Ikea Boho Bedroom With Anthropologie Style

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I love to display the versatility of Ikea furniture and decor by putting it up against an icon like Anthropologie.

Anthropologie is pretty easy Bohemian style. You could pick and choose what you like from their site and basically fall into Bohemian style. Cushioned by a stack of cozy duvets.

Ikea on the other hand, you think all straight lines and minimal, right? So not Boho.

But Ikea can go Boho. Check out this copy cat Ikea Boho bedroom I put together to compare with one from Anthropologie.

Ikea Boho Bedroom vs. Anthropologie Boho Bedroom

If we’re being honest, we’d all love to just point and click our way to our dream Boho bedroom on Anthropologie, right? But some of us have budget restrictions which make that, well, impossible.

If you’re on a budget (like I am!) then what I suggest is that you splurge on one thing from Anthropologie.

However much you can afford as a splurge, maybe it’s one gorgeous pillow or maybe it’s a more substantial item like that dresser, set that aside from your bedroom makeover budget and then stretch the rest of it at Ikea.

Until you’re rich and famous and can just tell your designer to go to Anthro and pick you out a room.

Curious what the damage is for this pretty and serene Boho bedroom from Anthropologie is?

Total cost – $3,137.

That’s approximately because I actually had a really hard time finding all of the matching items, so I substituted some close matches.

I did not include the price of a bed since it appears that this room is just using a platform bed, so let’s assume we can all just fake that with our mattress and boxspring.

Anthropologie Boho Bedroom Accessories

Fringed Mirabella Duvet & Shams – $316. This is where I would probably splurge. Your bed linens are important as they are what you will sleep in every night so a little luxury here goes a long way.

This particular set from Anthropologie is perfect for a Boho bedroom, but it could really go with almost any style, so it’s something you should be able to hold on to forever. This is worth the splurge.

There also isn’t anything quite like it at Ikea.

NUD Enid Pendant – $118. This isn’t the exact pendant in the inspiration photo, but it’s close. I have to say though, I like what I found at Ikea better. And the Ikea one of course is a lot less money.

Textured Kadin Throw – $88. This is a lovely oatmeal-ish throw. I haven’t touched it in person, but I imagine for that price it probably feels luxurious. But a throw blanket is a place I would save some money.

Soho Home Throw Pillow – $78. The two pillows I picked are not an exact match to the inspiration, but I do love and adore the color of this coral one. The texture, too.

Bunglo Mid Century Pillow – $138. This pillow is a beauty. The watercolor is gorgeous. But I do think you’ll find the pillow cover I found at Ikea to be a better than good enough replacement.

Antigua Hanging Basket – $98. I love the look of a basket hanging as decor. It definitely gives that “traveller” feel to a room. Like something bought at a bazaar in some far away land and carried home.

Connected Goods Basket – $35. Plants ABOUND in a Boho bedroom. In fact, I’d like to see more in this inspiration room. A plant in a basket is perfectly Boho.

Knotted Decorative Object – $32. I couldn’t find that interesting little teal sculpture, but this Knotted decor piece is equally interesting. And I love a little gold in a room.

This is another place that would be fun to splurge. If $32 is splurge limit, go for this.

Caia Lidded Jar – $18. Jars are an excellent, useful little piece of decor in the bedroom. These are lovely, but you really don’t need to spend $18.

Odetta Five Dresser Drawer – $1,898. Um, yowza, right? That’s a lot of money for a dresser.

Here’s the thing, though. It’s very unique. You will only get a distant likeness at Ikea. It’s something you’ll have forever and ever. So, if this is what you want to splurge on, go for it. I’m saving you a TON of money with the rest of the stuff at Ikea, so your call, ok?

Bernilia Rug – $598. I do love this rug, but I also have an aversion to spending a lot of money on rugs because, I mean, your feet go all over them. They get SO dirty. For me, I want to feel like if I have to dispose of the yucky rug in a few years, I won’t feel terrible doing it.

And The Ikea Boho Bedroom

I think that I got a pretty darn good knock off with these Ikea Boho Bedroom picks. What I love about this is that in the future, as you’re collecting those truly unique pieces to add to your room, you don’t have to feel bad about replacing the pillow you paid $138 for.

Ikea isn’t Anthropologie. But if you pick right, you should be able to pull off a very similar look.

So what’s the price?

Total Cost: $436

anthro style bedroom accessories

Praktviva Duvet Set – $60. Remember what I said about the Anthro Duvet set? That there was nothing quite like it at Ikea? This is as close as I could get. I like the detail on the pillows, but no ruffles. No texture.

Rollsbo Pendant – $33. This little pendant I think is a little tiny show stopper. I love the gold and I love the Edison bulb. This will bring a bunch of drama to your room.

Kapaster Throw – $20. What you get out of a throw from Ikea really does depend on how much you spend on it. If you just want something that is mostly for decor, then this fits the bill.

If you’re looking for something that’s going to really work hard at being a throw blanket and be there for your for many naps, you might want to spend a little more.

Rosenflox Pillow Cover – $7. This is dreamy, right? And hello, SEVEN DOLLARS. You’ll need an insert if you don’t have one, but those are like 3 bucks at Ikea. Can’t miss.

Sanglarka Pillow Cover – $7. I like this pillow because of the colors and the complete opposite-ness of the pretty watercolor pillow. I think it works.

Hultet Dish – $6. Here’s your Ikea version of the hanging basket. You can get creative with some white paint and even try to replicate the design of the Anthro one.

Fridfull Plant Pot – $6. I love this pretty little pot. Use it as is or paint the white just like the Anthro one. You can get your ZZ plant at Ikea, too!

Tonad Decorative Object Set – $13. I just adored these little owls at Ikea. They have that collected feel that I love in a Boho room.

Vanligen Decorative Box Set – $8. I prefer these pretty boxes to the ones from Anthropologie. You cannot beat $8. You just can’t.

Malm Dresser & Eneryda Gold Drawer Pulls – $147. The good old Malm dresser has the shape and lines of the Anthro one. Add some gold pulls and your almost there. It’s not the Anthro one, but you’ve got a look going.

Lonholt Rug – $129. I hesitated here because, Sisal in the bedroom? There might be a better option. I’ll leave it in your hands. But it does complete the look.

Need More Boho Bedroom Decor Picks?

Ikea and Anthropologie are great, but did you know you can get a ton of Boho Style from on-line retailers like Amazon and Etsy?

Oh, you can! Check out this Bohemian Bedroom Decor post and see what I mean. You’ll have your boho bedroom in no time!

Or, maybe you’re feeling a beach vibe for your bedroom. We got pretty much everything covered!

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