13 Dollar Tree Organizing Hacks To Reign In the Clutter

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The amount of stuff in the home is a little out of control. Yes, you should be decluttering a lot of it (here’s 37 Things to Throw Away Now), but you still need to keep stuff and it needs to be tidy. That’s where these Dollar Store Organizing Hacks come in.

Because you don’t want to spend a ton of money on organizing, right? You need that money to buy other stuff!

Just kidding, stop buying stuff! Spend some time organizing what you have and then see if you even need anymore stuff.

How to Tidy Your Stuff With Dollar Tree Organizing Hacks

You might be wondering why Dollar Tree Organizing? Well, I love Dollar Tree. It’s so easy. There’s one just five minutes from me and I love walking in and not wondering how much something is going to be. And it’s fairly small. Not overwhelming.

If you love Walmart, you can probably find the same tools for these organizing hacks there, but Dollar Tree is cool with me.

Pro Tip!

Buy all of your Dollar Tree organizing items online in bulk and have them shipped to your home or your local store!

Cupcake Tins In Your Drawers

What? Yeah, why not, right?

The humble cupcake tin is perfect for sorting the little bits and bobs that you stick in your drawers. Your desk drawers.

This is a genius way of repurposing a simple kitchen item.

You can find the full tutorial for the Cupcake Tin Organizing Hack on This Is Our Bliss.

Bins for Crafts

My craft stuff is a disaster. I freely admit it. It’s everywhere and not organized.

I need to get myself to the craft store for some bins to get things tidied up. And then I might actually use what I have.

Instead of going to the dollar store to buy more.

You can find the full tutorial for organizing crafts with bins on Kelly Kelko.

For the Entry

This is technically the entrance from the garage to the house, but if you’ve got a mudroom or something similar, then you know that stuff just COLLECTS there.

It’s like people can’t walk through the door more than two steps without dropping everything in their hands.

So corral it all with some Dollar Tree bins.

You can find the full tutorial on organizing the entry at Old Salt Farm.

Hook Up Your Baking Stuff

Dollar Tree has Command Hooks. And Command Hooks are amazing for organizing stuff.

In this cabinet, it’s pulled the measuring cups off the bottom of the drawer and onto the wall of the cabinet. So you can actually SEE them.

Pretty smart, right?

You can find the full tutorial for organizing with command hooks at Two Twenty One.

Small Spice Holder

Here’s another great example of getting things, in this case spices, off of the horizontal spaces and up onto a vertical one.

These little round metal containers are perfect for holding spices. Putting them up inside the door of the cabinet is brilliant.

It gets them up and out of the way and it makes them easy to see.

You can find the full tutorial for the spice organizing hack on A Cultivated Nest.

Full Pantry Makeover

I know you’re thinking two things. That’s an impressive pantry. And also, More bins, big whoop.

But, do you see what makes this dollar tree organizing hack a little more unique?

It’s the cute labels. If you’ve bought all your Dollar Tree items and thinking, they don’t look so cute, try adding some cute little labels.

You can find the full tutorial for this full pantry makeover at How to Nest for Less.

Fridge Organization

Don’t yell at me, I know it’s just more bins, but I had to include this one because I don’t think most people think about organizing the refrigerator in this way.

I mean, it’s kind of full of bins already, right?

But if you add some bins to the shelves, it makes life so much easier. No more whacking the mustard to the side so you can find the mayo. You just pull out the bin and slide it back in.

You can find the full tutorial for organizing the fridge at The Domestic Geek Blog.

Cleaning Closet Organization

What do you do with your mops and brooms? I usually lean them in a corner.

I don’t recommend it. They fall down all the time and they are constantly reminding me that I need to sweep or mop.

Get them in a closet and hang them on some hooks. It’s the whole reason that hook is at the top of them.

You can find the full tutorial for cleaning closet organization on Yellow Bliss Road.


One of the biggest problems with organization in my house is stuff not being put away. It’s annoying because while you’re cleaning, you don’t want to be running all through the house putting stuff away.

That’s where the bucket comes in. Fill them with the junk that everyone else has left around and let them put it all away.

It’s so much easier to hand them a bucket than it is to say, Go pick up all of your crap!

You can find the full tutorial for the bucket organizing technique on Remarkable Home.

Makeup Organization

I don’t have this much makeup. At least I don’t think I do. I don’t really know what it would look like if I put all of it in one place.

This is technically an over the door shoe holder, but it’s perfect for all of this makeup.

If you’re not a makeup maven, though, think about all of the other stuff this could hold. Awesome, right?

You can find the full tutorial for this makeup organization hack on Salto Quinze.

Baking Sheet Message Center

If you have little notes to yourself all around the house, you might want to think about making this cute little message center.

It’s a baking sheet from the Dollar Tree. Genius, right?

Some magnets and suddenly all of your random notes and papers have a cute home.

You can find the full tutorial for the baking sheet message center on The Crazy Craft Lady.

Scarf Organization

I love scarves, but I can never really find them in the pile on my shelf in my closet.

Hanging them on shower curtain hooks is brilliant. You can see everything you have.

And maybe actually WEAR them! This would work great for camisoles, too.

You can find the full tutorial for this scarf organization hack on From the Desk.

Pot Lids

Pot lids are the WORST. They don’t go anywhere well.

At least not until you find this great hack that organizers the pot lids with napkin holders you can get at the Dollar Tree.

They are kept tidy and upright so you can see them and get to them easily without knocking over 47 things.

You can find the full tutorial (and some other napkin holder hacks!) for the Pot Lid Hack on Amy Latta Creations.

Do You Need More Help Than Just Some Hacks?

Getting things tidy with some cute hacks is fun. But sometimes clutter is beyond a few simple hacks.

If you need help clearing the clutter, I’ve found a decluttering system that beats anything I’ve ever read or tried on getting organized.

What Do We Do Now?

Ready to get organized? Tackle all of those weird spots in your house that need something to keep them tidy, but you’re not really sure what?

Well get to Dollar Tree and get started!

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