11 Brilliant Hanging Storage Ideas with Command Hooks

I’ve been doing a lot of scouring the internet for organizing ideas. What I’ve discovered is that Command Hooks are basically the holy grail of hanging storage ideas. They can be used in ways I NEVER would have thought of.

Thank you to all of the genius bloggers out there who have shared their brilliant hanging storage ideas because they are about to get my office/kitchen/bathroom to a level of organization they have never seen before

First, Real Quick, What Can a Command Hook REALLY Hold?

The Command Hook can basically hold anything your imagination can attach to it, provided you are within the weight limit for the particular hook that you are using.

There are hooks that hold as much as 8lbs, so if you’ve got something on the heavier side to hang, just make sure you check the Command site to know you have the right hook for the job.

And you can use the hooks on lots of different surfaces like wood, glass, tile, cinderblock, metal and wallboard. Outside you can use them on vinyl, windows, doors, decking or trim.

Ok, Give Me The Command Hook Hanging Storage Hacks Already

Inside the Cabinet Door Space

Sometimes the hack is just about the location you decide to use the Command Hook in.

Here the Command Hooks are holding some cleaning supplies on the inside of a cabinet door. It’s not a place you would normally think of for hanging storage, but you can see how much it holds.

You know where all of that stuff would be if it wasn’t on those hooks? On your counters or tossed in the “under the sink abyss”.

This one comes straight from the Command site.

Organize Your Kids Books With a Book Sling

Bookshelves and kids don’t really go together well. They can topple over for one thing and they also are really not the best for encouraging reading.

This cute DIY Book Sling is perfect, though. It’s soft and safe and it’s way more inviting to poke around in than a bookshelf. There’s something almost like open a present about this to me.

And since it uses Command Hooks for hanging, there’s no banging nails or drilling screws into the wall.

You can find all of the details for the Book Sling on Projects at The Picketts.

Simplest Charging Station Ever

At this point, I’ve come across a lot of DIY Charging Stations. An uncharged phone and looking for a place to charge it are both very high on my pet peeve list.

This incredibly simple charging station is brilliant in it’s simplicity.

There’s nothing fancy here, just a place to keep the phone and an outlet. Perfect.

You can find the details for the simplest ever charging station at Bob Vila.

Storage for All The Flat Irons

And the not flat irons. If you’re like me, you have more than one tool for getting your hair either straight as a poker or curly as a lamb. (Do people say that? Curly as a lamb? Or did I just make that up?)

Mine usually get tossed in a drawer where apparently after I shut the drawer, they conspire to tie their cords together so that I am so ridiculously frustrated by them, that I’ll decide to just embrace the frizz.

But now I know this command hook hack so, frizz no more! Command Hooks fight frizz!

You can find all of the details on this hanging storage for your hair tools at Cosmopolitan.

Tablet Holder for the Kitchen

I don’t actually have a tablet, but if I did, I would be using this. Because every time I cook something from a recipe, I dread bringing my laptop into the kitchen. I really, really don’t want to spill anything on my laptop and I’m REALLY messy.

This genius command hook idea for hanging a tablet is PERFECT for when you’re working from a recipe, or if you just want to binge watch Netflix as close to the snacks as possible.

What I really love about this hack, though, is that it gets your brain thinking about different ways to use Command Hooks. I love how the top hook is manipulated so that it holds onto the tablet.

You can find the details for this neat hanging storage hack on Reddit.

Cord Organization

If you read my post on Desk Organization, then you know cords make me mental, basically. And Command Hooks are the cure for your cord ailments.

There are a lot of ways that command hooks can help corral your cords, but I love that this hacks includes getting the power surge protector OFF the ground and on the wall.

It also is a great reminder that you can use the adhesives that come with Command Hooks in lots of different ways. So think outside the box!

You can find the details for this hack on In My Own Style.

Laundry Room Organizer

Raise your hand if your laundry room organization consists of putting all the laundry stuff on top of the dryer.

Yeah, me too. Not anymore, ladies! You can get that stuff up and off of the top of the dryer and hanging on a wall with some hooks.

It’s a smart thing to do. Future you will thank you when she doesn’t have to dig through a pile to find the dryer sheets.

You can find all of the details on My Uncommon Slice of Suburbia.

Hold Up Your Calendar

It’s awesome that you can use Command Hooks to hold a calendar up on the wall. But that’s not the important part of this hack.

What’s brilliant here is that she’s holding the calendar up with command hooks AND binder clips. When you see it you’re like, duh, why didn’t I think of that.

And that is what makes some people brilliant. Solving problems with unexpected tools. Like MacGyver. You want to be MacGyver of your house, right?

You can find the details for this hack on Imperfect Homemaking.

Wrapping Paper Station

There are things that you accumulate as a human that no one really prepares for you.

Wrapping paper is one of those things. Do you remember being this a “thing” when you were a kid in your mothers house? I definitely don’t. I could not tell where in the house my mother stores her wrapping paper.

Which means when you grow up, you just have to figure it out for yourself. Or, head to Pinterest for the brilliant ideas of other people, like this one.

You can find the details for this wrapping paper hack on Hometalk.

Are You On Your Way To Walmart Yet?

To buy all the Command Hooks? Just keep a couple of things in mind. Buy the right hook for the job. Have an idea how heavy the thing that’s going to be hung is and pick the appropriate hook.

And don’t forget to think outside the box! If you flip a hook upside down, will it solve your problem? Maybe just the adhesive strip will do the job you need?

Have fun finding all the hanging storage space in your house!

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