12 Beautiful Dollar Tree Home Decor Ideas

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One of the great things about living in a home is that you get to decorate. Unfortunately, many people think that you need to break the bank to really do some wonderful things around the home and that isn’t true. In fact, if you get creative, you’ll find that you don’t have to spend much at all to really add some flair to the different rooms in your abode. In this post, I’ve gone hunting for 12 home decor ideas that you can implement on the cheap. Most of the items needed can be found at the Dollar Store or online at Amazon. All you need is a bit of patience and time to make them happen.

12 Beautiful Dollar Store Home Decor Ideas

1. DIY Rope Basket

Dollar Store Home Decor Ideas basket #HomeDecor

Image credit & tutorial found at I Heart Organizing.

If you told me that you could actually DIY I wouldn’t believe you. This is something you grab from Bath & Body Works or Pier 1.

But nope. You can actually make this yourself! You only need the following supplies:

From there you get to decide what colors you want to make the basket. You can do all white or you can mix things up and dip the cotton piping in whatever paint color you want. From there just wrap the cotton piping around the basket using a hot glue gun to keep things in place.

2. Succulent Planters

Succulent Planter home decor #HomeDecor

Image credit & tutorial found at Craftberry Bush.

I love succulents because not only are they beautiful but they are pretty tough to kill. They work for all seasons in your home and you can put them in so many unique planters.

Mix in some pebbles and some moss and you get a small part of nature in your home without too much fuss.

3. DIY Elephant Bookends

Dollar Store bookends for Home Decor Succulent Planter home decor #HomeDecor

The problem with old-fashioned bookends is that you really need books to make them useful. Fortunately, with these cool bookends, you don’t need any books at all because they make for great pieces to have around the house.

Of course, if you do a search on Amazon you can find some crazy cool bookends like these cartoon cat ones.

Image credit & tutorial found at Love Grows Wild.

4. DIY Mason Jar Organizers

mason jar organizers home decor #HomeDecor

Image credit & tutorial found at PopSugar.

Once I saw another awesome way to use Mason Jars I got to thinking if there were any books on Mason Jar projects because there are so many projects that I come across.

To nobody’s surprise, there are a ton of books on Mason Jars. It makes sense because these are easily the most useful craft items that I come across.

These Mason Jar organizers are simple to put together and you get to choose the color scheme you wish to use.

5. Decanter Decoration

decanter home decor #HomeDecor

Image credit & tutorial found at Buzzfeed.

Nothing fancy about this one. This is just a simple find that you can use to store soap, mouthwash, or a cool looking liquid in your bathroom.

What other cool looking liquids can you find in your bathroom? Let’s not go that far but it’s always nice to have some crystal-like objects around. Adds a touch of class to a usually unclassy room in the house.

6. Router in a Book

Hide router in book home decor idea #HomeDecor

Electronics are usually an eyesore in any home, especially the ones that aren’t meant to be looked at. Your Internet router is one of those objects.

It’s just there and that’s the problem.

It’s just there.

Well, it can still be just there but it doesn’t have to be in plain sight anymore. Instead, you can pretend that you still read old-fashioned books and hide your router in a book cover.

However, you must be careful and make sure there is another room for the router because they can heat up. You don’t want your fake book burning the house down.

Buy on Amazon.

7. Cake Stand Sink Organization

cake stand as sink organizer #HomeDecor

Image credit & tutorial found at My Home Look Book.

I love this one because cake stands are the types of things that you buy but don’t often use simply because you can’t always have a cake handy.

Or can you?

Anyways, cake stands also make great organizers for your kitchen and other rooms in your house. In fact, I featured this exact same cake stand in the 11 Creative DIY Ways to Keep Your Kitchen Organized article.

Who knew that cake stands could provide so much value?

8. Mason Jar Soap Dispensers

Mason Jar soap dispenser home decor idea #HomeDecor

Image credit & tutorial found at Everyday Dishes.

Here we go again with the Mason Jars. I’m telling you, they might be the most functional object on the planet.

Just grab a Mason Jar and think of how you need to use it and it seems to magically transform into that use.

If that isn’t a talent then I don’t know what is. We should all strive to be Mason Jars.

9. Measurement Conversion Chart

Measurement conversion chart #HomeDecor

You know what sucks? Reading a recipe that gives you ingredients measured one way when you only have tools for another way of measuring.

This is why apps exist to make conversion easier but you can do something even better that also looks great in your kitchen by creating this conversion chart.

If you don’t want to go the DIY route you can always order a canvas measurement chart and find a cool place to hang it up. If you want to go even more minimal then you can just grab a magnet.

Image credit & tutorial found at Infarrantly Creative.

10. Dollar Store Spices

Dollar Store spices for home decor home decor #HomeDecor

Image credit & tutorial found at The Social Home.

Grab some spice jars, print out some labels, and bam, you’re good to go. What I love about this idea is that you don’t have to worry about different size spice jars which makes things look all crazy.

Instead, grab an expandable spice rack and you have not only great looking spices, but also a great looking place to store them.

11. Corkboard on a Door

Corkboard on the door home decor #HomeDecor

Image credit & tutorial found at Good Housekeeping.

Remember corkboards? They still exist and have some great uses. This is one of them.

12. Towel Bar for Pots and Pans

Towel rack to hang pots and pans home decor #HomeDecor

Tired of getting down on your knees and looking through the cabinets for the right pot or pan? Don’t do that any longer! Save your knees!

With a towel bar, you can simply hang your pots and pans and add maybe 6 more months to your life from all of the bending over that you’re saving yourself.

Image credit & tutorial found at Good Housekeeping.

white mug from dollar store dipped half way into a swirled variety of paint colors

Update $1 mugs from Dollar Tree with some Dollar Tree nail polish. These look EXPENSIVE!

But they are easy and cheap. Find the full tutorial at Lifestyle for Real Life.

Home Decor Imagination

While it’s fun to shop at the high-end stores for ideas on decorating your home, you can do the same thing with a little bit of imagination, creativity, and a couple of bucks.

Sure you won’t get the gold-plated platter to hold your crystal champagne flutes but those can always wait till later.

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