allows you to see progress more easily.

Pick One Home Org Project

The idea is if you can do one project at a time, it’s less overwhelming and you’ll eventually have it all done! One caution! Do NOT. I repeat, DO NOT start a new project before you finish the first one. 

You’re welcome! You too now have a wide range of home organization projects to choose from to motivate yourself. Whether you’re organizing your kitchen, living room, bedroom, or even your garage, these DIY organization ideas will make a huge difference in creating a functional and aesthetically pleasing space. With these helpful hacks and tips, you’re well on your way to an organized and stress-free home.

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