7 Neutral Living Room Ideas That Still Look Interesting

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Neutral is not my thing. I’m a fan of color, but I can most definitely appreciate a neutral living room. Beige, gray, white… They are calming and relaxing. I can absolutely see the allure of neutral color palette in your living room. I probably won’t ever try to have one, but I get it. I do. I wanted to talk about neutral living room ideas because if you like neutrals, you have to be careful that you don’t end up with a boring room.

Boring is not the same as calm or relaxing. Ok? Let’s look at some Neutral Living Rooms and see how you can make sure the room doesn’t end up bland.

7 Neutral Living Room Ideas

Add Plants

living room with a modern gray couch, jute rug, wooden cylinders as coffee tables, and plants

A room with plants cannot be boring. It’s almost impossible. Unless you don’t take care of them and then it still isn’t boring, it’s sad.

A Little Something Black

neutral living room with touches of black including a black chandelier and accent pillows

The pillows and the chandelier and a little bit of other trimmings in this room are black.

Black is a bold color that you might think of as cold. But when you add some black accents to a neutral room it gives all of those neutral colors something to grab onto.

It adds some weight and depth to all of that beige.

Get Design-y

neutral living room with a very modern artistic ceiling light

A neutral room can handle a serious statement piece like that sculptural light fixture.

It’s very “design-y”. You know what I mean. Don’t roll your eyes.

That light fixture in another less neutral room is going to be harder to pull off. But that light fixture with all of those neutrals and then the patterned floor. Works.

There aren’t too many things trying to steal the show.

All The Texture

A neutral room needs texture. A LOT of texture. Look back at each of the rooms we’ve already seen. They all have texture. You need texture in every room, but especially in a neutral room.

This little spot is so cozy. Why? Texture. Ok, cactuses aren’t really cozy, but I’ll give it a pass.

Add Some Metallic for A Little Glam

neutral living room with a white sofa and gold geometric modern decor pieces

If you want just a tiny bit of glamour in your neutral room, it’s easy.

Just add a repeating metallic. Here it’s that bronze-ish tone. You can see it on the accent table, the sideboard and the art.

Which metal is up to. A gold-ish tone is going to warm things up and a silver-y tone will cool things off.

Warm Wood Tones

neutral living room with white wall and wood floor and wood features

The wood tones are the star of this show.

And they should be. everything here is neutral so that that gorgeous wood can take all of the attention.

If you can add it in flooring details like in this room, then add it in furniture and decor pieces.

The Little Details

wood floor with chevron pattern, neutral living room ideas

If you are lucky enough to have a home that already has a lot of architectural detail, then you probably already know that it creates a cohesiveness in your neutral living room that is just built in.

Literally. The molding, wainscoting and pocket doors in this room are show stoppers. And that floor, obviously.

But what I really like is how if you look at the interior of the room which appears to not have the same architectural detail, the idea has been carried through with the two tone wall.

It’s just a little bit of something to keep that room interesting.

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