16 Ikea Kids Room Hacks That’ll Make You Wish You Were a Kid

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IKEA is a great place to find affordable furniture and accessories for any room in your home. But did you know that you can also use IKEA products to create amazing kids’ room hacks that will transform your child’s space into a fun and functional wonderland? In this post, we’ll show you 16 IKEA kids room hacks that will make you wish you were a kid again. Whether you need more storage, more play space, or more personality, these hacks have you covered. Let’s get started! 

Ikea Bed Slats to Wall Organizer

This is crazy brilliant. I say it all the time, get your “Stuff” off the surfaces and on the wall. This Ikea bed slats hack is a brilliant way to do that. Here it’s mostly craft supplies, but imagine what else this could hold! You can find the full tutorial on Brit.co.

Turn Ikea Kallax Shelf Into A Pretend Bakery

This Ikea kids playroom hack is beyond creative. I’m seriously in love with how adorable this little pretend sweet bakery is. I helped a family member make a couple of these to give as presents for a couple of the little girls in my family and they loved them! We thought they turned out cute! You can find the details for this project at Damask Love.

Create Tons of Under the Bed Storage

If your child’s room is not super large, you’re going to want to be creative with the storage space.

This under-bed storage is part home decor, and part storage bins.

I love a two-for-one! You can find the details on Hey There Home.

DIY Custom Closet For Kid’s Bedroom

If you’re low on closet space or don’t have a closet at all, this Ikea kids room hack is perfect! You can create your own little wardrobe or closet to store extra clothes. And there’s plenty of personality to be added there too.

Ikea Furniture Turned Into A Train

Trains are a very popular décor theme for children’s bedrooms. This Ikea kid room hack will make them feel like Thomas is always available for play dates! No more time-outs in their bedrooms with this children’s Ikea bedroom hack I guess.

Create A Reading Nook Bench

Reading is one of the best activities for little ones, but it can be hard to find a comfortable and quiet spot to curl up with a book. That’s why we love this IKEA kids room hack that uses the Ikea Kallax bookshelf to create a reading nook. Simply add some cushions, pillows, or blankets to make it extra cozy. You can also add some fairy lights or a wall lamp for some extra ambiance. You can find the details for this project on Kate Decorates.

Turn an IKEA Kura Bed Into A Castle

The KURA bed is one of the most popular IKEA kids room hacks because it’s so versatile. You can flip it over to create a loft bed or a low bed, and you can add curtains, canopies, or lights to make it more cozy. But if you want to take it to the next level, why not turn it into a castle? All you need is some plywood, paint, and a few accessories to create a royal retreat for your little prince or princess. You can find the details on this Ikea hack on Ikea Hackers.

Make A Custom Ikea Play Table

A little paint and a little bit of mod podge. And maybe something to seal it with. But that’s it! And you have this adorable Ikea hack.

Turn Bookshelves Into A Parking Garage

Every home that has a kid living in it or visiting it probably has some Hot Wheels and needs this Ikea kid hack for toy car storage. I love this one. A little bit of electrical tape on the bookshelves and now the they think it’s fun to put their cars away. You can find the details on Ikea Hackers.

Make An Ikea Trofast Lego Storage Cart

If your littles love to play with Legos, but you’re tired of stepping on them, this IKEA kids room hack is perfect for you. You can turn a TROFAST frame and storage buckets into a cool lego cart with just a few modifications. This hack is super easy and budget-friendly!

Ok, I love this Ikea kids hack; I do this one myself. One, because Ikea frames are so cheap which I love. And two, because my kids make pretty cool artwork and I really do want to display it. It’s the perfect keepsake storage hack.

Transform A Billy Bookcase Into A Doll House

Dollhouses are another classic toy that kids love, but they can also be quite expensive and bulky. That’s why we love this IKEA kids room hack that transforms a Billy bookshelf into a dollhouse. You can find the details for this project on Ikea Hackers.

Make An Under the Sea Play Set

If you have a collection of stuffed animals from Ikea, then this might be the inspirational kids room hack you need so that your kids actually PLAY with them. Some velcro and some felt and you’re practically done!

Boost A Desk’s Storage Capabilities

I love the idea of adding this type of storage to a desk, especially for kids. Why? Because, how often are pens, crayons, and markers rolling off their desks? A lot. Thank you awesome Ikea hacks for saving the day…again!

Ikea Spice Rack Book Storage

4 IKEA Spice Racks painted in pastel colors and hanging on the wall holding and displaying kids books, ikea hacks for kids room

There’s two things I love here. I love that the Ikea spice rack hack creates extra storage for books in a nursery from Her Happy Home. And I love that you can paint them whatever colors you want.

Turn The Moppe Chest Into A Cool Side Table

Create a cool kid’s nightstand by using IKEA’s Moppe chest of drawers and Tenhult stool. Secure the two together using wood glue, then paint the drawer fronts. Finally, seal it all with a coat of matt varnish to keep it looking new. Or, you could even use washi tape, decoupage paper, or wallpaper to color the drawers! Check out this awesome Ikea kids room hack at Ideal Home UK.

These are just some of the amazing IKEA kids room hacks that you can try at home. They are easy, affordable, and fun, and they will make your child’s room more cozy, playful, and personalized. Which one is your favorite? Follow us and let us know on Pinterest!

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