Must Haves If You’re Going for Bohemian Bedroom Decor


Putting together a Boho bedroom can be tricky. Ideally you want your Bohemian bedroom to look collected and curated. Passed down through generations works, too.

Can you really run to Target and make that look happen?

Well, maybe not Target, but you can start your Bohemian bedroom decor collection now so you start to build the look you want while you travel the world or scour the thrift shops for pieces that add to the story.

What Makes Bohemian Bedroom Decor “Bohemian”?

Bohemian bedroom decor falls under the same five categories as every other room: furniture, linens, lighting and accent pieces.

Boho Bedroom Decor - Dark and moody boho bedroom with macrame

The categories are the same, but the look is completely unique. Sometimes you can see a room and think, “Is it modern? Contemporary? Traditional?”

There’s no mistaking Boho decor.

The furniture looks hand painted or global or passed down in some way. The linens are a mix of textures, patterns and colors. Sometimes all three at once.

The lighting is moody and filtered and the accent pieces are personal treasures. It’s a room that is unique to one person. The items look like they’ve been collected over time.

The colors are jewel toned or creamy earth tones. If you go the creamy earth tones route, you’ll be building lots of interest with textures.

Boho Bedroom Furniture

There are three ways you can go with Boho Furniture.

  1. Natural Wood
  2. “Restored”
  3. Hand Painted in some way

Boho Beds

  1. Rustic Natural Wood Platform Bed from Etsy – A low profile platform bed fits perfectly in Bohemian bedroom.
  2. Natural Rattan Headboard from Etsy – Rattan is perfect fit for a Boho bedroom and it’s beautiful as a headboard. This one has a symmetrical feel to it that keeps it modern.
  3. Velvet Headboard from Amazon – That beautiful green is a gorgeous jewel tone and velvet is a great texture to add to a room.
  4. Peacock Rattan Headboard from Etsy – More rattan, but more importantly with this stunning Peacock Headboard is the feeling that this is a unique piece, collected from somewhere. It’s got that ultra personal feel that I love in a Boho room.
  5. White Carved Headboard from Amazon – This headboard, up against a dark wall, is a stunner. It definitely has the “I travelled to an exotic place, fell in love with this and shipped it home”… Except it’s from Amazon!
  6. Book Matched Walnut Bedframe from Etsy – Ah, hello handsome! If you want your room to have that “Maker” bohemian feel, this is the bedframe for you.

Boho Dressers & Nightstands

  1. Boho Sunset Dresser from Etsy – If you’re going to splurge on one thing for your bedroom, make it this dresser. It’s gorgeous and one of a kind. If you happen upon here and it’s sold out, contact the shop owner to see what else she may have for you!
  2. Mid-Century 3 Drawer Chest from Amazon – I love this little two toned dresser because it is kind of a chameleon. It has the “look” of being restored (it’s not), but if you decide you’d rather switch to a Modern design down the road, these will still totally fit in. And, if you’ve got a big enough room, you could do two of these as nice big nightstands.
  3. Black Restored Nightstands from Etsy – These are in fact restored nightstands. A little touch of black should be in every room and these will really help give some weight to an otherwise fluffy Bohemian bedroom. If these happen to be sold out, you can check out some of the other beautiful pieces in the Eclectic Living Etsy shop.
  4. Restored and Painted Dresser from Etsy – This is a stunning statement piece for the bedroom. The color is beautiful and the floral design is very Bohemian. This is art in the form of a dresser. It’s a one of a kind, but if it’s gone, check out what else is in the shop, or contact the shop owner at Odds and Ends Eclectic.

Boho Bedroom Linens

Your choice of linens will really set the mood for your room. Boho Bedroom linens are colorful and/or textured duvets. Curtains with a global print or gauzy sunlight filtering sheers.

Tapestries are used as a throw over the bed or wall decor. Throw pillows are a mix of styles and materials that somehow work perfectly together.

You can go calm Boho by layering whites and creams with a lot of texture, or you can go warm and colorful with a mix of jewel tones. You almost can’t mess this up.

Boho Bed Linens

  1. Ruffle Stripe Duvet from Amazon – If you want just a touch of some accent color in your duvet, then this one will work for you. You also get some great texture with that ruffle.
  2. Handmade Rose Linen Duvet Set from Etsy – The muted rose color and the texture of this linen makes this a very special duvet set. The fact that it’s handmade is a bonus you can feel good about.
  3. Moroccan Print Comforter from Etsy – This pretty muted comforter has a beautiful print. This is how you keep your calming, but still interesting.
  4. Colorful Bedding Set from Amazon – These are the colors I think of when I think of Boho. Rich jewel tones that mix together perfectly.
  5. Pom Pom Duvet Cover from Amazon – Add a tiny bit of whimsy to the room with these cute little Pom Poms.
  6. Goldenrod Duvet Cover – This incredibly vibrant color and the tribal print are a perfect pair.

Boho Curtains for the Bedroom

  1. Geometric Tassel Curtain from Amazon – These black & white graphic tassel curtains are easily my favorite of the bunch. The print is perfect and I love the touch of tassel.
  2. Goldenrod Natural Canvas Curtain from Etsy – This warm yellow is a great color for the bedroom.
  3. Elegant Blackout Curtain with Punched Out Stars from Amazon – I’ve never seen anything quite like these curtains. There’s a tulle covering and then little stars punched out of the under-curtain for little steaks of sunlight to come through. These are magical.
  4. Cotton Tapestry Style Curtains from Etsy – The medallion print and moody navy blue are what earned these curtains a spot on this list.
  5. White Cotton Curtains with Pom Pom Trimming – I am partial to white curtains, but if we’re going Boho, let’s add a little pom pom trim. Why not?
  6. Plush Velvet Curtain from Amazon – Velvet + Jewel tone= dreamy Boho curtains for dark and moody bedroom sanctuary.

Boho Throw Pillows & Blankets

  1. Mandala Cushion Cover from Etsy – If you want to add some color in an easy way, a pretty cushion cover like this one is perfect. The Mandala pattern is very Boho and the colors are, too.
  2. Handwoven Pillow Cover from Etsy – The texture here and the nod to macrame make this pillow cover perfect.
  3. Striped Kilim Pillow from Etsy – Kilim is an interesting, unique fabric. It’s technically a rug, so these pillows are made with remnants. It’s great texture and an interesting story.
  4. Kantha Quilts from Etsy – Kantha quilts have colors and patterns that look like a dream. This a perfect quilt for the jewel toned Boho bedroom.
  5. Black & White Striped with Pom Poms from Etsy – This quilt makes a huge statement. The graphic stripes and the yellow pom poms put on a punchy show.
  6. Colorful Handmade Throw from Etsy – The bright colors here make this throw perfect for that more muted boho bedroom. If you’re going mostly earth tones but want a touch of color, this will do the trick.

Boho Bedroom Lighting

  1. Wood Grain Table Lamp from Amazon – This wood grain lamp feels sort of vintage. It’s got a “Thrift Store Treasure” feel to it.
  2. Seashell Table Lamp from Amazon – I love the texture and sheen from this pretty seashell table lamp.
  3. Gold Table Lamp from Amazon – This is an interesting texture and color to add to you night stand or dresser in your boho bedroom.
  4. Tassel Chandelier from Etsy – Tassels will show up again and again in the Boho style, but I don’t think I’ve seen tassels done better than in this chandelier.
  5. Color Chandelier from Amazon – If you really want to go a little over the top, multi color chandelier is it. (It comes it less crazy colors, too!).
  6. Moroccan Ceiling Light from Etsy – This lantern-like ceiling light is a stunner. I love the pattern it leaves on the ceiling.

Boho Bedroom Accents

  1. Vintage Look Mirror from Amazon – If you can’t find a great vintage mirror, you can still get the look of one from Amazon.
  2. Pampas Grass from Etsy – The feathery lightness of this Pampas grass will do wonders for a corner of your room. This gives the room an ethereal, fairy like quality.
  3. Abstract Watercolor Prints from Etsy – Beautiful abstract prints like these from Etsy are beautiful in a Boho room and they can really fit in any style you choose.
  4. Macrame Wall Hanging from Etsy – Of course you need to have some Macrame in your Boho bedroom. This wall hanging is the perfect touch of handmade coziness.
  5. Woven Basket Planter from Amazon – You’re going to want some planters like this woven basket in your boho bedroom. Because as you can see next, you’re going to want some plants in your Boho bedroom.
  6. Plants from Amazon – You will be very hard pressed to find a boho style room that doesn’t have either a few or an abundance of plants. And yes, you can get live plants from Amazon.

Was That All The Boho Bedroom Decor You Need?

Ready to build your Boho bedroom?

Remember, get started on your look with some of these beautiful Boho pieces, but leave room for treasures that you will find as you live your life. Those are the things that will truly make your Boho bedroom decor personal and unique.

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