58 Things You Can Get Rid Of: Simplify Your Space Today

Is your living space becoming a daunting labyrinth of unused items you should get rid of like, worn-out clothes and redundant gadgets? Welcome to our comprehensive guide to reclaiming your space and decluttering your home! Getting rid of clutter extends beyond aesthetics; it cultivates mental well-being, augments focus, and fosters tranquility. 

Ready to dive in? Let’s explore 58 things you can get rid of today for a cleaner, organized home.

58 Things You Can Get Rid Of Today

Things In The Kids’ Room To Get Rid Of

  1. Outgrown clothes and old toys: If they’ve outgrown them or lost interest, consider donating to a local children’s shelter.
  2. Old notebooks: Often, only a few pages are used. It’s time to recycle them.
  3. Broken crayons, dried-out markers, and tiny pencil stubs: It’s time for a refresh.
  4. Character blankets and bedding: Have your kids outgrown all of their younger-year bedroom decors?
  5. Children’s Books: These can always be used by other kids after yours’ have outgrown them.
  6. Unmatched Socks: I do this like twice a year because I’m always hoping I’m going to find the one that is missing but I never do.

Decluttering The Kitchen

  1. Unused appliances: If it’s collecting dust, sell it or give it to someone who’ll use it.
  2. Duplicate utensils: One is usually enough. Donate the extras.
  3. Old mugs and dishes: Most of us have more than we need. Keep your favorites and donate the rest.
  4. Unused pots and pans: If you haven’t used them in the last year, you likely won’t miss them.
  5. Outdated herbs and spices: Freshen up your cooking by replacing old spices.
  6. Take-out menus: Most can be found online these days. Get them off the kitchen counter.
  7. Unmatched food storage containers or missing lids: If it doesn’t have a mate, let it go.
  8. Old cookbooks: Keep only the ones you use regularly.
  9. Recipes: If you have a ton of loose recipe sheets, clippings, print-outs, or cards that you swore you were going to try but didn’t, get rid of them.
  10. Magnets: Seriously, if they aren’t on your fridge yet you can get rid of them.

The Bathroom and Linen Closet Clutter

old grey finger nail polish, things you can get rid of
  1. Old makeup and skincare products: Check expiry dates and throw out anything past its prime.
  2. Old towels: If they’re worn out or faded, it’s time to replace them. Old towels can be donated to an animal shelter.
  3. Overflowing medicine cabinet: A million emery boards and dried-up nail polish. They’ve been there for ten years.
  4. Old prescriptions: Expired medications aren’t effective and can be dangerous.
  5. Old prescription glasses: You can actually donate these. Check around locally or visit Lions Recycle For Sight.

Decluttering The Home Office

  1. Expired coupons: Seriously, they are expired.
  2. Instruction manuals: Almost all manuals can be found online.
  3. Dictionaries: Any reference books actually. They’ve all been updated and are online.
  4. Office Supplies: Get rid of all the office supplies you’re never going to use. They’ve been in there since you moved in!
  5. Old post-it notes: If you’re like me, you might be looking at some old reminders right now. I’m throwing mine away at this very moment.
  6. Unneeded folders: If they’re empty or holding unneeded paperwork, it’s time to recycle them.
  7. Pens and Pencils: You know the ones where the ink is dried up or you hate how it writes so you avoid it. And, get rid of those pencils with no erasers.
  8. Paperweights.
  9. Excess or old magazines: These can pile up quickly. Donate or recycle them.
  10. Junk mail: Toss it immediately to avoid a pile-up.
  11. Unused craft supplies: Unfortunately, you can’t make every awesome project you see on Pinterest.
  12. All of that scrap paper: I hoard it. What’s it going to be used for? I have enough for the whole neighborhood.
art supplies spread out on desk that you can get rid of like broken crayons and dried up paint

Things To Get Rid Of In The Bedroom and Closets

  1. Old linens: If they’re not being used, donate them to a shelter.
  2. Unused bras and underwear: If it’s not comfortable, it’s time to let it go.
  3. Outdated planners and calendars: Time to recycle them.
  4. Old pillows: Replace them every two years for the best sleep.
  5. Wire hangers: These can be returned to the dry cleaners.
  6. Unused wallets and purses: If it’s not being used, someone else might love them.
  7. Extra buttons you get with clothes: It’s nice that you get these buttons but come on, nobody actually uses them.

Decluttering The Living Room

  1. Unused vases: You had grand plans for that beautiful vase but it’s just there gathering dust.
  2. CDs, DVDs, and VHSs: Most music and movies can be streamed. Time to go digital.
  3. Cable cords and wires: You never know when you’ll need that 5 ft cable with a weird thing on the end but you just never know. Let me tell you something. You’ll never need it again and if you do then just hop on Amazon.
  4. Old remotes that go to nothing.

The General Household (Including Garage and Basement)

  1. Junk drawer: We all have them, and they’re usually filled with trash. Time to sort and toss.
  2. Broken appliances: If they’re not worth fixing, they’re just taking up space.
  3. Boxes: I don’t know who needs to hear this (me), but you’re not going to reuse those iPhone or shoe boxes for anything. I’m living proof.
  4. Unidentified keys: Speaking of keychains get rid of those keys that have been around for years and you have no idea what they are for. They aren’t going to unlock a secret underground lair. The locksmith will do that for you.
  5. Old cell phones: Sometimes we damage our phones so much that the carrier won’t take them back so we’re left with a phone.
  6. Unwanted birthday cards: If they’re not special, it’s time to recycle them.
  7. Unused wrapping paper: If it’s not enough for a gift, recycle it.
  8. Tiny screws and widgets: That you get with furniture that is already put together or you no longer have.
  9. Extra keychains: How many sets of keys do you have?
  10. Unused cables and chargers: If you don’t know what it’s for, you probably don’t need them.
  11. Old paint cans: Most municipalities have special drop-offs for hazardous waste.
  12. Overflowing tool chest: Keep the tools you use, and donate the rest.
  13. Unneeded items in the basement and attic: It’s easy to forget what’s stored here. Time to reassess.
  14. Marie Kondo’s rule: If it doesn’t “spark joy,” let it go.

So there you have it. Not so hard, was it? Just make sure what you are throwing out is safe to do so.

There are so many things laying around every square inch of your house that you can get rid of. Embrace patience, aiming to eliminate one or two items daily. Before you know it, you will experience a significant transformation in your living space. Every item removed is a step towards a cleaner, more peaceful home. So, what are you waiting for? Start decluttering today and step into the serenity of an organized, clutter-free home! 

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