Brilliant Ikea Kids Room Hacks You Should Try

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Ikea hacks for kids bedrooms are practically essential.

They have so much stuff. And you want it to look cute, too, right?

Ikea (hacks) to the rescue!

15 Ikea Hacks for Kids


There aren’t a lot of rooms in the house that you can really let your imagination run wild.

Well, yes you can, it’s your house you can do whatever you want.

But you can get 5 year old imaginative in your little kid’s rooms. They are perfect for Ikea hacks!

Bed Slats to Wall Organizer

This is crazy brilliant. I say it all the time, get your “Stuff” off the surfaces and on the wall.

This Ikea hack is a brilliant way to do that. Here it’s mostly craft supplies, but imagine what else this could hold!

You can find the full tutorial on

Sweet Shop

I am seriously in love with how adorable this little pretend sweet shop is.

Or maybe I just want a cupcake really bad. Or both.

You can find the details for this project at Damask Love.

Under the Bed Storage

If your kids room is not super large, you’re going to want to be creative with the storage.

This underbed storage is part decor, part storage.

I love a two for one!

You can find the details on Hey There Home.

Custom Closet

Don’t forget the closet! There’s plenty of personality to be added there.

Or if you don’t have a closet, you could sneak something like this into a corner of the room and suddenly, closet!

You can find the details on Ikea Hackers.

A Train Topped Bed

It’s totally Thomas isn’t it? I love the edition of the train tracks on the top of this bed!

And did you miss the slide? You can forget sending your kid to time out in their rooms. This is too much fun!

You can find all of the details on Ikea Hackers.

Easy Organization

I love the bench seat for quiet play and reading.

But I also love that the toys here are also the decor. They add color and cuteness.

You can find the details for this project on Kate Decorates.

A Castle

Wow. This is a whole castle. No kidding.

This is so worth however much work went into it.

You can find the details on this Ikea hack on Ikea Hackers.

A Pretty Play Table

A little paint and a little bit of mod podge. And maybe something to seal it with.

But that’s it! And you have this adorable Ikea hack.

You can find the details on Ikea Hackers.

Parking Garage

Every kid would put their cars away if they just had a garage like this to put them in.

I mean, it’s too cute not too!

You can find the details on Ikea Hackers.

Lego Storage Cart

I like the idea of the rolling storage cart for kids rooms. That way where they put things away is always near them.

They might like to do Legos on the other side of the room. That means it’s a little more work to tidy up after playing if their container is all the way over there…

But if the Lego cart rolls with you, then clean up is easy!

You can find the details on Ikea Hackers.

Art Show

Your kids make beautiful things. I know they do.

You can use this Ikea hack to show that beautiful stuff off!

You can find the details on Ikea Hackers.

Doll House

A bookcase is perfect for converting to a dollhouse. A little paint and some creative flooring and Barbie is one happy Princess over there.

You can find the details for this project on Ikea Hackers.

Under the Sea Fun

If you have a collection of stuffed friends from Ikea, then this might be the inspiration you need so that your kids actually PLAY with those.

Some velcro and some felt and you’re practically done!

You can find the details on Ikea Hackers.

A Desk With Storage

I love the idea of adding this type of storage to a desk, especially for kids.

Why? Because, how often are pens, crayons and markers rolling off their desks? A lot. Now they are contained!

In containers.

You can find the details for this project Ikea Hackers.

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