10 Simple Minimalist Bedroom Ideas With Tons of Style

Minimalist is more of a lifestyle than it is a style, really, but if a Minimalist bedroom is for you, then it should still have style, too, right?

It can be a challenge to decorate a minimal bedroom though because, well, the point is to not have a lot unneccessary stuff, right?

That means everything you do choose for your minimalist bedroom should be chosen intentionally.

What Is a Minimalist Bedroom?

Minimalism technically describes art from the 1950’s that included large scale, simple paintings and sculptures. But now it’s also used to describe the lifestyle movement about living with less.

For decor that means you need to make sure everything you choose, the linens, the lighting, the furniture, all has to do it’s part in expressing some style.

It’s not like a Boho bedroom where the trinkets or patterns can make a statement. There probably aren’t many trinkets and patterns are usually muted in a Minimalist room. So everything that you DO put in that bedroom, has to be intentional.

10 Minimalist Bedroom Ideas

#1 Light & Airy Minimalist

A white on white or white on beige room is popular choice for a minimalist bedroom. It celebrates the space that is made by not having so much stuff.

This room is a great example of that All white can be boring, but this room mixes it up, just a little, with natural wood tones and a few plants.

You can find the details for this room on Om & The City

#2 The Room With the Mirror

This is a simple room. Simple white linens, one throw pillow, a sturdy little nightstand with just enough storage.

And then there’s that mirror. You need a mirror in a bedroom, so it is an essential. But the shape of that mirror adds a lot of personality and style to that room.

That’s what I mean by being intentional. You’re going to have a mirror in the room, make it a special mirror.

You can find the details for this room on Cheetah Is the New Black.

#3 Modern Minimal

Because Minimalist isn’t really a style, you’ll see that each minimal bedroom leans toward a style. This one is more of a Modern minimal room.

Those pretty brass finishes and the nightstands are mid-century. But it’s serenely sparse, so it’s definitely minimal

You can find the details for this room at Kristina Lynne.

#4 Contemporary Minimal

I love the photograph of this room because you can see that the contemporary dresser is very minimal. Clean lines on the actual furniture, no knobs, nothing extra. And the accessories are few and they leave a lot of breathing room on the surface of the dresser.

But you also get a sneak peek at the bed in the reflection of the mirror and it’s still a perfectly minimal bedroom. I love the light fixtures. They are also on the contemporary side.

You can find the details for this room on Homey Oh My.

#5 Textured Minimal

This masculine minimal room has a lot of style in a very small amount of decor pieces.

There’s a great pattern on the rug, some texture on the lamp (which I love) and that striped blanket reminds me of something you got from your granddad.

Then there’s one piece of art and it completely fits with the minimal look, but it also makes a big statement.

This is my favorite of all of the minimal rooms. Can you tell? You can find the details for this room on Sunny Circle Studio.

#6 Cool Blue Minimal

cool blue minimalist bedroom, minimalist bedroom ideas

That bed is pretty special. Yes, it’s got great minimal clean lines, but then it has that completely unexpected leather (?) inlay? I love it.

All the pale blues in this room are very calming and I love that there are zero throw pillows. I’ve never been a fan of throw pillows on a bed, to be honest.

I don’t want any extra work right before I’m about to go to bed. I’m not about to be neatly stacking throw pillows.

You can find the details for this room on Houzz.

#7 Minimal With a View

modern minimalist bedroom with low platform bed and large area rug underneath

If you have a view like this, you might want to strongly consider going with a minimal aesthetic.

Minimal doesn’t pull your attention anywhere but to the most significant thing in the room and in this room that is clearly that beautiful view.

You can find all of the details for this room on Houzz.

#8 Natural Art

natural minimalist bedroom with black and white bedding and rug

I love this because I love how much work that wood wall is doing. It’s a wall, first of all. It’s also such beautiful wood that it becomes art and it’s the perfect backdrop for that black lacy light fixture.

And this is another minimalist bedroom with just two stacked bed pillows and zero throw pillows. I like it.

You can find the details for this room on Houzz.

#9 Cool Grays

grey minimalist bedroom idea

Gray can be cold and minimal can be cold, but this room with it’s layered gray tones and textured rug keeps things cool, not cold.

That view does a lot of up the cool factor in this room, too, right?

You can find the details for this room on Houzz.

#10 Warm Grays

minimalist bedroom with grey bedding and accent wall and sputnik ceiling light

Did you think a minimal bedroom couldn’t be cozy? You thought wrong. This is a very cozy and still minimal room.

The dark walls and the dark quilt keep things warm and that striped rug and the brass lamps keep things interesting.

You can find all of the details for this room on Houzz.

Is A Minimalist Bedroom for You?

Are you ready to toss all the tzotches and go minimal? It does make for a very calm, serene sleeping experience.

You do have to make a commitment to keeping things tidy and spare, but if you can make that commitment it may be well worth it.

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