16 Ikea Bedroom Hacks: Breathe New Life Into Your Bedroom

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Unleash the full potential of your sleep space with innovative IKEA bedroom hacks, where simplicity meets creativity. We take a tour of a bunch of different creative solutions, from transforming Ikea furniture into unique centerpieces to creating more storage space. These clever DIY IKEA hacks are set to revolutionize your bedroom setup, delivering aesthetically pleasing and practical options on a budget. Your journey to redefining your bedroom with IKEA hacks begins here.

16 Ikea Bedroom Hacks You Need To Try

Canopy Bed from Ikea

ikea canopy bed, day dreamy and wispy sheer white panels, ikea bedroom hacks

Let’s start right at the source with a gorgeous day dream worthy canopy bed from Ikea. This is what I’m talkin’ about. I just want a Sunday morning in bed with coffee and phone in hand. I love that Ikea always shows the beds all rumpled up. That’s when they look the coziest to me. Not with 18 throw pillows on them that I have to remove.

IKEA Kallax Storage Bench

YouTube video

One of the easiest and most versatile IKEA hacks is to turn a Kallax shelf into a bench for the end of your bed. I feel like you always see an end-of-bed bench or couch in pics of fancy bedrooms, which I love. Plus, you can store books, magazines, blankets, pillows, and more in cubbies or baskets. To make this hack, you’ll need a Kallax unit (4×1 or 4×2), a piece of plywood, some foam, and fabric for the cushion.

Spice Rack Bedside Shelf for Small Spaces

ikea spice rack made into a floating nightstand next to a bed

If you have a teeny tiny bit of space that could never fit even the smallest bedside table, then maybe a bedside shelf is for you.

This cute and useful shelf from Apartment Therapy is made from the Bekvam Spice Rack, 2023 Nominee for Most Hacked Rack. (jk, there are no awards for most hacked. I don’t think. Maybe there should be!).

That little Einstein bulb upside-down lamp action is right up my alley. That’s definitely in my bedroom decor daydream.

Cubicle Screen to Headboard

ikea screen to divide cubicles is being used as a headboard

This bedroom hack from Ikea is giving off a masculine vibe and I’m here for it. It definitely seems like something a bachelor with unintentional good taste would throw together.

That headboard is a screen for a desk. Like, that you would use at work in a cubicle for some privacy.

But stick it behind your bed and it just looks like a brilliant headboard. And it’s kind of a felt material, so it’s soft and absorbs sound. It’s meant to have a light clipped on it, so no bedside table needed. You can even stick pictures on it.

Billy Bookshelf to Built-In Beauty

The Billy bookcase isn’t just for books. With a bit of creativity and the right accessories, it can become an amazing built-in storage solution (this could take the place of a diy headboard). Here’s the trick: Install two Billy bookcases on either side of your bed frame. Use screws to secure a wooden board on top, and voila! You have an elegant storage headboard. 

Or…take the extra steps…

IKEA Bed Bridge Hack

YouTube video

Go the extra mile and use the IKEA Billy bookcase along with IKEA Brimnes bookcase. This IKEA bed bridge hack instantly transforms your bed into a storage powerhouse, with shelves for books, lamps, and personal items. And, it’s gorgeous! Check out Handy Dad TV’s tutorial video on how to make it.  

I’m envisioning adding hooks to the sides for hanging robes, jackets, or jewelry. It’s a bedroom bonus and a simple hack to increase closet space, especially for small bedrooms.

A Touch of Glam Dresser

gold trimmed ikea dresser, diy ikea dressser

Sometimes it’s the smallest little things that make the biggest difference. That’s the case with this subtle-ish hack of the Ikea Malm dresser.

Fair warning, you can very easily go over board with the shiny gold accents. You probably don’t want to do any more than Preciously Me has done with this Malm dresser. This is definitely an instance where a little goes a long way. It’s just enough to still look classy. And a little vintage.

Farmhouse Nightstand

diy ikea nightstand, ikea bedroom hacks

At the opposite end of the spectrum of that glamorous gold accented dresser above is this pretty farmhouse bedside table from Feeling Nifty.

The Rast dresser is one of the cheapest and most basic pieces of furniture from IKEA. But with some paint, stain, knobs, and handles, you can turn it into an upgraded statement piece for your bedroom.

Upholstered Malm Headboard

upholstered headboard, ivory

An upholstered headboard is a small luxury. It’s soft to lean up against and it dampens sounds. And just gives an immediate cozy, quiet vibe when you see it.

If you’ve got a hardwood headboard like the Malm, no worries. Place of My Taste will have you re-upholstering that in no time.

This one project changes the whole atmosphere of the room.

Four Poster Bed

white ikea four poster bed, ikea bedroom hack

There’s something very tropical about this four-poster bed from Hester’s Handmade Home. This four-poster bed hack is very lovely. I love the curtain just lazily hung across the top. Effortless. It just goes to show you don’t need to buy a bunch of Ikea products.

Storage For That Awkward Corner

pretty modern bedroom, a bamboo wall ladder being used for hat and blanket and scarf in bedroom

Some homes have fun little nooks and crannies. Those nooks and crannies look cute and delightful.

But when you move in to that home, you find them useless. You don’t really know what to do with them. The Wall Whisperer has the Ivar wall unit from Idea to fill their awkward space. It’s perfect for storing extra blankets and looks like its just part of the home decor.

Dresser To Wardrobe Hack

If your bedroom lacks a proper wardrobe, the Malm dresser comes to the rescue. This dresser is wide and roomy, providing loads of space for your clothes. Here’s the hack: remove the top drawers and install a rod to create a mini wardrobe for your clothes. You can also replace the original handles with unique knobs to give them a personal touch. This clever hack provides a two-in-one solution: drawers for folded clothes and hanging space for wrinkle-prone pieces.

Large Scale and Functional Headboard

large ikea headboard made with small wooden slats

If you are looking for something rather dramatic that will fill up a ton of wall space AND give you extra storage, then you might want to try this headboard from Apartment Therapy.

It bolts into the ceiling but otherwise leaves the walls untouched.

And the additional bookshelves are perfect for, well, books. And a glass of water and the remote. And your phone. Basically everything.

Crisp White Tarva Makeover

ikea tarva small dresser, white

Here’s another great iteration of the plain old Ikea dresser from Humanist Home.

I love a crisp white anything, even if it is farmhouse style which happens to be my least favorite style. This one is clean and traditional and could go almost anywhere.

Drawers next to the bed are always a good thing. My bedside tables definitely fill up with junk and it would be nice to just sweep all of that into a drawer.

I know that’s not how you’re supposed to clean, but sometimes you do what you have time for.

Give Your Bed A Glow-Up

simple metal bedframe painted sage green

A Beautiful Mess featured this painted Ikea bed in a house tour and I love it.

I’m obsessed with the unique color of green chosen and how it matches that cool area rug. It’s a vibe.

And it’s so very simple. I love a bed where you can tell there’s nothing underneath it. Looks so nice and clean.

Easy Stikwood Headboard

ikea headboard hack, an IKEA MALM headboard updated with stikwood

I’m going to leave you with one more headboard hack.

This pretty sort of rustic headboard from Sugar and Cloth is a good old Malm headboard updated with some Stikwood.

It’s a really nice contrast to all of that luscious fluffy bedding.

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