14 Dollar Tree Home Decor Ideas: Stunning Style On A Budget

Are you searching for unique yet affordable Dollar Tree Home Decor Ideas to transform your home? We explore an array of easy and budget-friendly dollar store DIY home decor ideas that won’t dent your pocket while ensuring your home looks stylish and inviting.

What sets Dollar Tree decor apart is the broad selection for every room and season. Whether you desire to enhance your living room with warm, inviting candles, design an eye-catching centerpiece for your dining area, or craft a festive wreath for your front door, the local Dollar Tree store has got you covered. You’ll be pleasantly surprised to discover how far a few dollars and a dash of creativity can take you!

Let’s dive into some Dollar Tree home decor ideas that I’ve personally tried and loved:

Handcrafted Rope Basket

Dollar Store Home Decor Ideas basket #HomeDecor

Image credit & tutorial found at I Heart Organizing.

Sometimes, the most stunning pieces of decor come from the simplest materials. This DIY rope basket, reminiscent of those found at Pier 1, is a perfect example. It’s a delightful surprise that such a stylish basket can be crafted at home using items that are much more affordable.

For this creative Dollar Tree home decor project, gather these materials: Cotton Piping, Plastic Bins, and White Spray Paint (optional, in case your basket isn’t white).

Begin by deciding on the color scheme for your basket. If you fancy a pristine white look, leave the cotton piping as is. For a pop of color, dip the cotton piping in any paint color that suits your decor.

Next, using a hot glue gun, start wrapping the cotton piping around the plastic planting basket. Ensure the piping is secure as you craft your way around the basket.

The finished product is a charming, handcrafted rope basket perfect for storing throw blankets, magazines, kids’ toys, or even as a stylish plant holder. This Dollar Tree DIY project highlights the potential of Dollar Tree items to become high-end looking home decor pieces. So why not give it a try and add a touch of handmade elegance to your home decor?

Dollar Tree DIY: Elegant Candle Holders

diy glass candle holder filled with salt

A subtle ambiance can be achieved by incorporating candles into your décor. Interestingly, elegant candle holders can be made using Dollar Tree items. You’ll need: glass vases, salt, and candles, all of which can be purchased at your local Dollar Tree store. Filling the glass vase with salt and embedding the candle inside creates a tranquil, beachy ambiance. These DIY candle holders are perfect for your fireplace mantel or coffee table and demonstrate the versatile nature of Dollar Tree home décor.

DIY Succulent Planters

Succulent Planter home decor #HomeDecor

Image credit & tutorial found at Craftberry Bush.

I love succulents because not only are they beautiful but they are pretty tough to kill. They work for all seasons in your home and you can put them in so many unique DIY planters.

Mix in some Dollar Tree pebbles and moss and you get a small part of nature in your home without too much fuss.

Seasonal Burlap and Twine Wreaths: A Dollar Tree DIY Project

dollar tree diy wreath made with twine and greenery

Home decor often incorporates seasonal decorations. Wreaths are a timeless and versatile décor option that can be customized for any season using affordable materials from Dollar Tree. For this Dollar Tree DIY project, gather a wreath form, burlap, twine, faux fruit or berries, and seasonal leaves from your local Dollar Tree. Hang these on your door, wall, or window for a charming welcome to your guests.

DIY Elephant Bookends

Dollar Store bookends for Home Decor Succulent Planter home decor #HomeDecor

These are my fave to make, especially for my kids’ rooms. You can use any plastic animals or dinosaurs you’d like. Just spray paint them the color that matches your decor and glue them onto a wooden block or some kind of base. Easy peasy Dollar Tree DIY!

Image credit & tutorial found at Love Grows Wild.

Dollar Tree DIY: Minimalist-Style Metal Wreath

metal-looking wreath made from hula hoop

One way to bring a minimalist style into your home is by creating a unique, metallic wreath using a Dollar Tree hula hoop.

For this Dollar Tree DIY project, you’ll need a hula hoop, rose gold spray paint, and a bit of greenery. Begin by spray painting the hula hoop rose gold. Allow it to dry completely, creating a sleek and modern metal-looking wreath base.

Next, attach your chosen greenery to the bottom side of the wreath. This subtle touch of greenery, juxtaposed with the rose gold, offers a minimalist yet chic look. This idea showcases how a simple hula hoop can be transformed into a stylish piece of decor. Hang this minimalist-style wreath on a wall or patio and enjoy the contemporary feel it brings to your space. 

DIY Mason Jar Organizers

mason jar organizers home decor #HomeDecor

Image credit & tutorial found at PopSugar.

Once I saw another awesome way to use Mason Jars I got to thinking if there were any books on Mason Jar projects because there are so many projects that I come across. And I found plenty at my local thrift store for less than a dollar! Score! 

To nobody’s surprise, there are a ton of books on Mason Jars. It makes sense because these are easily the most useful craft items that I come across.

These DIY Mason Jar organizers are simple to put together and you get to choose the color scheme you wish to use.

DIY Dollar Tree Centerpieces

diy dollar store centerpiece using dollar candles and moss on a tray

Design stunning centerpieces for your dining room or kitchen table with items like glass jars, terra cotta pots, ribbons, metal planters, or trays, and fill them with flowers, candles, fruits, vegetables, or more. 

Dollar Store Items: Decanter Decoration

decanter home decor #HomeDecor

Image credit & tutorial found at Buzzfeed.

Nothing fancy about this one. This is just a simple find that you can use to store soap, mouthwash, or a cool looking liquid in your bathroom.

What other cool looking liquids can you find in your bathroom? Let’s not go that far but it’s always nice to have some crystal-like objects around. Adds a touch of class to a usually unclassy room in the house.

Picture Frame Art Wall: A Fun Dollar Tree Home Decor Idea

a person hanging up cheap pictures frames to make an art wall, dollar tree diy home decor ideas

Creating an art wall using Dollar Tree picture frames is not only a fun family activity but also an affordable way to personalize your living space. After choosing a selection of frames and favorite family photos, you can arrange them into a delightful collage. This unique piece of Dollar Tree home decor adds character to your dining room and serves as a talking point for guests.

Dollar Tree Craft Ideas Winner: A Vine Work of Art

dollar tree spring wreath

Dollar Tree actually held a contest to see who could come up with the best DIY home decor piece and this spring wreath won!  The Dollar Tree supplies you’ll need include a grapevine wreath, mini flower pots, floral wire, floral foam, and flowers. You can see all the details on their website

Mason Jar Soap Dispensers

Mason Jar soap dispenser home decor idea #HomeDecor

Image credit & tutorial found at Everyday Dishes.

Here we go again with the Mason Jars. I’m telling you, they might be the most functional object on the planet.

Just grab a Mason Jar and think of how you need to use it and it seems to magically transform into that use.

If that isn’t a talent then I don’t know what is. We should all strive to be Mason Jars.

Homemade Wine Glass Lanterns

upside wine glasses with votives on top of them

With just a few simple materials, you can create a more elegant centerpiece that combines the beauty of flowers with the warm glow of votive candles.

For this project, you’ll need wine glasses, votive candles, a mirror, and flowers. Start by flipping the wine glasses upside down and placing a flower of your choice inside each glass. On the flat bottom surface of each wine glass, carefully place a votive candle. The combination of the clear glass, the bright blooms, and the reflection of the flickering candlelight creates a captivating effect.

Handmade Marbled Coffee Mug Decor

white mug from dollar store dipped half way into a swirled variety of paint colors, dollar tree home decor ideas

Update $1 mugs from Dollar Tree with some Dollar Tree nail polish because it makes them look like they’re expensive! A classic coffee mug can become a standout piece of decor with this simple yet stylish DT DIY project. By using nail polish, you can give a standard white coffee mug from Dollar Tree a chic, marbled effect. Find the full tutorial at Lifestyle for Real Life. 

Although it’s still perfect for a cup of joe, this transformed mug also works as a pen holder on your desk, a small planter, or a makeup brush holder. The versatility of this Dollar Tree home decor idea underscores how Dollar Tree items can be repurposed into stylish, functional decor pieces.

Dollar Store Spices

Dollar Store spices for home decor home decor #HomeDecor

Image credit & tutorial found at The Social Home.

Grab some spice jars, and salt and pepper shakers, print out some labels, and bam, you’re good to go. What I love about this idea is that you don’t have to worry about different size spice jars which makes things look all crazy.

Instead, grab an expandable spice rack and you have not only great-looking spices but also a great-looking place to store them.

These Dollar Tree home decor ideas are budget-friendly, creative, and easy to implement. They highlight how simple it can be to transform your home using Dollar Tree items are just a glimpse into the endless DIY possibilities. With these DIY ideas, home decor is affordable, fun, and fully customizable. So, next time you’re at the Dollar Tree, pick up enough to start some home decor projects. 

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