11 Awesome Beauty Hacks Every Woman Should Know

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When it comes to beauty hacks it’s amazing what you can do with common beauty products that you already have. Seriously. When I come across a beauty hack I have to wonder how in the hell a person came up with this idea?! Thankfully, people aren’t stingy and are more than willing to share their beauty hacks with the world. In this post, you are going to learn 11 beauty hacks that I’ve found to be super useful in helping you go from glum to glam. Ha, I like that. I just made that up. Glum to glam. Don’t use that until I get to make a t-shirt first.

11 Awesome Beauty Hacks Every Woman Should Know

These beauty hacks are not only meant to make your life easier but they are also great ways to save money. You don’t need thousands of dollars to stock up on every single makeup tool under the sun.

Instead, try to use the tools around you.

1. Eliminate Annoying Razor Bumps with Deodorant

use deodorant to prevent bumps

Shaving is a bad enough as it is but it gets even worse when you need to also worry about getting razor bumps. Fortunately, there is a pretty easy solution for this.


I know it sounds crazy but applying deodorant to your skin after shaving can greatly reduce the amount of razor bumps that you get.

Make sure the deodorant is a solid. We picked up this tip from Jezebel.

2. Use Mascara as Eye-Liner

use mascara for eyeliner

You might not want to do this all of the time but sometimes there are emergencies where you just don’t have any eye-liner lying around.

In those emergencies, you can fall back on your mascara to make it work.

The Beauty Department has more details on this awesome beauty hack.

3. Use a Toothbrush to Touch Up Your Roots

use toothbrush for roots

If you spend every month touching up your roots then you know how tedious it can be to use your fingers. Why don’t you use a toothbrush instead?

A toothbrush can be a wonderful beauty tool to touch up those tough to handle roots to ensure that your hair doesn’t look like it was chewing a whole pack of Skittles at once.

This tips is brought to you by Instructables.

4. Heal Shaving Nicks with Lip Balm

lip balm shaving

It doesn’t matter what area of your body you shave, odds are you are going to get some nicks. Why don’t you heal them with your favorite lip balm?

If it works for men, like Art of Manliness shows, then it will most certainly work for you.

5. Prevent Blisters from New Shoes with Deodorant

deodorant for shoe blisters

I love buying new shoes but I most certainly hate breaking in new shoes. It can take weeks before I finally get a new pair of shoes to work comfortably for me.

Fortunately, this is a nice hack to prevent you from getting blisters while breaking in new shoes. Make sure to use a clear, gel deodorant for best effect.

6. Shave Your Legs With Conditioner

woman using hair conditioner as shaving cream

Forget shaving gel/cream. Use the same conditioner you use for your hair (or something cheaper) and you’ll find that you get a smoother shave and can go longer without needing to shave.


I honestly have no idea but it just seems to work out this way.

7. Turning Eye Shadow into Nail Polish

hand showing off teal fingernail polish

Sometimes there are crazy eye shadow colors that I come across that are a bit too much to put on my face but I think would look fantastic on my nails.

Beautylish shares how to turn eye shadow into nail polish. It is much easier than you think.

8. Lipstick as Blush

picture of a girl holding a hair dryer and a swatch of red lip gloss on her forearm

This might be my favorite beauty hack due to its genius.

Lipstick isn’t just reserved for the lips. You can actually use it to make an awesome blush that will turn your life around.

9. Mascara Wands for Your Eyebrows

blonde woman holding an eyebrow spooly against her eyebrow

Sometimes my eyebrows can get out of control but that’s where mascara wands come in handy.

“After you apply mascara, wipe the wand and brush your eyebrows,” says Turnbow. “This trick will add a touch of pigment while ensuring that all hairs will stay in place.”

Marie Claire

10. Flat Iron Your Ponytail for Faster Waves

woman twisting her hair and then holding a flat iron on the twist

Why waste your time doing individual sections of your hair to get the wavy look you desire? Instead, put your hair into a ponytail and twist it with a flat iron.

Next thin you know you have the waves that you desire.

11. Flat Iron Curls

girl curling her hair with a flat iron

The name flat iron makes you believe that its only purpose is for straightening your hair. That most definitely isn’t the case.

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