8 Cozy Winter Candles to Help With The Cold Winter

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Winter, I mean, let’s face it, nearly no one says, Winter is my favorite season!

Some people do, but for most of us, we want the greener, warmer seasons. Or at least the pretty colorful season.

But winter. I mean. You kind of have to find reasons to make winter more enjoyable. It’s the whole idea of Hygge, right? I think it is. From what I understand at least.

So, one way we can do this is by bringing in some comforting scents that make the house a little more cheerful.

8 Winter Candles That Smell Like A Cozy Blizzard

That’s not really true. These winter candles don’t all smell like a blizzard but they do give you that feeling of getting hunkered down for a good snowstorm.

If you’ve never felt that feeling, you should try it sometime. Not all the time, like twice a winter is good and then the snowstorms just become annoying.

But the “hunkering down” part is pretty great. And all of these candles remind me of it.

Peppermint & Eucalyptus

peppermint eucalyptus scented winter candle, best winter candles list

Peppermint somehow is a wintery scent. I don’t really know why, but I guess it’s because peppermint makes your mouth feel like you inhaled snow?

Either way, peppermint is a refreshing scent and it’s a great pair to eucalyptus which is a lot more subtle than peppermint.

You can find this Peppermint Eucalyptus candle on Etsy.

Winter Trio Of Candles

winter scented candle trio, best winter candles set

Maybe you can’t decide what you want for your winter candle scent. Not to worry. You don’t have to.

This trio of winter candles will give you a little of many of the great smells of winter. And who could turn down a candle named after Reading By The Fire? It’s like the coziest thing ever.

I don’t know how pumpkin spice snuck into Winter, though. Stay in your season, Pumpkin Spice! Geez.

You can find the Winter Candle Trio on Etsy.

Midnight Bonfire

midnight bonfire scented candle for winter, handmade winter candles

Ok, so, have you ever gone to a Midnight Bonfire in Winter? That happens, right? I can’t really say for sure if I’ve been to one, but if someone has bottled the scent into this candle, then it must be a thing, right?

Either way, it’s just the idea of this Midnight Bonfire that gets you. I can practically smell what it must smell like and I can feel the cold air at my back and the warm air from the fire on my face.

You can find the Midnight Fire candle on Etsy.

Fraser & Fir

ivory colored soy wax candle, best winter candles

If you celebrate Christmas or know someone who does, you may be familiar with the great debate. Fake or Real?

Tree. Fake or real tree?

Fake is so much easier, it doesn’t require murdering a perfectly happy and growing tree and it doesn’t leave an infinite amount of pine needles that you will be cleaning til next Christmas.

The only argument the “real” tree people have is “But it smells so good!” Wah. Now you can just light this candle and let the trees live in peace, ok?

You can find the Fraser & Fir candle on Etsy.

sugar cookies candle, best winter candles

There are certain scents that I can’t really have in my house because the smell makes me hungry. Vanilla candles smell so much like chocolate chip cookies to me that it’s just not possible.

I’d just eat cookies all day. And that’s just not healthy.

So what I’m saying is, if you want to get a Sugar Cookie candle, you better have some will power.

You can get the Sugar Cookie candle on Etsy.

Hot Cocoa

Here’s what’s great about this candle. No, it’s not just that it smells like hot chocolate. I mean, duh, that’s obvious.

But if you look realllll close you’ll see it. Do you see it?

There’s a recipe for hot chocolate ON THE CANDLE! Brilliant!

You can get the hot chocolate candle on Etsy.

Deck Yo Self

winter candle with a funny christmas saying, best winter candle ideas

Well I almost don’t care what this candle smells like because the packaging is adorable. It’s a definitely why I always put “candles” in the decor category.

But guess what? This candle has a surprise, too! You can PICK what wintry scent you want. I’ll let you click over and see if your favorite winter scent is available.

You can find the Deck Yo Self candle on Etsy.

Snowy Spruce

snowy spruce candle, best winter candle ideas

When we decided to get a dog I had this fantasy of bundling up and taking winter walks through the snowy forest.

Mm, no that hasn’t happened. Maybe this winter. If I get the right boots that don’t let me toes go numb.

In the meantime I can light this snowy spruce candle and imagine how magical it would be.

You can find the Snowy Spruce candle on Etsy.

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